1. 50% for me. I could turkey slap myself for that effort. Free the refugees.

    I’m proud that I don’t know who most of those losers were….or tried to be. They passed like shits in the night.

  2. I’m with Dave, I got 50%.

    I actually thought I would do better, because a lot of those were quite familiar. I was looking at a few of them and thinking, wow, I remember watching that! Probably not something to be proud of, but anyway. Like, I remember Hotdogs from Big Brother (that was the season with the identical twins) and I remember “Playing it Straight” (which was pretty ghastly). I remember when Jess and Marty met on the first season of “Big Brother”, and I even remember that show about putting together a male strip group.

    • Snap, Daisy! 37%.
      Looking at the answers, so many were interchangeable especially the cooking shows. A lot were the same show produced by different networks.
      Interesting stroll down memory lane.

  3. 70%. Questions with stats are a killer, who can remember if there were three eps or four of some show you forgot was even created or if a show aired 17 or 18 years ago

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