What are you watching?

Not much on TV at the moment so it’s the perfect time for binge watching a series.
I’m hooked on The Leftovers, which I started a few years ago and abandoned after the first season. Seasons two and three are absolute corkers – bizarre, dark and beautifully filmed. Justin Theroux, Ann Dowd (Handmaid’s Tale), Carrie Coon and Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy) are just brilliant.

The basic premise is that, one seemingly ordinary day, 2 per cent of the world’s population vanishes. No one knows where they went and why some people “departed” and others did not.
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  1. Nothing on tv , so I watched The Fugitive for the nth time last night.

    Ch 10 are going so hard with their promos. Surely they’ve lost the plot to cast Apollo in that Bachelor In Paradise show. Make that Beefcake Buffoon In Paradise.

    Think I’m going to watch Married At First Sight and just selected “encores” of MKR. I got nothing against them Ru$$ians. I’ll be “rushin” to change channels when that schtick starts.

  2. Channel 10 put up an advert for the next season of the Bachelor on FB, and I couldn’t help myself by ruffling a few feathers and responding, thusly…

    “Ladies, are you looking for your Five Minutes of Fame? Take a chance on channel ten’s production staff shoving you in front of a camera and hoping for a contrived relationship with a man you’re not – in a million years – actually compatible with in any long-term sense! Apply now for our next trainwreck season of the Bachelor!”

    I felt proud of myself.

  3. Ah, Lee Kernaghan, you look such a fool getting bent out of shape about Australia Day while you’re holding an American geetar, mate. What a galah.

  4. Just finished the first two seasons of The Good Place and have started Dirk Gentlys. It’s nonsense but I enjoyed Younger. We watched Preacher but got sick of it. We enjoyed Good Behaviour. It was watchable but farfetched. We also recently watched Stranger Things S2.
    I have been trying to recall a really good Canadian supernatural show where a young girl walks down to the beach on her 9th birthday with a bit of paperin her hand. A guy with dark curly hair walks along the beach to kill her, but can’t do it. She gets her body taken over by some old guy who was one of a group who have been stealing body’s for centuries.

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