Australian Survivor – Sun, Aug 20

The blurb for tonight says: “As both tribes appear to reach their wits end, the prospect of a luxurious and cleansing reward could be enough to keep the castaways in the game for weeks to come.”
Sounds like the usual “go to a resort, wash your hair and get a massage” reward. There is often a hidden immunity idol clue tucked into a napkin or similar at these rewards in US Survivor, so hopefully Australian Survivor will do the same.

Meanwhile, check out his ridiculous article:



  1. Sounds like that journalist was really shocked by how the gameplay on “Survivor”. So how long has the show been on air, again? Sigh.

  2. So, at the reward challenge, Luke takes the time to shave his nether regions. I’m not sure why that was a priority, but “Survivor” does do odd things to peoples priorities…

  3. Thanks for the article link jus, I’m reading during the ads!
    The reward challenge was great, am loving the original challenges this season.
    Luke and Henry thought they were so smart and sneaky with their ‘idol clues’, lol!

      • “I don’t think we should vote because of vengeance, and I’m annoyed at Henry for his plot against Mark which was done for revenge … so now I’m going to put the fire out as revenge.”


        • I’m not a fan of the Kaoh Rong style vindictive gameplay, a la Scot and Jason and – let’s not forget Tai actually joined in for a while. We only saw Jericho
          do it the once so, and I used to have a cat if the same name, so I guess I can forgive his youthful indiscretion

          • Jericho’s really gone down in my estimation after that petty vindictiveness. Hopefully it was a one off & he’ll get over it.

      • I didn’t like it either, but it did seem that he was trying to make a point about eliminating people with useful skills. Why on earth they all sat on their backsides and didn’t even attempt a fire for days was incomprehensible. Luke was refusing out of spite, but surely there was some creative editing, because I can’t see someone like Jacqui just sitting back and not trying. Did Luke hide the flint and pretend it was lost?

  4. So finally Jacqui and Henry have wised up to the threat Luke poses. Took them long enough, but it wouldn’t hurt to put some plans into place to get rid of him.

    And Henry confirms the reason why Michelle and Ben aren’t figuring into anybody’s plotting and scheming … they’re both totally useless around camp, and nobody cares at all about them provided they’re doing what they’re told.

  5. Tara looks like she has wandered in off the biggest loser set. She actually looks a lot better than I do, but I love to hate Tara.
    Is it safe to use toiletries in the waterhole. I know it could be worse but?

    • Usually those spa rewards are at a resort villa, with masseuses. They got the short straw there.
      I felt sorry for poor Ben again in the reward challenge when JLap said something like “Ben, awkward again!”.

      • I don’t think ch 10 have the same resources as CBS. I remember last year the rewards were pretty cheap. Hungry Jacks, which they had to cook themselves.

      • I don’t think they have been there long enough to deserve a resort yet. The waterfall was enough of a reward at this stage. I’d like to see some “Island” type of suffering first.

    • Urgh – Locky and Tara are so sanctimonious now they are on the bottom. They seem to have forgotten they previously targeted both Tess and AK.

  6. I’m not sure why Tara and Locky are so sure that getting Ziggy and Annelise on their side will be a guarantee for survival. It’s still four versus four.

    Unless they can convince Tess, Peter or Jarrad to jump ship as well, it’s gonna end up as a tied vote, and that’s hardly a sure thing.

    Having said that, Tara annoys me a *lot* more than AK. C’mon castaways, get rid of her, for our sake.

  7. I swear tonight’s Ep has had more ads than actual survivor!
    Anyways I guessed with the time left to vote there might be a tied vote.

  8. So shockingly enough, it was initially a tied vote. This’ll be interesting. Plus, AK knows that somebody wasn’t being honest (I’d say it was Annelise who flipped back away from him).

    • That’s the twist that saved Nick last year. Will be really interesting to see who Teal tribe picks to go over, unless they paper, scissors rock it

  9. I have only started watching but….Jericho doesn’t approve of vengeance. Bloody hell then. What was putting out the fire then?

  10. Oh, that damn Exile Island twist! Props to the show for sneaking that one in there to screw everybody (including the audience. Damn it, how close were we to getting rid of whiny Tara?). And tomorrow night, there’s an advertised Tribe Swap. The thing is, any swapped tribe-members are going to be the first to get eliminated (at the inevitable tribal council) so … unless there’s some really savvy game-play … a lot of people are about to get really screwed over, here.

    One thing I liked was that, when the pink team had to vote a second time, Ziggy got up to vote and loudly announced over her shoulder that she was voting for Annelise. I initially thought this was being done out of spite (since Annelise would’ve been the one who went back on her word and voted AK), but then I realised, she was doing that to tell her alliance-members who they should be voting for. Tess did the same thing a couple of seconds later. I actually thought that was quite clever.

    I wonder how soon the blue tribe gets stick of Tara. Mad props to the blue team, tonight, for over-coming a serious disadvantage (at the backwards key maze) and winning tribal immunity. And they did that without Mark or Sam? All while having to make up for Ben’s negative skill level. Good work.

    • I thought it was very quick-thinking of her, but quite nasty after all the sucking up she had done to the three outsiders, even implying that Annaleise had flipped on the main group. I’d like to see how everyone voted because it looked to me like Ziggy was the one who voted AK, and Annaleise voted Tara.

  11. Wow, that Jericho showed a nasty petty side tonight.
    Finally they won a reward challenge. Got sick of the other team winning over & over again.
    That immunity challenge was crazy.. Just when it looked like one team had it in the bag, the other one takes over them & wins.
    That tribal council was mental. First a tie, then a re-vote. When he told Tara she wasn’t the only one going, I thought the other one would be AK since he had the 2nd most votes. Didn’t think they’d have to vote again. Then they all yell out who they voted for, then instead of going home they go to Exile Island. Tomorrow night will be interesting.

  12. Ggggrrr. I hate when they manipulate the game to keep in certain people. It’s just foul play when producers interfere.
    Tara was so smug when she thought it was AK.
    Jericho was Jerko.

    • Yes she was totally smug all the while talking about the cockiness they would get rid of with AK. Her hypocrisy is so in your face time and time again.

      • Give me a player who acknowledges their conniving over one who cries, “waa waa, not fair”. AK kept his cool, and wasn’t smug when hethought Tara was gone.

  13. I don’t share the general feeling against Tara. I was quite torn last night because I dislike her and AK equally – that is, they both annoy me to some extent, but I am enjoying having some mild baddies to make for interesting viewing.

    What I don’t like about Tara is that she is dragging Locky down with her, and of course, now he is totally vulnerable on his own. I wish he had ditched her earlier.

    If I was on a tribe with AK I would vote him out immediately for his lack of team spirit and selfishness. The group that he thinks are in the palm of his hand, I believe are only just tolerating him, because he is a screen they can hide behind.

    I am longing for some of the weak players to be eliminated. We could end up with all the interesting players cannibalising each other, and being left with a batch of Steven Bradburys.

    • Locky will try to grab the new two and if so, Samatau numbers will be back to the same they were with Tara and Annaliise.

      • So, three to five again. They will still need to try to turn someone else. I suggest they don’t try Ziggy again.

    • I acknowledge that AK is a smart player, and that makes him dangerous. His alliance-members should at least be considering, by now, when the best time is to ditch him. Or else they’ll ditch each other, and keep AK around as a sacrificial goat (because nobody likes him that much).

      But AK is at least playing the game. Which, as a viewer, is satisfying to watch.

      The thing about Tara is that she’s falling into the “moral superiority” trap. She has no problem plotting against people, blindsiding them, knifing them, and lying to somebody’s face then ditching them at the first moment it’s convenient … and we know all this, because we watched her do it for two weeks … but the second anyone (like AK) does these things to *her*, she gets upset and calls the player a horrible person.

      That, I think, is most people’s problem with Tara. She’s being very hypocritical about the game. And that’s the thing. “Survivor” is a known quantity. How long has the show been around? If you apply to be on “Survivor”, you know darn well what that’s going to entail. You’re gonna have to be a jerk to people and they’re going to be jerks to you. That’s how the game works. We all know this.

      Tara seems to have signed up thinking she can just casually stroll along the beach, discarding the people she doesn’t like, and then be handed a cheque for the prize money at the end. And that’s not how the game works.

      • She also thinks that as she casually strolls along the beach people will willingly fling food and shelter towards her – her path will be strewn with gifts and the bodies of those less worthy.
        Her entitlement is what totally damns her in my eyes!

      • “Moral superiority trap”. Good expression Windsong. I like the ones who are decent but when they get on their low horse and start preaching or bellyaching like a hypocrite. Blugggh.

  14. Do you think Teal will swap equally, as in they are getting two pretty useless people in Tara and Annaliese, should they send the pretty useless Ben and Michelle over to Pink? I don’t know how they will decide though because no one will want to go over…

    • I’ve been trying to get my head around whether it would be a good move for someone to volunteer. The rest of the tribe would love the fact that you have saved them from making a decision, but what else might it say about how you viewed your tribe?

      It is hard to remember that the tribes know very little about each other at this stage – nowhere near as much as the viewers do. If they swapped Ben and Michelle, would these be the types that Locky might want to ally with? And will Annaliese try to break away from Tara at the first opportunity? I can see her prostrating herself at the feet of the majority group as soon as possible.

      • Yes, I suppose they only pay so much attention to the other team while in challenges to notice who is particularly useless. Still, lucky they didn’t vote Locky out I guess…

      • Yes, I’ve been trying to think about this too. Volunteering might not also be a good look to pink either, although it looks like, only Tara and Annaliese, will see Teal ponder who will go, not to the rest of pink.

  15. Tara: ” No need to build up someone’s hopes. It’s cruel”. No Tara. It’s called a blindside, and you fell for it because you got to cocky. It’s what happens in the game all of the time. You aren’t the only one, but you are the biggestcrybaby and hypocrite.

    What does Tara think shewas doing when she asked Ziggy to join her alliance, then said to camera, “Then we will drop her”. That’s building up someon’s hopes too.
    AK isn’t bothering me, although if I was there he would. Be lazy if you must on your own time. Don’t make others do your work.

    • I find Tara’s lack of self-awareness stunning. She talks a hard game and then has just been a passive rider, dragging Lockie down in the process and crying when she doesn’t get her way. I thought her tears were utterly ridiculous – I am in awe of Tessa DOING something about her situation and AK realising he had stuffed up his game and frantically scrambling to get into a better position. But she was the opposite – did nothing and whined when she didn’t get her way and just hoped for the best. Not a player to admire.
      I wonder who Teal will ditch. Henry is playing a very strategic game, and his correct identification of the useless ones was revealing. They need to win challenges, but equally he doesn’t want threats around. Might want to keep at least Luke to limit his power. He may choose to keep Luke (but possibly ditch Jarrod and break up a number) and try to pitch an infiltrator stance to the useless ones as they are jettisoned. I rate him sufficiently to realise he would have been checking out the other tribe during the challenges and will have a fairly realistic assessment of the ability of the incoming. Annaliese is probably worth cultivating – I remember her beating Teal (Jacqui ?) in the push into the mud challenge, but Tara has bombed every challenge.
      I am also pretty impressed by Ziggy keeping her counsel and going with the blindside of Tara. She will be one to watch I reckon.

    • Tara is funny to watch because she has absolutely no ability to control her facial features, and every emotion is laid out there for everyone to see. The glee she showed at TC was unbelievable. She will wreck every alliance she makes because she has no control over her emotions.

      • Remember how Tara laughed about booting off the professional , poker faced poker player back at the beginning? As if she was the Mastermind of it all. She would be an albatross around the neck of any alliance, see what befell ex alpha Locky.

  16. Locky’s “never been on the bottom of anything” as he walks disconsolately out of the surf with the tiniest fish on a spear. Heart wrenching. You can smell the loser pheromones oozing out of him.

    • The totally forgettable Little River Band capture Locky’s plight well:

      “Have you heard about the Lonesome Loser?
      Beaten by the Tribal Council each time.
      Have you heard about the Lonesome Loser?
      He’s a loser but he still keeps on trying.

      “It’s okay.” he smiles and says
      But this loneliness is driving him crazy.
      He don’t show what goes on in his head
      But if you watch very close you’ll see it all”

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