The Block – week 2 – guest bedroom

On The Block, the couples start demolition and planning for their guest bedroom. Clint and Hannah have got some big decisions to make around fixing up their unfinished bathroom.
And one contestant gets some sad news.



  1. Mrs Tool thinks that Sticks & Wombat copied her with the claw foot tub. FFS it is a period property. It is not an original idea.

  2. Matty the builder is not happy that Josh went ballooning without him. More seriously, if you have a good builder don’t treat them badly.

  3. Keith has told Mr Footy to dump his builder as the bathroom is shite. At least 50 faults. Need to redo the bathroom. With one too many hits to the head he chooses to ignore Keith’s advice.

  4. Footys bathroom must be pretty bad for them to get $cotty in. I hope Hannah and Clint listen to them all and get new builders.
    Also in one week Clint already highlighted my big issues with the foremen, tell you how big the problem is but don’t help u fix it.

    • If Keith intervened then it starts off a chain reaction with the other contestants that one team has been favoured over the others.

      Yesterday was an exercise of Keith telling Clint how he needs to start recouping costs including gyprocking.

    • I think it was more about trying to convince them to ditch their builders because they aren’t building “to code”.
      I suspect Keith and Dan give alot more help to al lthe teams than we actually see.

      • By help I mean checking to make sure they are following the rules, approving certain stages of the build so they can move on to the next.
        As I said for them to get $cotty in (and then Fabian), (thou i understand $cotty is onsite most days anyway just not on screen), means they must be very concerned about this team going forward.

  5. Beacon lighting has a new service which Mrs Tool has prevailed upon. Guess they won’t be slammed for for lighting design now.

    Mr Tool apparently changes outfits 3-4 times a day.

  6. What a disaster! The Footy’s bathroom cost $61000. $9000 in tiles, $22000 in Reece and $30000 in trades. Beaumont is going to cover the costs of redo.

  7. Is no-one watching the Block?
    Mr Tortoise the plumber “forgot” to waterproof his ensuite. He is not doing himself any favours.
    The producers told Clint to engage the auctioneer who has won five Blocks cos lets face it, Clint is not the smartest tool in the shed and needs constant hand holding.

    • I’m watching. How can I pass up watching Wombat screw someone’s boots to the floor? Stitched Georgia up alright. Four stitches. Galahs.

      Jason’s an appalling unit, too.

      Thanks for the commentary, Maz.

    • I wish Scotty had explained what the discrepancy was between his budget and the contestants’ budgets – were they not factoring in their vouchers? Watching those penny mosaics get sledge hammered was sickening. Nice of the tile sponsor to resupply the tiles for free but shouldn’t the builder and tiler be paying for it all anyway?

      • Wonder if Beaumont are just tiding the producers over until they are able to sue the builders for the amount?

    • My prediction for the winner on Sunday shall be the Footy’s. My reasons are 1) last week’s bathroom was a complete shambles and everyone could see they were taken for a ride by their trades. 2) Sadly, Clint’s Grandfather died. 3) the judges will overcompensate with their appraisals, even though the Footy’s were away part of the time.

      Good luck to them though, they seem like darn good people. 🙂

  8. My adult daughter picked the “prank” from the very start. The rest of us agreed when we heard of the crowbar in the middle of the night and then saw the woman being transported in a wheelbarrow. Any hospital is able to provide crutches.
    This was the first ep I have watched this season, and of course they deliver the first “prank” which is one of the reasons I stopped watching before!

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