Daisy’s Feb Bold chat

What can I say? It seems like we are on that Noddy circuit where Noddy’s car goes around and around, passing the same house, the same tree and the same mushroom. Just when we thought we had resolution on all of the storylines, it seems nope, we got comfortable for nothing because the writers are putting us on rewind. Sheila is the gift that keeps on giving. What on earth does she need to do before Eric says “Enough”? Now we can expect she will be back in the Forrester mansion to collect her portrait, and we can expect another run in with Quinn, perhaps even another catfight. I wonder if writers find that sexy. Maybe Quinn and Sheila should tear each other’s shirts off next time.
Pam has lost her tiny mind and is primed to be Sheila’s bestie, which has Charlie freaking out.

Liam thinks he caught a lucky break when Stephie came home and married him again. He’s walking on a cloud, and clouds are only made of tiny drops of water, so we can expect him to come crashing to earth. He’s already been stupid enough to think that having coffee with Sally won’t get him into trouble. Will Sally leave an earring behind for Stephie to find? Bill just might be able to whisk Stephie off in his helicopter yet.
Pretty little Darlita has been given a few more lines to speak. We might see more from her. She can act as well as any of them. We have a new Thorn, now a talented designer and some of those designs are on Brooke. Brooke will run to Thorn as it seems that the sexual tension between Quinn and Ridge can’t be denied. Those two are doing a great job playing the lovers who aren’t lovers.

I think that about covers the various messy predicaments that the Forresters, Spencers and Spectras have currently

managed to entangle themselves in. Even as I write this Sally is telling Liam that she can’t stop thinking about him, and now Bill and Stephie replay the night that the magic happened.
Well as I put on my slippers and head off to bed, my simple life has been coloured by a little LA razzle and dazzle. I hope yours have too. 😄



  1. PS. I don’t really have slippers. It’s writer’s licence.

    Also I was wrong about Stephie losing it over Sally calling in for brunch with Liam. It seems a little bit of guilt goes a long way……like when Woolif got into deep doo doo and did a Liam for a few days; “Oh Stephie, you are the best wife since Swiss cheese and sliced bread”. Only I don’t say, “Don’t put me on a pedestal” I like it up there. 😁

  2. Thank goodness for this. Now I don’t have to watch. Something has gone wrong with the latest story lines and I can’t get excited. Well, obviously not excited. Interested. Possibly not interested either. I used to enjoy the humour of it. The tongue in cheek. The writers have lost their mojo.
    Or maybe it’s Ridge. The new Ridge is just annoying.

    • I love the new tobacco and garlic breath Ridge. I much prefer him to carved wooden horse Ridge. Producers found a bum, put him in a crumpled suit et voila.

  3. Thanks Sara. Off topic for a minute; ripper of a Dr Phil today. The internet has created a whole range of scamming opportunities. I say let her go and live with 20 year old Kevin in the village for a week. She might want to take a pillow.

  4. I don’t like the new Thorne! Supermarket magazine rack tells me that Brooke is married to Bill and engaged to Ridge.

  5. Ingo Radermacher, the new Thorne was, according to Wika, also born in Australia. It’s been bugging me where I have seen him before, but I don’t watch the shows he has been in. Maybe I saw him in Paris.

      • She was drooling over it. Doesn’t anyone at Spectra care that Liam is married? Well, probably Sol, but he has his own agenda for that. Who is Darlita going to be teamed up with? Thorn would make sense as she is Darla revisited.

    • Looks pretty close to losing the plot at the end there. Great photo.( You could be a great designer at FC)

      Good luck “erasing that night” , Steffy with Dollar Bill reminding you of it every day. Wake up and smell the coffee Liam.

      Everyone loves Thorne and his potential as a designer.

      • I COULD be a designer at Forrester. I would prefer that to lurking at Il Geordino’s waiting tables, and sidling up to lonely or disaffected Forresters to sniff out gossip.

  6. I just don’t like the new Thorne. Seems he was also married to Brooke, she’s worse than steffie sleeping with bill and his two sons.

  7. I just don’t like the new Thorne. Seems he was also married to Brooke, she’s worse than steffie sleeping with bill and his two sons. 😠

    • THere is a flow chart floating around somewhere that shows that Brooke has slept with everyone except her own children (i think she said she’d been married 13 times).
      I would love to see the actress’ face when each script is delivered to her.

      • Yes, I googled that also. Six times to Ridge, twice to Eric and now it appears to Thorne. Thorne is now after her again!

  8. It was a “Not bloody sheila again” night tonight. And Thorne was acting like her, capitalizing on the Quidge Affair to serve his own agenda.
    Puleease Eric, just tell Thorne to mind his own business and get back to designing top fashion.

  9. I was wondering how an international corporate guy like Thorne can just up and leave one country and return home. In corporate life there is always lots of negotiation for executives to move, not just turn up and expect a job – as a designer – by the looks of it. Has young Zende now taken over in Paris?

  10. Now the little punk RJ wants to be a designer.

    Thorne proposes to Brooke. He won’t treat her like shit , as Ridge did, he weasels. Nicole has seen some sparks there and blabbed to Maya.

    Quidge are starting to sizzle again. Ridge ‘s fantasies are taking over. Make sure your house is in order, Eric. Sheila will be there to support you through it.

    • We might as well get on with it. Brooke can marry Thorne. Stephie can get pregnant and marry Bill.Liam can go off with Sally and suddenly discover he has a talent for designing funky clothes…and that he doesn’t like his new Grams inlaw. Eric marries Shedevil, serves him right for eating at Il Gordinos. Quidge marry. Coconut and Arjay marry and start their own company in Africa so we never see them. Rick marries Nicole and they take back their baby. Maya marries Zende and the fashion world questions how she went to top model overnight without knowing how to model. Pam marries Charlie. Wipes marries Katy. And no one ever mentions the disappearing cast or Ivy. So now that everyone is married, STAT THERE. Oh and I want to see the children you have locked in cupboards.

      • One big LA marry go round. Il Gordinos will be booked out with wedding functions for months.

        Rick marrying Nicole and reneging on the Lizzie deal . I like that. Nicole would still find a way to be unhappy.

  11. Well! I have to watch this programme now with MUTE on and subtitles as I cannot stand the bullshit. Liam whines and now we have a new one – Thorne! Proposing to Brooke whilst she’s still married to Bill and promised to Ridge. Steffi acting like the guilty victim – she hasn’t been to work for weeks it seems, and Bill doesn’t appear to do anything either. None of them seem to have any friends outside the incestuous family. Wonder who Thorne will go after next? Katie perhaps. And not long now before Steffi starts having morning sickness – that will be interesting, more guilty scenes from Steffi.

  12. All I gleaned from tonight was Liam professing what a great dad Bill iss; taking him from nothing and giving him everything; a home, a job, a life. And I growled to Woolif, “Why didn’t he recognize that before blackmailing him?”.
    B&B needs to lift its game. I don’t think viewers want another merry go round of the last issues and problems. We need something like maybe someone doing some work. And maybe it’s time for someone to kidnap Lizzie and fingers point to Nicole but really it is………

    Ooo ooo, what about an episode where Eric gets a locksmith in to put a locks on all of his doors.

  13. Well, i wont have tv for 2 or 3 days so….. Daisy and Dave, if anything happens let me know. Today Ridge proposed and Steffi is about to be told she’s pregnant. As for Thorne, what a nasty piece of work he is. I think Eric has cottoned on to him.

    • Will do. Thorne is making me sick. I’m tipping Brooke says “no”. No way, get fucked , fuck off Ridge.

      No one hiding in the shrubs at Il Gordino’s ? RDO for Sheila.

      I forced a visitor to watch today. You feel like a clown trying to explain.

      • Be Bold Dave. I always figure I am allowed some dummie time.
        Thorne: ” I didn’t come home to cause trouble”; which is exactly what you say if you have come home to cause trouble. Thorne is operating Shedevil 101; get the one you want by causing trouble for your rival.

    • Well Sara, before you go, I am telling you now, Stephie will be pregnant. I thought it might be in a week or so, but since she is just heading off to the docs for a routine check-up, I am guessing the shock will come sooner.

  14. Ridge proposed to Brooke and they went to bed. Brooke has refused to put the ring on yet, but she did wear her bedroom shoes.

  15. Liam arrives at the doctors just in time for the…..happy news. C’mon Stephie, think. Oh hell, the penny just dropped.

  16. Yes, Brooke said yes again to Ridge’s proposal. They even got some bars of Kenny G.

    Thorne is not pleased and vowed to spend the time before Brook’s divorce happens to win her.Rick is on Thorne’s side, too with Maya.

    Steffy’s pregnant and putting on a show for Liam about “our baby” . The shit is going to hit the fan.

  17. I wonder how Stephie will figure out paternity. Will he be asked to donate some of his hearty soerm, then find out they are barely tready water? Or will Bill get all excited and start making a tiny baby sword, then his hopes get dashed when he isn’t the virile superhero? It’s surprisingly…..well no not surprisingly, similar to Caroline’s pregnancy.

    • The DNA test will probably be “inconclusive” ~just that the inseminator is a Spencer. Statistically, in the real world, the more likely father would be the stallion Bill. That’s because Liam economizes on his sperm when he’s in a steady relationship whereas Bill….was possibly more virile.

  18. How could Stephie even justify a paternity test?
    Thorne is being a Thorne n my side. For someone who didn’t come home to cause trouble, he’s kicking a lot of hornet nests. Or is that Thornet nests?

  19. Today’s fantasy scene has to be seen to be believed. Hopefully daisy can get a screen shot of it for Sara. It’s when Steffy has a fantasy about the birth. It’s funny. Maya and Nicole are picking up baby vibes.

    Brooke knows about Wyatt/Katy now. She’s as intrigued as we are. No.

    Twins for Steffy have been thrown into the mix. Different father for each? LA for ya.

    Bill could stall with the divorce papers and do it to spite Ridge. He finds time to have a flashback to the dirty deed.

  20. You forgot this….Katy does Wipe’s laundry. That’s how Brooke found out; Wipes smalls were in with Katy’s delicates. She really should learn to separate her wash. 😁

    I will get you that fantasy pick Sara but wait until sundown so there is no reflection from outside.

    • Thanks. I missed the laundry details. Can’t wait for the photos of the “baby” and Liam’s dirty look on delivery. Some daydream Steffy had.

      • What about the 10 different looks Stephie and Bill gave each other as she broke the news. I couldn’t read any of them. Acting class 101: announcing to the grandfather he’s about to be a dad. Confusing congratulations.

  21. Katy has just admitted that she is only using Wipes as a sex toy. Watch out Katy, don’t tell Brooke about Wipes talents in the bedroom.

    It’s OK, Brooke just told Katy, “Of course you can trust me”.

    • Let’s call him “Billiam”. If it’s twins, B1 and B2

      Great photos, daisy.Thanks. See what you missed, Sara?

  22. Thanks Daisy and Dave for the blow by blow on Friday’s episode as I had to work late. Now that sounds like a plot for B n B.

    • I could give you a blow by blow of Friday’s pottery drama. I had a front row seat. I could have even taken pics. Mwaa aa aaah.

    • Yeah
      The monkey speaks his mind

      And three monkeys sat in a coconut tree
      Discussing things as they are said to be
      Said one to other now listen, you two
      “There’s a certain rumour that just can’t be true
      That man descended from our noble race
      Why, the very idea is a big disgrace
      No monkey ever deserted his wife
      Starved her baby and ruined her life

      the monkey speaks his mind

      And you’ve never known a mother monk
      To leave her babies with others to bunk
      And passed them on from one to another
      ‘Til they scarcely knew who was their mother
      the monkey speaks his mind

      And another thing you will never see
      A monkey build a fence around a coconut tree
      And let all the coconuts go to waste
      Forbidding other monkeys to come and taste
      Why, if I put a fence around this tree
      Starvation would force you to steal from me

      the monkey speaks his mind

      Here’s another thing a monkey won’t do
      Go out on a night and get all in a stew
      Or use a gun or a club or a knife
      And take another monkey’s life
      Yes, man descended, the worthless bum
      But, brothers, from us he did not come

      the monkey speaks his mind

  23. Well I managed to catch up on Friday’s episode this morning. Loved the dream sequence, no wonder it was a nightmare when she saw the new baby. Will be interesting to see Bill’s reaction this afternoon. As for Katie – how can she and Wyatt have a wonderful relationship when they never leave the house and it’s all top secret. All lust and sex. Brooke engaged, although still married and Liam overacting – perhaps there’s an Emmy category for best overacting actor which he would surely win.

  24. Sara, do you think Stephie screaming like she is in a Wes Craven dream scene when she saw Bill’s head on the baby, is indicative of her feelings for Bill? Why can no B&B offspring be certain of their parentage? I look forward to Ajay having another car accident, with Coconut at the wheel, and requiring a blood transfusion. Perhaps his real dad could be Coconut’s father. Oh please let it be so.

  25. Sara, there was a scene with Brooke told Katy to go for it with Wipes and that sneaking around was fun. A tactful reminder of her sneaking around behind Katies back.
    Then Brooke tried to assure Thorne that she was marrying Ridge, but didn’t ask him to leave.
    And for the most part, the episode was about the Bill, Stephie and Liam triangle. Liam expressed his delight to Wipes, and Stephie expressed her worry to Bill.

  26. We had an ad for Ancestry dna during today’s episode. How appropriate.

    Things are tense at the paternity lab .

    Merry Xmas Wyatt. Kinky Katie again.

  27. Flashbacks to the dirty deed. Sweating Steffy gets delayed at the lab.

    Liam gives Bill a cheap “World’s Best Dad” statue. If he only knew the real Bill.

    Big Xmas bash at Eric’s coming up. Shouldn’t be a family boycott this year.

    • Good thing Liam was cheap on the Oscar. I hope Stephie’s doctor has more scruples than Caroline’s doctor and doesn’t attempt to blackmail Bill.

      It seems Katy was comissioned by Santa to snoop on the neighbourhood as she was dress as Mrs Claus to peep through the telescope into Eric’s place.

      Katy and Wipes lines were blah, blah, blah. Wipes tries to convince Katie once again that he is the wild child brother, while proving what a donkus he is. I made that word up. It’s a mixture of dorkas, donkey and donger.
      Once again, Kenny Gee was hiding under the bed.

      Oh, and romantic charmer Wipes said that he and Katy should keep doin’ it until they find something else to do. Katy does some shirt ripping, but because 8 year olds might be home from school and watching, they only discuss ripping off the trousers. Also, can’t have Brooke coming back and going through Katie’s sewing box again.
      I want to see Quinn’s fury when Katie pegs today’s undies on her clothes line.

  28. Xmas at Eric’s. Warning on RJ’s haircut. Elvis wannabe.

    Sheila’s gotta be out in the garden , unless she’s working a double shift.

    • I think that’s why Ridge has flown her back as a “present”.

      RJ’s over the moon about Ridge and Brooke. Thorne hisses a toast to them.

      Eric gives a lame speech. Rick on geetar.

  29. At least we didn’t have to watch them eating and praising each other. Foxy old Eric, two exwives and one current wife present, and why is Coco not with her own family. Sheila must be around somewhere, waiting for the right moment …..

  30. Stephie, why aren’t you drinking?

    Brooke is happy to have Donna home, “to keep up the family tradition”….husband stealing. I tried to get a pick of Lizzie, but would you believe it? Upstairs napping. Isn’t this her second Christmas and still they won’t wake her for it.

  31. Getting a coffee ready to see if Sheila will crash the Xmas party. Should liven up proceedings.

  32. I’ve been away a long time but I have to say… it makes me smile to think that Dave watches Bold. I don’t…. but I’m starting to think I should.

  33. Liam will pick up the phone when paternity ring.

    Katie in suspenders for the tradie fantasy. Thorne’s fakest tan of all time.

  34. Steffy asks Bill if he used her to get back at Liam.

    Is the Pope a Catholic?

    She’s a CEO of FC..

  35. Katie must be shopping at a lingerie outlet. She has got a different get up on every episode.
    Personally the cheap tacky Miss Santa Claus red nylon number was my favourite this week.
    Ho ho ho!

    • It’s probably Brooke’sBedroom line, which she might NOT want to wear when she gets back with Bill. They get all their undies free at Forresters. And it must be weird when they wife swap, “Oh, I have seen those purple bras before”.

  36. Me, myself, I. Weird thing to say when you’re dressed like that.

    Is Katie only working part time. Eric’s not getting his money’s worth.
    And when Wipes left, why didn’t Katy call Mateo?

    • Yeah, and remember how ethical Caroline’s and Ridge’s paternity doctor was. It took a bus to shut him up.

  37. It’s on the guide here, but I will hang on as nervously as a sexy young woman with pouty lips, a taut tummy and two lovers, waits for the results to a paternity test. Aaah those were the days….taut tummy and lovers I mean, not paternity tests.

    Any, being Friday, I predict an episode something like Liam’s beach house…a cliffhanger. Who else would be scared to live perched up there waiting for erosion to kill them?
    Also, they better get babygates. And on babies…..and falls, Hope fell down stairs, Stephie fell of her bike, surely there can’t be a repeat story line for the new baby Willemena?

  38. Spoiler

    Thorne’s moving in with Katie. Kinky times.

    The baby’s Liam’s. (That nurse looks dodgy, but)

    • Spoler add-on. Poor homeless ThorneinWipes side. Serves Wipes right for going to work. There’ll be fried eggs, muffins and gstrings for breakfast. Wipes will need to come knocking disguised as a security service man and put a camera in the bedroom.

      You had your chance Wipes. Katie has asked the writers to change her character from boring Katy to strumpet. Quinn will be pleased about the new arrangement.

  39. More spoiler.

    More twists than a piece of licorice to bastardgate.Woah. Bill has mysteriously turned up at the paternity lab. What are the chances of that? I told youse that nurse was dodgy. Some sort of back room switcheroo deal has been done and Steffy has bought it hook, line and sinker. She also has a damning piece of paper in her bag for Liam to find.

    So it’s Bill’s bastard after all. Only Bill and the prying nurse know. That’s my take on the thrilling episode.

    Ridge and Brooke get it on but she seems unsatisfied. Thorne on her mind.

    • Damn! Now I am thinking of chocolate coated licorice. Couldn’t it have been, “More twists than a Shirley Temple ringlet”? Or “More twists and turns than the small intestines”.

  40. Those paternity doctors are so easily bought off. Does this one have a gambling habit to support also?

    • When you see Bill’s thousand yard stare of satisfaction right at the end , you’ll know foul play has occurred at the lab.

      Liam’s over the moon, of course. He’s in Disneyland.

    • Steffy’s been told by the dodgy doctor it’s Liam’s but Bill has been up to some skullduggery at the dna lab. I’m saying it’s Bill….but it could still be Liam’s.

  41. Well, if this doctor is as honest as Caroline’s pediatrician, and Sheila’s ex husband doctor, then it’s Bill’s. Or iiiiiiis iiiiit?
    The story is Liam’s. Or iiiis iiiiiit????

  42. Why is Katy not insulted that Thorninthe side is suggesting they hook up within a day or so of him proposing to Brooke? Thorne will probably move through the Logan sisters likr the wolf moved through the Three Pigs’ houses.

  43. Uh oh – just wait until Liam finds dna report, carelessly tossed into her bag😆
    And Thorne is as sleazy as Bill …..

  44. Well, that wiped the smile off Liam and Steffy’s faces. All those nice things Liam thought and said about his wife have bitten him on the ass.

    Bill has blabbed to his lawyer, too. Soon everyone at Il Gordino’s will be buzzing about it.

    That was a fun episode. Liam finds the giant, discreet dna report right at the end. The fantasy ends in tears.

  45. Yes, as soon as Justin walked into Bill’s office on Friday, I expected Bill to say, “Have a seat”. There is certainly going to be work for Justin and Carter, even if it’s just a walk-on.

  46. Bloody hell. That paper was folded. Why is Liam digging in Stephie’s handbag. She’ s well rid of him if he’s a purse snoop.

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