• I think he knew early on that he wasn’t going to fall for Simone. But she’s just too forgettable. She’s obnoxious to the point where he’d want to get rid of her quickly, but she’s not memorable enough that he at least strings her on a little. She’s just been there to fill in time, which is a shame, I agree. But it’s the nature of the beast, unfortunately.

      • Edit — sorry, I forgot an important word there. I meant, she’s “not obnoxious”. That was a really important word to forget to put into that sentence. Sorry everybody!

  1. Yep, as I said last week, if he already has picked his number one, it shouldn’t be that hard to boot of the girls as each date happens.

  2. What a crock? Laura could have been interchanged with any of the girls for that reading. It would have been entertaining if she saw that Laura was secretly still in love with an ex or married or something out of left field.

  3. Laura wants to go to the Conservatorium! Ha ha – I think she means the observatory!
    That psychic with the pumped up lips and the botoxed face was scary looking. Why can’t Matty take her on a normal date ? I’m not sure about her and Matty. Seems awkward and forced .
    Lame date.

    Feel sorry for poor Simone. No date still !

  4. I think this whole thing has really gone to Matty’s head. He just wants the girls to say how wonderful he is then snog. He’s begun to believe that he is worth multiple women throwing themselves at him and it makes him unlikeable.

    • Simone had a Sharon Stone moment for a split second.

      Matty’s doing similar in the back of the limo….but he’s wearing jeans.

      They might as well be in a hearse.

  5. I can’t imagine what he’s thinking, given that he has been through the other side of this process – unless the best part of his ‘journey’ was developing a friendship with the other guys? Most of the more normal ones did seem to get along well.

    • Elise is now a front runner. My guess it will be either Elise or Laura. From Matty interview, he said he wants someone with similar interests like sports and beach. Elise fit the bill

      • Yes I think Tara has gone from funny to back-slapping, bum grabbing locker room. Too rough for Matty. He is looking for wholesome. But with a pretty face and good figure.

    • i predict, Elise, Laura and Tara for final 3.
      Elora just dug her own grave.
      We haven’t seen enough of the others for them to be in the mix. Much as they like to put us of the scent, if it was any of the others it wouldn’t make sense.

    • Every time Cobie looks at him with that wide, crazy smile, all I can hear is her inner monologue of, “YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING MATTY”.

    • Yes. She comes out looking much better than those that fought for Matty’s attention and then bagged him out once they were ousted.

        • True, but if she had the presence of mind not to be snarky when she’d just been booted surely she’ll be able continue with grace now that time has passed.

          • The ballet shoes thing was weird – why not just say her mum was pulling her leg by sending them, rather than lying about doing ballet?

          • But did you also hear the part where she doesn’t eat eggs or wheat or flour or bread or sugar or anything … but then five seconds before, she’d told us that pancakes were her favourite food?

            Simone’s just a bit of a puzzle, really.

    • Simone made a very gracious exit. And she showed some humour. I think she redeemed herself by being a good loser.

  6. I gotta be honest. For the entire length of the rose ceremony, all I was thinking was, “just eliminate Simone. Just do it. It’s time Matty”. I’m actually kind of glad the poor girl finally got some closure. And I agree, she did handle it with grace and dignity (which is a damn side more than Jen or Leah).

    I wonder what Elora does in tomorrow’s episode? Ooh, I think that particular ship is sailing.

  7. It looked like Elora was trying to pash him in front of the others at the cocktail party, no? I am getting the major looney vibes from her and not Cobie.

    Good on Simone for keeping it together through the rose ceremony. I agree it would be ridiculously hard in that house being razzed up by Leah all the time, then being forced to skydive, all the while having no pay off of winning the guy. On top of that everyone now knows she was a topless waitress. No thanks.

    • Yeah, I mean, she was a bit whiny sometimes, but ultimately I just kind of feel bad for her, because it can’t have been a terribly pleasant experience, all told, and we could all see that she was never really in it with much of a chance. But I thought she had a really classy exit.

    • Cobie is still cray, don’t you worry. I’m going to give Elora the benefit of the doubt that they were not in direct sight of the other girls when she tries to kiss him, just that anyone could come around the corner trying to find him at anytime…

      • I see trying to pash him at the cocktail party as like a male dog peeing – I think she’s trying to mark her territory.

        • Agreed – looks like a kiss fail and it’s obvious she doesn’t want to stay in Australia and bear him keep kids, so she’s a goner

  8. Ridiculous that Lisa did not a single word/air time in the whole group date, that girl is a ghost/mute. I read that it was cos she is super boring but still, not one single insight in to her childhood, she can’t be going much further

    • Matty said/crowed that he’d beat Lisa at tennis and she found out quickly that he’s a bull$hit artist. Matty was introduced to and experienced “love” on a tennis court.

    • On the Project at the beginning of the series Matty said there was a girl that was really beautiful that he just didn’t connect with. I think Lisa fits the description.

  9. Im betting either Elora or Cobie going tomorrow night, Elora is not the marrying type anyway. Personality/lifestyle wise she reminds me of the character of Jessa from Girls. Probably has done a tonne of drugs in her life and will end up pregnant to some Moroccan. She has to be one of the ones in it for the 15.

    • Heh heh, will I have to take that back tomorrow when she tries to go down on him for a rose? Sorry…it’s all the talk about secret gardens.

  10. These two seem to like each other. I like Laura the most. She looked lovely tonight and she is…dare I use the word…classy.

  11. Even before the show started, the rumour has been Laura being the winner.

    So far it is pretty obvious the editng is for Laura to be the chosen one

  12. Matty is pretty smitten with Florence.
    But the pottery date part was lame, sorry Daisy (I know you love your pottery)

    Lots of kissing!

    • Ha, I wld have had the pottery in the bag. Or maybe not. He would have been trying to be sexy and helpful making something suggestive, and I would be making an ugly jughead.

  13. Cobie needs to grow up before she is allowed to go on a show like this. Sorry, but I’m not buying the tears. She needs to stop playing the victim.

    • Colbie’s not so vulnerable. It’s a poomvy act. (Puts fingers down throat to simulate vomit). I can’t stand fake and I can’t stand acting pathetic.

  14. Tara is o.k but I cant see her as The Bachelorette. The way she speaks is o.k for small doses but not as the lead. She is just too loud and can I use the word ‘bogan’ 🙊🙊

  15. That look on Coby’s face after not getting one on one time with Matty. She looked absolutely devastated. Laura was grimacing as well.

    • But sitting bitching about it at the cocktail party was really poor form, very “Me,me,me” as if she was the only one who opened up. The longer he keeps her the harder she’s going to take it when he lets her go.

  16. So not only was Elora trying to mark her territory but she realises that his interest in her is purely physical.

  17. Lisa was going home the minute she beat him on the tennis court, boxed better than him and refused to “open up” on cue for Matty.
    He’s a wimp.

  18. I, too, was genuinely surprised. I thought for sure that Elora would be going home, but I guess he’s a little more forgiving than the other girls (or us, the viewers).

    As for Lisa, his connection with her just kind of fizzled. After the first date, he never seemed that interested in her afterwards. He was obviously attracted to her (he turned to follow after her on the red carpet at the start of the season), but there was no deeper connection.

    I kinda hope Laura wins, because she’s definitely my favourite. But I think Tara is brilliant, and Flo could do so much better. I think Elise (who he has zero chemistry with, but okay) will round out the top four. I think Elora and Cobie will be eliminated next week. And gosh, it’s felt like this season has dragged on. Just pick one already, Matty.

    And yeah, kind of a sketchy move from Elora. It felt exactly like she was just marking her territory. When you’re actually exclusively dating somebody, sure, being spontaneous like that is fine. But on “The Bachelor”, when there’s a dozen girls just out of earshot watching on? And it kinda does prove that she’s really not in this for a connection with our bachelor, she just sees it as a game and she wants to win. I wouldn’t trust her.

    • Elora seems to be a woman who has always been able to rely on her sex appeal. I think that was why she was so astonished that he was able to reject her advances. Matty’s reasoning to her that it was disrespectful to the others seemed to go right over her head but even if she had the insight to redeem herself (which I doubt) she doesn’t have time. She would have to be consistently considerate of the others and I don’t think she’s capable – next week’s promo suggests she doesn’t know the meaning of considerate.

      • Well analyze JB. It is so obvious Elora is always using her sex appeal, like she is ready to seduce the guy! Even the way she speaks is like seducing someone!

    • So well said Windsong. I know they have to get down to 4 girls for hometowns so once Cobie got the sympathy rose, i thought Elora AND Lisa would be going home.
      I think The Bachelor seasons could do with being maybe only 10 or so episodes make the first couple of weeks double elim’s so we aren’t stuck with the boring few weeks waiting for the final answer that we are dealing with now.
      I’m sure there have been kisses at cocktail parties in previous seasons, however her true colours showed when she wouldn’t take no for an answer even after Matty said it was disrespectful (I imagine she isn’t used to anyone saying no to her) then when she told Elise, she ‘knew’ the rest of the girls wouldn’t care – the attitude, more than the action is what bothers me more! I’m curious as to Mattys thoughts on Elora at / after the quizzy thing next week!

  19. Isn’t it time for another double date where only one girl returns. They usually have a couple of those, one earlier, one later.

  20. That activity tonight was lame. “Write down your fears”. What were they? “I’m afraid of loving and not having it reciprocated”. Of course.
    I would have said, ” Spiders” “Being caught out with spinach in my teeth”. “Carjackers”. “The Shining”. And “Carnies”. Well not really carnival folk.

  21. I find home visits, for the most part, boring. No girls clawing it out at the mansion, so producers rely on a scary dad or bossy sister line.

  22. Pottery in the middle of nowhere, just because Matty is good at it and can then laugh and tease someone who is trying it for the very first time? Not attractive. Especially with how he he toots his horn when he does something that the girl is actually professional at… And what happened to his beautiful bowl for Flo anyway? I want to see her drinking her protein shake out of it next episode!

    • I’d noticed that too. I don’t really miss having intruders and I think they’d tip Cobie right over the edge.
      Lisa was the first (of oh so many) girls Matty snogged and she got zero attention after that. He’s kissed all of the remaining girls but Cobie’s was a sympathy snog and though he is obviously very physically attracted to Elora she was never really in with a chance.

  23. I’m enjoying it. For some reason, I prefer this year’s villains and besties to last year’s. Keira with her, “I just ate you budgie” lick was horrible. And I like the top 43 this year. Laura, Tara, Elise.

  24. But you noticed the photos only have Laura wearing tbe same outfit to the rendezvous and the same outfit on the way home. Is that really what happened?

    We know it looks like Laura is the winner and will the producers be so slack to get the 2 of them together. I am sure they can do better than that

    • Also they are claiming, Mattys insta post at Threadbo is fake because he has the same snow gear on as his last trip? Do these people know how expensive good snow gear is?! And much like a business suit, its ok to wear the same set on multiple snow trips!

      • My thoughts was yes that is Matty in the snow field because he has the same gear. I dont think Matty will hire ski gear. Even I have my own ski gear but I haven’t ski for the last 15 years

  25. Looks like Matty is given a hard time on home visits. Some male bogans – and what’s with wearing the cap backwards – I’d run a mile from that family😠

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