The Block – Sun, Aug 27 – weekly chat

Chat about the room reveal tonight (Sunday) and then all Block-related chat for the week.
Cue Ronnie and Georgia being “villains”, House 1 being disorganised and blowing budgets, the boys mugging to camera with their shenanigans, Team Footy making another rookie mistake and copping yet another slap in the face and Team Insta being generally good at most things.

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    • How I laughed at the graffiti wall. Sit back , relax , have a Scotch and look at that…..

      Lotsa ads. Thanks Ch 9

  1. The Tortoises

    The first thing the judges note upon entering the room is the recycled artwork from the 48hr challenge.

    Looking up, the judges feel overwhelmed by the ceiling. The large arsed pendant, block of skylights and heavy art deco ceiling rose all compete with each other.

    At eye level, the room feels blah. At week four, it is obvious that they have run out of cash.

    Because this is a family show where everyone gets a participation award, the judges give faint praise for the painting.

    They have no chance of winning until kitchen week.


  2. The judges can’t pronounce “feng shui”. Love it.

    Scotty would nail it.

    Rebecca Judd could use a burger or two.

    • She hosts Postcards (a Victorian travel tv series) and runs a lifestyle blog, designs bedding ranges for Adairs, and does some modelling. She used to be the Ch 9 weekend weather presenter and is the wife of former AFL player Chris Judd.
      Controversially she is actually very good friends with Elyse and Josh… so no wonder they won that challenge!

  3. Once again the Block exposes the extremely limited vocabulary of the contestants. Tonight’s word is convivial. (Stop using words over one syllable, Neale, it confuses the contestants. Stick to wow).

    Darren loves the room. It is glamorous and they have show cased a sponsor product : Jetmaster fireplace.

    Shaynna loves the cabinets. (Ikea???).

    Darren believes the room is wrongly orientated for the TV.

    Spotting the scotch, Neale proclaims the room as convivial.

    Yep, crying in the car will get you the win in the following week.
    9.5, 9.5,9.5=28.5

  4. The judges love the sense of the entrance that the double doors give but the room feels oh so wrong. It does not feel welcoming.

    It can not make its mind up between a nightclub (a seedy one) or a lounge room.

    The non-functioning fireplace with the faux fireplace video above is taking the piss fumes Darren. The mirror, adds Neale, belongs on the set of Aladdin.

    However, they too get a gold star for painting.

    7,7,7=21. The score ramps up Ronnie’s paranoia.

  5. Sticks and Wombat present a broom closet with a desk in it. Darren hoping to score a regular feng shui column in No Idea declares it all wrong as your back is to the door.

    Neale non-fussed by the feng shui angle declares the space to be functional.

    Shaynna adding her two cents by hating on the 80s colour.


      • You said it Juz. With all those bedrooms and bathrooms comes plenty of linen, towels etc and the need to store all the extras.😊

  6. Upon entering Insta’s Study/Whatever the words that tumble out are the usual, wow, this is beautiful and stunning.
    Neale can envisage himself writing his novel within the space. Neale loves the library wall (shelves to us plebs). Cuts to Insta bragging once again about their chronic wagging of school.
    The judges bemoan the lack of dressing on the window but they have delivered a good study and the house overall is a winner.

  7. Can someone answer me this – The Footy’s first week bathroom was a disaster due to their builder, right? The Footy’s wanted to give him a second chance?! Was it ever made clear if they kept the dodgy builder (name unknown) There’s a snowflake’s chance that Ch9 would have permitted him to stay. This evening all of a sudden, The Footy’s builder pops up on screen for the first time….and talks!! Who is he? Is he the changeling?!!

  8. Thanks for your updates Maz. I have to say, I wasn’t a fan of any of these rooms, really, none of them really look very warm and inviting.
    Jason and Sarahs room, i actually think i liked the best, looked to be the most comfortable to sit in. I didn’t really see it as understyled either, didn’t they or another team get done for over styling in week 1? The coffee table looks very heavy to me – i would have considered perhaps a large ottoman you could put your feet up on when watching tv. Agree about the skylights – might have been better with a long slim one.
    Clint and Hannah, i don’t know just didn’t look right to me. The tv is totally the wrong spot and height for comfortable viewing. Its funny usually the judges hate TVs and everything being oriented towards it, but it is something they commented on.
    Ronnie and Georgia – a black room is not to my liking at all, and again tv way to high and wrong angle. Also judges didn’t comment on attic storage?
    Sticks and Wombat – agreed would have been better used as storage – especially since their kids room has next to none. Really their even bigger mistake was such a large ensuite and walk-in-robe for the guest bedroom. Storage must be a female thing thou, as i do think storage is something other all male teams have struggled with.
    Josh and Elyse, a good use of space, i liked the shelving wall except, i think it would have looked better if the edge of the shelving cubes was flush with the wall plaster.

  9. Do the windows open in these rooms? If so, seems like it would be hard to reach across Clint’s and Hannah’s shelving to do that. TV in the wrong location.
    However, I liked Clint’s and Hannah’s room the best.
    Did think the judges were too harsh with the Tortoises.

  10. All the action occurs in the last ten minutes:
    1. Insta gets accused of cheating as they have booked a form concreter in and there is no possible way they could have known it was lounge/dining room week. (Um, process of elimination , people….)
    2. Jason turns the hot water on.
    3. Tortoises did not heed advice that they need to budget and want to install a hanging fireplace. (My guess is their parents still pick up the tab). Scotty points out that a fireplace is a waste of money as they have ducted air conditioning and hydronic heating.
    4.Georgia”accidentally” nicks Elyse’s ipad. Attempting to break in, the Tools lock the ipad. Just to rub it in, they are both sent to West Elm at the same time.
    5. Ronnie, paranoid as, tarps up the side of his house as he does not want Keith’s builder (who is also Sticks and Wombat’s) to do the frame.
    6. Doug the Engineer makes an appearance. Looking weary that Josh is such a jerk and not being up front about the complete design so the engineering specs can be done properly.
    7. The Bachelor is not enough for Sam Wood so buys himself a subplot with Elyse with a token workout.
    8. Think Youfoodz is a sponsor. Not quite sure as the product placement is so subtle.

    • Regarding Josh and Elyse knowing it was living / dining – i probably would have worked it out as well, there was a big storyline last week about Jason not doing the plumbing or whatever it was so that a floor could be laid so that, that area of the house could be handed over to the contestants in the following couple of days, if they were under that deadline, it wouldn’t have been hard to work out, they must have been working on that area of the house the following week… Kitchens are typically later as they need time to order it…
      I dislike Jason (and Sarah) more and more each week – there seem to have no urgency or understanding of how over budget or behind schedule they are.
      I live in Melbourne, yes it gets cold, but not THAT cold! That house will be a furnace – especially with it being properly insulated etc. I hope they are putting decent air con as well, for as cold as it s gets we get our fair share of 30degrees+ days well.

  11. Oh come on…why would they give Jason a plasterer (under the guise of a masterclass) because he blew the budget.

    Then the wife wants to put her child’s artwork on the wall.


  12. Packing those houses in has backfired.

    Okay, under the pretense of ‘Georgia copied the Norsu design’, Jason’s real beef seemed to be that G&R flew their friends over to do the cladding and they spent the night in the house. i.e. they underpaid. In other words Jason is lashing out that he can’t budget.

    Jason is a trouble maker and you wouldn’t want him on site.

    Now we have to witness Josh and Sticks doing reputational repair. We don’t buy it.

  13. So it was their “friends” Clint and Hannah who ratted them out. They are far more devious than first impressions would suggest.

  14. Sticks and Wombats shelving is almost identical to a picture found online, the shelving cubes in Josh and Elyses are also inspired by images found online.
    One of Dee and Darrens bathrooms in one of their series, is apparently a direct copy from one of the judges books. And if i was on The Block having to plan, design and execute as quickly as they do i would be looking for inspiration as well – however I did dislike G trying to claim she designed it all herself when she clearly hadn’t. To not even acknowledge that she even used their blog or whatever it was as inspiration was unfair i thought.
    I reckon G definitely took the iPad on purpose, you can see it during their walk arounds of the others rooms.
    Can kinda see where R&G were coming from with regards to their friends coming over to help… although, clearly Jason and Sarah aren’t getting friends to help since they are still way over budget!

    • Yes, totally agree with you Erin on everything you have written above. You could see the guilt and the “oh, crap, I’ve been sprung” expression on G’s face during the confrontation she had with Jason and the others. Hanna and Clint are so insipid.

  15. I don’t feel sympathy for Ronnie or Georgia – agree with you Erin that Georgia claiming she designed it 150% – mathematically impossible by the way is annoying and a diversion to the real issue: she copied a picture. And her saying she had to choose sheets is just stupid.
    Not so long ago she and Ronnie took the position that this was a competition and they were not here to make friends. So she shouldn’t complain if the COMPETITORS object to them avoiding hotel cots by putting up their tradies. it was laughable how she was proposing that this rule of not having workers stay in the house should apply to everyone – no one else was doing it.

    And come on, her room and that web photo are too close to see any independent input from her. It’s not the same as inspiration, it’s copying.
    And it escalated not because of Jason but because of the angry responses from Ronnie and George. Ronnie’s continual goading of other teams and their faults is grating. It’s not his show, he’s not the boss, he doesn’t have to keep barking to Jason about the budget as a response to any criticism of him.

    So they are not there to make friends but their friends must come to their defence. I dont agree that the anyone could have defended them on that photo anyway.

    • It was an ambush but the producers miscalculated how Ronnie and Georgia would react. It went badly off script.

      The attack on Georgia was a proxy attack on the judges and sour grapes. If the contestants could discern the origin of the inspiration, why not the judges? Why did not the judges pick up on that? We don’t like G&R so they don’t deserve the win and we need the money more. They can’t openly slammed the judges that early in the season so let’s attack this year’s villains.

      In between Jason trying to differentiate between alleged and accused, Georgia uttered the words “visual merchandising”. There in lies the answer. She showcased a sponsor’s product (probably per contract), the other contestants broke the “fourth wall” with all the faux piety of a disgraced footballer.

      Georgia and Ronnie are probably a bit more up front than Hannah and Clint that this is a competition.

      They are all copying and for any of the contestants to claim otherwise is disingenuous.

    • Faux auction…perfect description.
      How much did each item go for? They glossed over all of that.
      Wonder if they were given lists where to go to get the donations.
      Nice of the businesses to donate the stuff.
      A total filler episode. So very boring.

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