• She literally does. Pity she does not have a huge command of the English language.
        But she is not the only one, there is a lot of ‘youse’ , hey guys, etc . . .

        • I hate to break it to you but one of the major dictionaries, not sure if it is MacQuarie, has included youse. (Slaps own forehead). Next we can expect to find:
          Somethink, akxed and punkin.

          • It better have “infastructure”, “definately” and “you’re better then that” if it wants to relate to today’s Australians.

    • There is something about Sarah that really bothers me, maybe it’s the horrible dark lip liner!
      Does anyone else get a bad vibe?

  1. Patrick/Charlene: Stay/Stay
    Charlene doesn’t like Patrick’s mummy and was a bit freaked out by the cemetery visit (he is too emotional for her).

    • Anyone else notice that when Charlene enters a room and is greeting people, her voice goes up an octave or two, and she sounds just like a siren??😖

  2. Justin/Carly: Stay/Stay

    Justin is rapted that Carly voted to stay as he gets to advertise his ice cream company for another week.

  3. Sean/Blair : Leave/Stay
    I love all the fake crying. These girls must have watched Mean Girls a zillion times.

    Blair, he told you he had no feelings for you. Geez, which part didn’t you comprehend?

  4. Popcorn time!!!!🍿

    Dean and Tracey: Stay/Stay
    Tracey has a “girl” code. 🤣😃🤣🤣🤣. Tracey uses “girl’ frequently.
    “What does the girl code mean to you? ” The experts asks Davina.
    Ryan interjects, “F**K All”.

    OMG, Dean is trying to be the bigger victim. Ryan didn’t shake his hand and he is offended. Boohoo. Still doesn’t quite get why Ryan is upset.

    What is worse, the experts praise them for turning it around. So infidelity is AOK in a relationship.

    • I can’t get past Tracey’s odd, sticky out lips. Then it’s the constant hair adjustment. Again, she is such a dorkus.

      • Her looks were ruined by all the dodgy procedures she has subjected herself to..
        Tracey comes across as someone who has low self esteem with an air of desperation thrown in for good measure. Have you noticed she never talks about her child.

        • Not talking about her child on tv might be her best quality. I agree she probably does have lowish self esteem, certainly not the inflated ego of Davina. Tracey is a plain Jane with airbags…on her lips and chest. She does the Ja’mai thing constantly with her stickstraight her; I just think, “Wear a pony tail”. I think her make over would have been better had she been kept natural. But no doubt she wanted some celebrity.

      • Leaving aside her cheeks and lips … it’s her forehead and eyes that I can’t get past. They just look so strange on her. Is it just me?

          • I feel like there’s a joke here that Doctor Frankenstein’s most famous work actually looked vaguely human, as opposed to Tracey’s cheeks and lips.

            But it’d be a cheap shot, and it’s too early for that sort of thing.

        • The bridge of her nose is a bit high… and that makes her eyes seem deep set or too far apart. If there’s a plastic surgeon out there that did that to her he should be ashamed. If there’s not… them I’m sorry for pointing it out.

  5. Ryan/Davina: Leave/Leave
    Davina announces that “Ryan and I are very close.” Um,okay. Too late to salvage your reputation.
    Davina also adds this gem, “I have no regrets hitting on someone else’s husband because it my feelings.” Okaaaaay.

  6. read somewhere this morning that Dean is an actor playing a role in the show to create drama….and therefore ratings…when you think about all that has happened it adds up

  7. Channel 9 need to get their acting fee back from Dean, he is not a particularly good Actor. But then if the Australian acting standard is Home and Away & Neighbours , well enough said.

  8. I don’t watch. but am following comments on here. That picture at the top, what is the matter with that guy’s head?

  9. Daily Mail must love all the scorned people in reality tv contestants’ past.

    Troy is a viginal wannabe gameshow host who didn’t apply for MAFS.

    Davina, another who did not apply, is blaming the editing. Well her Mum is.

    Now this is just clickbait http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5434191/MAFS-Dean-Wells-attends-bible-study-week.html

  10. Blair and Sean are finally done.

    Still doesn’t explain why some couples have to stick out the full week when there is a stay/leave combo but others just leave.

    • It seemed to me that Tracey has continually had repumps. Her lips have always seemed uncomfortable to her, like she can’t speak properly.It’s strange because they aren’t huge but they seem to be an impediment, like prosthetic lips.

    • There was a funny article in the Sunday paper about stuff like this – Davina and Tracey’s lips were likened to having sausages under their noses.

  11. Tracey loves playing the victim. How many times does Dean have to feel like the bastard. She doesn’t let it go, first he has to grovel and fess up to her ‘friends ‘ , tomorrow will be confession time to her parents.

    Nass complains like an old woman. Gabby should cut her losses. She looks miserable when she is around him.

    Ashley is such a shrew.

    Sarah wakes up to Telv with 4 inches of makeup on. Her eyes were so thick with mascara , they looked like big spiders on her face.

    Carly is flogging a dead horse, or is that the delusional tycoon.

  12. Nass was like an old woman last night – never stayed at anyone else’s place ffs – presumably he hasn’t been to an hotel. He’s 50! What a lot of fuss about the bed – other couples would probably laugh and as for getting on the horse, well he must really have short legs!! Cut your losses Gab, which of course she tried to do by wanting to leave – hopefully Nass will want to go on Sunday.

      • Gay, gay, gayer than a gaytime. He dresses like a Hollywood producer in the 60s; capri pants and loose but clingy tops, and moccasins. Only the scarf and cap are missing. Face nicely groomed. So that’s why the mistake occurred They asked for a groom and he thought they said, “Nicely groomed”.

    • Ooo, I can’t ride a horse, need a good night’s sleep and am spick and span (another gem from the old folks” wordsmith treasury ) so I am like Nass. Or Nass is like a 63 yr old woman.

  13. I only watched up to the Mask last night. Is that a disguise. Her lips are so pumped that there is a crease above them.

  14. Dean was grilled on the Today show this morning.(at about 8.15 daisy). Hints that his business may have suffered.

    Davina seems to have escaped a public lynching.

    • “Davina seems to have escaped a public lynching.”

      Well. That’s probably a *hit* on the harsh side, even for reality TV.

      She’s still an asshole tho.

  15. Off to work today, Dave, so I will miss barbequed Dean, but I think I have seen Tracey grill both sides. What did she say last night? “We can’t just forget what you did, Dean”. She probably got offered a bit more money and another set of lips to stay and baste. He got stuck with the chump of rump role, while Davina slipped away like a dish of slippery eel…or a slippery grouper.

  16. Dean is said to be an “Executive Creative Director” – of what I have to wonder.
    Advertising? He’s rather inarticulate so I wonder what he really creates. And Tracy is supposed to be a couples’ counsellor or relationship advisor – needs to give herself a serve!

    • Geez, I never saw that coming. I hate to imagine the trail of lip liner left all over Telv’s intimates. He might need to send his undies over to Nasser for some expert scrubbing.

  17. Tracey complains that it like Groundhog Day with the repeated flagellation of Dean. Um, Tracey, you are the one who keeps bring it up.

    We are starting to find it annoying that she refers to Dean as a “big boy” and herself as a “big girl”. What is that? Is that a Perth thing?

  18. Hahaha…Justin thinks showing affection will give Carly the wrong impression. Does Justin know he is on Married at First Sight?

  19. Nass spits the dummy! The thongs and his cloth tote bag complete the look as he storms off on his motor bike, his little legs just reaching the pedals.

    Deans attempt at hip hop – white men can’t dance!

    I really don’t want to know that Sarah and Telv have had sex on national TV.

  20. Nassar throws a tantrum. He hates the place, the street , the suburb. It has no shops about (let’s ignore the Coles trolley in the background).

      • I was channel-surfing this afternoon and caught last night’s episode of MAFS. Within thirty seconds of observing Nassar?

        Yeah, he’s as camp as a row of tents.

        Now, sure, some straight guys are naturally a little camp, but I don’t think this is a relationship that’s going to last the distance, no.

    • Troy is her doormat.

      They are they type of couple that the spoiled, moody, argumentative one storms off, the lap dog partner goes running off after them to ensure she is doing OK, apologizes profusely for his supposed mistakes which made her moody and argumentative (all partner’s fault) and then they both leave the party / function too early because in actual fact, she ruined it for both of them.

      I totally agree Lola – Run Troy, RUN!

    • I don’t need to know where Telv’s delved.

      Telv couldn’t wait to get to the pub to tell his mates , so he blurts it on national tv and celebrates like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch.

  21. Carly has a slightly odd face but she is always beautifully dressed and made up; well groomed if I might use that expression. She has better taste in clothes than men.

    • Yes, I agree. I said it from the beginning that I don’t believe there’s anything between them. Sure they drink wine, and err, um, that’s it isn’t it?? Oh, and she thinks he’s a really great guy.😏

  22. Melissa dresses and acts 20 years younger. Competes with her daughters. Why can’t women look classy and dress to their age instead of trying to look eternally 25.
    I don’t know whether John is such a prize catch. He treated his first ‘wife’ from last season pretty disdainfully. Mind you she was looking for a non -smoking bohemian islander.

    • Yeah, apparently they’re a danger to people. They’ll go off without warning.

      Gosh, the punch-lines write themselves.

  23. Hahahahahahaha. Nassar wants Gab to apologise to him for being angry that he did not want to partake in Gab’s homestay. He is so delusional.

    Nope. Ungrade that to nutcase. He vacuumed Gab’s bag to rid the ‘devil from that place.’

    Most of the men on this show are rather ungracious.

    • Tracey’s a big girl. Should have thought about that before going to Dr.Frankenstein.

      Tired of the attention ~ but stays and stands by her “man” . Too old for this shit, she is..

    • But she can’t help herself and stands up to make an announcement. ‘Guys, Dean has really surprised me by rapping to me’. They then both proceed to rap to each other in front of the group .
      Oh yes, Tracey really hates being the centre of attention. NOT

  24. OMG…just a warning for those in a different timezone. You need to fast forward as there is more rapping. They have formed a rap group called Perfect Storm. Cyclone Tracey and DJ Deano. Yes, she does bring up the cheating again.

  25. Ha ha, Ashley got Team Troyed.

    It’s after 8.00 in the West so can I say that Sarah looks like someone who smells. I hope she doesn’t read this but firstly I bet she wears a litre of perfume, and I won’t be more specific than that.

  26. Ashley said Troy has a 6 pack of rolls. Can you imagine the outrage if anyone had said that about one of their female partners.

  27. Yes! Due to the lashes being too long and heavy, you clearly can’t see her actual eyes. What’s with most of the woman in this show awakening in full face, and false eyelashes still attached? 🤔

  28. 1. Carly’s body is super toned but is that why she sat on the table tonight?
    2. In defense of the little guy. He initially liked Gabrielle, but asked her to let it happen naturally. She got impatient, angry, then cried a lot. I have dated a lot of guys, but never one who went for that 3 pronged attack. In fact it will drive them running.
    But to I also think that he couldn’t deal with the alopecia and the daughter. It doesn’t fit his image of perfection. The little charmer needs to go back to dating his mirror.

      • Could be, but if his goal was sex, then it begs the question, why only once. It is weird that he had sex with her only once. Gay? Or was the experience not great?

        • I believe the Alopecia has a great deal to do with it. Having a daughter added yet another dimension of which he couldn’t handle.

  29. Davina is a predator. Dean stood no chance of fending off her voracious lip pouting, air kisses and undivided stare on the first night (HOW did no-one see that???). A total slut and I hope everyone that knows her looks at her suspiciously when she’s anywhere near their husbands. What she wants will be far more important than friendships or trust. She might not get her karma dose on the show but she will get it in public and online.

    Melissa needs to ditch the rat tail she’s carrying around, calm the eyelashes down, lose the “f*ck me” knee high boots and just be her natural self. I’m sure she’s FAR prettier without all that fakery!!

    Nasser is a nasty, fake & superficial arsehole. He was NOT happy about Gabby’s alopecia (no matter how he acted). He’s a man that waxes his own eyebrows for gods sake. He’s a crook in the music industry and I’m sure there’s hundreds of musos out there thinking that his true colours are showing.

    Gotta get back to work now… but there’s so much more I could share.

    • You did pretty well for someone hiding under their desk to write, Carol without. 😁 To use an all too common and trite expression; you nailed it. As did Dean, Nasser, and now Telv. But not Michael.

  30. Charlene is such a “Mrs Jessop” – sticking her nose in everybody’s relationships. She ran after Gabby as soon as she overheard Nasser say something inflammatory about his ‘wife’. Then plays judge and jury with Nasser. I think Patrick’s mothers intuition may be right about loudmouth.

    I agree Daisy , Carly is immaculately groomed. Her and the ice cream dude are not a good match.
    Watching the encore , I missed Sarah wiping all that gross tan enhancer on. Icky.

    Hi, carol without the e – good summation on MAFS.

    • She, Sarah looked like she was just giving herself a quick top and tail before going out. IE I thought she was giving her bits a flannel wash.

  31. Whoah Sarah is only 38. That lipliner is aging. I don’t know many 38 yr olds that look that mature, and I am 38

    • Nuff said? (BTW, never google chaffing of the crotch images). To be fair….who hasn’t been on that tropical holiday and needed a little relief here and there. Or walked down the street like they are riding a horse, but no horse.

    • Actually, she looks like she belongs on a Mardi Gras float. The make up can be OTT, especially for day wear, however there is an overall attractiveness, but again, the face is too frozen to show any type of expression.

    • What is wrong with the vetting process for this show? This is a man who wouldn’t pass any security vetting process for any job, yet they think it is fair to foist him on some unsuspecting woman in the hopes of getting good ratings? This is not a dating show, this is potential sanctioned abuse – with “experts”.

      • It is the second time they have done that.

        We think they only ask two questions:
        1. Are you on Tinder
        2. Do you have TV aspirations.

  32. More time at home cleaning the shower and less out kicking heads would be the way forward for Telv. Ankle bracelet.

    Who knew we are watching Assaulted At First Sight?

    Would Sarah have put out if she knew?

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