Survivor – Mon, Aug 7

It’s raining again on Australian Survivor – those poor buggers.

Tonight they revisit the scene of last season’s epic final challenge – the one where Kristie outlasted Lee, balanced on stumps as waves crashed over them.
Ten, 7.30-8.40pm (and that’s it until Sunday – Ten is just doing Sunday and Monday timeslots



  1. You know, we all joke, but if Jericho ends up winning this whole thing? It’ll be on the back of those damn cookies.

    • I’m still firmly in the cookies-as-world-domination-are-a-total-joke camp, LOL. But let’s just see how long sugar-induced loyalty lasts.

      • Me too Brussell. They would just eat the cookies then do whatever brought them closer to a million smackeroos (too much Sally Spectra and “bucko”) Why wouldn’t you?
        I was thinking that there might have been a clue at the bottom of the cookie jar, and that Luke might have found it. That would have been funny. He would have snuck it up his tee shirt.

  2. I’m just about to watch tribal council but the most interesting thing so far this ep is that I found out that the teal team has someone named Odette. Where did she wander in from?

  3. Okay, that tribal council was AMAZING.

    AK, you clever lucky bastard, you pulled it off.

    Like Aimee said, Locky’s gal-pals were trying to blind-side AK, but AK managed to blind-side Aimee instead! It’s almost a shame, because Aimee seemed like quite a fun character (I particularly liked her saying goodbye to the host with a heart-felt, “Later Jono”). But … good strategy from all parties. Everybody realised it was time to push Locky out of his position of power.

    And this is why I watch this show. It’s people actually playing the game (and manipulating the power structure within the tribes, not this nonsense passive gameplay from last year).

    The other team probably won’t quite know who Aimee is (I feel like I barely know), but this was a good episode.

    And did you see the looks of panic on Tara and Locky’s faces when they realised Aimee had 4 votes and things were going south? Good times.

    Meanwhile, over on the other beach, Jericho and Luke have both put on 20 kilos each, and nobody was the wiser. *shrug*

    • Tara should take a leaf out of Aimee’s book and stop being such a cry baby. Looks like she has forgotten she had the knives out for AK, but wants to cry foul.

  4. Well wasn’t that amazing. Aimee was good value (what little we saw of her). I love that the promo for next week shows Tara saying how angry she is. I think that’s why Tara grates on me, she such a hypocrite – it was fine for her to try to blindside AK but how dare he outsmart her.

    • When Aimee wore shorts , it was possible to see more than a little of her.

      Now to see Tara crash and burn, no more smirking. Not long Flipper.

      I suppose you can pay someone a few hundred bucks to have “$trength and Honour” tattooed on your chest, Locky. It’s only skin deep, man. The rooster never protects his hens when the fox arrives….he hides.

  5. That was fun. Even Mr Juz is getting into Survivor now. Enjoyed the challenge, too – AK and Ziggy did so well #blindside

    • Ponderings … if they end up back at tribal next week, who goes next (assuming the new alliance stays strong)? Tara through sheer annoyance, or do they take out Annelise (to further weaken Locky’s power-base)?

      • Tara is so annoying! I’d want to take her out just because she is smug and annoying. Which is exactly why I couldn never play! I’d get caught up in the revenge tactics.

        • Me too Brussells, I wasn’t above a bit of schadenfreude when smug Sam on Teal was one of the first to drop out and would enjoy seing Tara taken down a peg or two.

          • Oh yes. I am sooo not a Sam fan. I likewise gave a refined ladylike snigger (oh yes, actually a massive snort of excitement) when she failed so quickly.

  6. Stupid AK saying he wants to get rid of Lockie. You had your chance last night & didn’t do it. But good blind side of Aimee. The look on her face as her name came up was priceless.
    That challenge was crazy. Those sorts of challenges are usually for individual immunity.

    • They probably want to keep Locky around for the value he is in challenges (although he didn’t go so well tonight), which is why they’re targeting his allies first. And it worked. Peter seemed to only go after Aimee purely because she *was* in Locky’s pocket.

      • Yes – he was useless. I had to, even if reluctantly, take my hat off to AK for his mental toughness.

        • It doesn’t do a lot for ripped Locky’s stocks to get flogged in the immunity challenge by AK, the couch potato with flab and no tatts.

          What does this say about Locky’s mental “toughness”?

          • AK took it with good humour when JLap ribbed him atvtribal for not being ripped. I reckon he’s fitter than he appears, and he has said he put on 10kg for the show. He’s just not ridiculously shredded like Locky and Mark

          • Besides, guys with a little extra padding are better suited to deal with starvation-like times, since their body has extra stores.

            With Mark and Locky, their own internal system will start cannibalising their muscle mass for energy. It happened with Lee last season, we saw it happen.

          • It looks like Tara prepared for the show by knocking back a few burgers and pizzas too. It will be awhile before she wastes away.

  7. I agree with everyone, Aimee (from the Vicar of Dibley) was nice and easy going, but isn’t it great when a tribal gives you a satisfactory result. I was not enjoying the Smug Eight. And who the hell does Tara think she is? One minute she is bragging about being the mastermind of AK’s demise, then tomorrow night she gets on her high horse accusing AK of being a puppet master. I am loving the shift in power.

    • Yeah, I think that’s my issue with Tara. She’s obnoxiously smug, and it’s wearing thin. The hypocrisy is a turn-off. As you said, she was perfectly happy when *she* was the one doing the blind-siding to get rid of somebody.

      Meanwhile, Tess lives to fight another day.

  8. Oh how the mighty have fallen, and in just one tribal…
    Exactly Windsong, that is why i just love this game….AK is a very interesting dude, he has done very well to keep himself in this game after such a disastrous start…I am sure he will grate on me in weeks to come but heh, that always happens.
    Cannot wait to see Flippers meltdown next week, as mentioned, such a hypocrite!
    Had a feeling Peter had an impact in tonights show when they finally gave him some one on one air time…now just to hear from Odetter, Ziggy and that curly haired fella on the other team…

    • Yeah, who the hell is that younger curly-haired guy on the blue team? The only thing I can tell you about him is that he sits out of most of the challenges for some reason. But I can’t even remember his name, I’m gonna have to refer back to that chart Juz posted in another thread.

        • My favourite show EVER by a factor impossible to compute is Frasier. There was a minor character in there called Kirby who had the exact same hair as Sideshow Bob/Ben. So I’ve been calling him Kirby – on the 3 seconds he appeared on screen.

  9. They call her Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
    No-one you see, is smugger than she,
    And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of blunder,
    Flipping there-under, under the sea!

    Everyone hates the queen of the sea,
    Ever so smug and lazy is she,
    Tricks she will do when Locky appears,
    And how they laugh when she’s near!

    They call her Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
    No-one you see, is smugger than she,
    And I know Flipper, gives me a throat full of chunder,
    Lying there-under, under the sea!

    • It’s probably why they targeted Aimee instead of Tara. Aimee had been like a clinging koala to Lochee, whereas Tara ensconced herself right next to him after flipping. She’s an “I didn’t flip! “flipper. Ah, yeah, ya did.
      Rather have a beer with Aimee than Tara.

  10. So what do we think about the promo? Is someone having a near drowning incident? A rip? A shark? Given it is survivor I hope it is not just some fake out.

    • I thought near drowning, but they haven’t promoted the hell out of it, so maybe not. Although I don’t watch much live TV so perhaps I am missing the ads??

      • A lot of promos are about Yoga fraud’s secret being busted and then how he miraculously deals with it.

  11. I’m Soglad to hear everyone feels the same way about Tara and her smug little smile. She is such an unlikely queen bee too. Hopefully she loses it, it will be funny. She looks like a girl I use to work with who always got away with doing no work, just stand around smiling that smile. Stop smiling!

  12. Interesting that we heard Locky and Tara say that they are loyal to each other, and it seemed clear that Aimee was only the hanger-on. So, the rest thought there was a power couple but picked the wrong girl.

    I agree that it seems that Peter might have been a background player in this. We need to watch him.

    Feels to me like Jericho is gloating too soon. As soon as anyone gets an inkling about his “cookie” game, everyone will feel betrayed. BTW, producers, this is Aussie Survivor – no such thing as “cookies”!

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