MAFS week 2 – the non-Polynesian is back

The blurb for tonight’s MAFS: Last season’s favourite groom John Robertson returns for a second chance at love. And will Troy meet his Barbie dream girl at the altar?

Hmm, is “favourite groom” stretching it? Let’s hope he meets a lady with less specific cultural background requirements than his past bride. Or are the producers doubling down with someone as equally unsuitable.



    • He didn’t seem too thrilled with his bride in the promos for this year. He may have said he was, but ……. I see trouble ahead and I’m no psychic.

  1. Ashley has just told Australia how to pick up an air attendant.

    Just to show how compatible Ashley and Troy are, the producers have them both playing tennis and using the Barbie reference.

    Troy is no Ken. #justsaying

    • Do you know how many times I have been forced to watch Toy Story 3? And yet each time I love the scene where Ken does a Pretty Woman wardrobe montage

  2. I like Troy’s style; puts his order in. Might as well tell Santa, “I want a bike, a football and a blonde bimbo”.

  3. Back track: I was watching the first episode rerun Γ  la THE VOICE. That is I was just listening while I did pottery. It made a difference with Mask lady. She sounded quite nice. Well nicer than she looks.
    As for the other two; the lady with a daughter, she and her hubby are horrible. She even said it MIGHT NOT work if he didn’t accept her daughter.

  4. I reckon the girl who had the threesome and will allow her daughter visitation is seriously off. She looks like she should be a well behaved dag but talks and acts like a Dr Phil classic. Her husband is off too because he keeps getting ready to dump her until he discovers she can go a new sexual position. They would make a good threesome with Troy.

    • I am ffding the experts and cutting to the meat of the programme. I think by now we all know the producers decide which characters are most watchable. The sexperts are merely a ruse for the coupling of complete strangers from different cities.

  5. Anyone notice that Carly just married Bill Spencer, and Justin just married a bunch of girls who all sound like Ja’mie?

  6. Nasser was a bit weird – I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because of the situation and cameras etc. but this comment put him halfway on my shit list:
    Wife: I’m looking forward to getting into your head to find out who you are and you getting into my head-
    Nasser: Oh i’ll get into you [lunges for a kiss]

    Listen to the words and understand the context you fool.
    And what’s with the obsession with skin care and lip balm? He comes across as a bit prissy.

    • I wasn’t sure if Nassa paid her an insult when she commented on his nice skin and he replied something like “Moisturize, but we’ll get to that”. Maybe pint sized Nassa isn’t very deep.

  7. How does one go about obtaining the job of a relationship expert????
    Blair and Sean are perfectly matched because they have the shared experienced of been the cheated party. Let’s ignore that they live on opposite sides of the country and (how should be put it delicately?) different sex drives.

    Oh…Blair is the one with the dodgy tattoo…”Burgers for life”.

    • I was flipping between IAC and MAFS. Sean says he is ready to give up his wild ways and settle down, so what do the sexperts do; give him one of his one night standers.
      To answer your question, Maz, on how you get a job as a tv psych? Maybe you have to be prepared to have viewers think you are a real drip, and ffd you.

  8. “This is not a one night stand”, intones the expert, “they are in it for the long haul.”πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Are we watching the same program?

    • Maz, I think I will go on MAFS. I don’t think being already married will be an obstacle, just as the groom living across the country isn’t a problem.
      I could doll up and pack on the make up while my besties gathered around and squealed and showed their support by getting stuck into the bubbles and squealing some more.
      I’d like a nice groom who is ready to settle down because his heart’s been broken ..and a holiday in Europe. Being in our 60s, there would be some grunting, snoring and bed farting, and I wouldn’t wake up with my make up intact and my false eyelashes in place. I would probably wake up with my eyelashes one on my cheek and the other I would have to spit out.

  9. Tell you what….I have seen some lovely wedding dresses. Blair’s dress is pretty, simple and summery, and Carly’s was lovely last night.

  10. I am impressed with Nasser after his lovely reaction to Gabriel’s revelation. I am loking forward to the dinner. I bet producers have set up the husband swapping.
    Now I might get sucked in to the One Night with my Ex.

  11. All I see when I look at Nasser is Harpo Marx from the Marx Brothers!!! Look him up and you’ll know what I mean. 😌 What’s with all the women who have the “trout pout” look? They can’t even annunciate their words correctly due to the lips being so swollen and have an ugly lip profile πŸ˜™

    • Yes, Why. He reminds me of a little guinea pig. None of them would be my type. But we could probably all say that.
      I look forward to the dinner, even though I know it’s all going to be a set up of wife/husband swapping and claws coming out.

      • More like, “my plastic surgery is better than your plastic surgery” and I have way more “tinder hits” than you.

  12. I’m looking forward to tonight’s show. I wonder who will be the loudest Jo or Troy, or Davina in a qiuet loud way. Who will get the most drunk? I can’t recall names but the tradie. Who will be in the bathroom crying the most? Jo and Gabriel.

  13. Let’s do the maths on this one. Blair who has been married has had 20-30 partners and she has ‘had like. quite a lot of long term relationships” … Mmm, what is her definition of long term? A week? A month?
    Sean has had 200 +…

    • Of course, Sean used a condom for every one of those 200 plus liasons that he can’t completely recall. Now he’s ready to settle down and be a good citizen. He’s probably worn out and has a low sperm count and needs Viagra and porn to get in the mood.

    • Troy’s very forceful with the pashing and lunging and grabbing and groping.. It’s David Attenborough animal foreplay. It’s pretty sick stuff. Ashley’s leaning as far as possible from him. Doomed. Love lies bleeding.

    • Deano’s wife is so hot and looks like Julianne Moore. When Davina hears about dumb arse Dean’s Cro Magnon sexual politics, she might cool off a bit.

  14. My theory is that Davina has volunteered to play the maneater. She has thrown herself into the ro,e. Who meets a guy on tv then talks about having sex with them. I have become the “not in my day” generation.

  15. Maz, just a thought, why not do next week’s thread header? You have the ability.

    That was good last night. I do wonder how much is staged and what is real, but I will watch it like a three year old watches Santa….although they usually scream and try to get away.

  16. Melissa should remove the eye lashes and then she’d have a better view of everything. And can tbey cut back on the fake tan, it’s very unattractive and must smell.

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