1. Again, we have missed the first twenty minutes. John and Melissa both decide to stay but we can’t help feel that Melissa is being coerced by the producers to do so as she looks likes she is in a dentist chair awaiting root canal.

  2. Deep breathe. Troy admits to losing his prime post thirty hence the need to do push-ups at the most inappropriate moments.

    Is there a bonus payment if you stay to the end?

    Otherwise, Ashley has the “think of England” grimace as she agrees to stay.

  3. Blair is happy to stay as it gives her time to build her insta following. Not sure about Sean. He might need to see a real mental health professional.

  4. Justin is quite happy with his pillow wall as long as he gets to promote his international soft serve machine with 400% GP. Carly is superfluous to his needs. Both stay.

    • Hang on, I don’t get this. As far as we are concerned, the viewing public, we can only go on what we’ve seen and there’s nothing between them.

      So Sean is that bad guy, just because Jo had some delusional fantasy that she wanted to fall in love, with her stranger, and fooled herself that drinking more than your partner and laughing out loud – all the time, means your romantically involved does it? Did Sean lead her up the garden path? Did he make promises? I’m afraid Jo has been rejected and just can’t tolerate the humiliation.

  5. Weirdness engulfs the fledgling Alycia/Matt relationship as Matt casts himself as older big brother. Alycia is disappointed that things are not progressing like a M&B novel and asks why they were matched. Apparently, they are happy, happy people.

    Alycia, the M&B storyline is still tracking, you just need to shake the protective big brother vibe…(bikini is the conventional plot device) of course they both elect to stay.

  6. Tracey believes everything is going well and then she is blindsided that Dean wants to leave after they ‘made love’ that very morning. We know that Dean has a thing for botox trout lips (see preview for next week) but not for baggage (i.e. Tracey’s child).

  7. This is when you know you found your match, he buys you a wooden toilet seat and ceramic systern for Christmas. And installs them.

  8. The boys tell Dean there is a breakdown of communication in his relationship. That is because he is not averse to sc**ing her, even when he doesn’t like her.

  9. I can’t get my eyes on that really bad lip filler on Tracey. She said no one has ever treated her badly. I reckon her cosmetic surgeon treated her badly. Herlips look uneven and like a accident.

    Now comes the set-up cheating of Davina and Sean. I’ll go for the ride but it’s the Gail and Andrew story all over again. Was her name Gail???

    • Next time, she needs to not salivate and seal clap at the altar. And I will be boringly old fashioned here, but when the guy drinks from a stubby, you don’t have to match him. Drink from a glass.

  10. Okay, MAFS does not answer the most important question, How much is the rent on those apartments??

    OMG, Troy just get yourself a sex doll…the art department have decorated the apartment with the obligatory wedding photo and Troy’s comment? “She does look great for what she is.” 😮

  11. Dean mansplains to Tracey that relationships are different in Sydney than Perth.

    “I’ve been in open relationships and purely physical relations” cos that is how it rolls in Sydney. Tracey stupidly believes him.

    No, Tracey, a sleeze in Sydney is a sleeze in Perth. She really is short quite a few sandwiches for the picnic.

  12. Dean should charge a fare because Tracey is being taken for a ride. She is soo gullible. “thanks for being honest with me” she says as he comes up with a new line.

    • Did you see what Matt was wearing when they moved in to the apartment? clothes so tattered and old as fossils thongs that, as someone on the Daily Mail commented, he looked like morning breath. In fact most of the guys look like shite out of the wedding suits.

      I don’t know why Matt’s wife is there: unless she’s looking for a job in the entertainment field.

      • She used to be very fat and still hasn’t figured out how attractive she is. I think she is still a fat girl in the body of a gorgeous girl. She hasn’t been able to get a guy.

  13. I worked it out ( or did my angels tell me) Matt got a bait and switch. He thought he was just going to fake it to be on telly but ended up getting a really decent girl who was genuinely in there for the long haul. Then he found himself in a predicament of not wanting to hurt her, hence the big brother line.
    Sound about right????

  14. I’ve also worked out that for some guys (gender neutral term), this show is about Channel 9 playing pimp. Except with both partners being paid.
    Here’s a girl, dress her up purty, have a small party with drama, sleep with the girl, move on to next partner. But with a bit of voyeurism thrown in for good measure.
    In my day (yes, I am that old), this is the sort of behaviour that you would be so ashamed of that you would keep it a secret, even from your local priest.
    Who did not pick a mile away that Dean was that a douchebag? The producers should hang their heads in embarrassment for enabling him in the humiliation of someone for entertainment.
    I think I’m upset by this season. I’m out, permanently.

  15. Matt the plumber thinks communicating is yelling at people. That style will go down the “S” bend pretty quickly.

    Just watched Dean’s “apology”. About as sincere as Don Burke’s. Hope we get to meet Dean’s father (if his Parole Officer allows it)

  16. Why the pretence of a ‘marriage’ ceremony? I think given the actors on this show, the orchestrated shlock, that this show is really Love Island but with a ‘marriage’ ceremony and 3 talking head as an excuse to use the tag social experiment on free to air TV>
    Because really, this is about hooking up: last night one of the talking heads opined about how a lack of sexual intimacy can impact a relationship. WTF. A so called professional criticising one of the pair of strangers for not having sex.

    If they were honest about the show they were producing, I’d be okay, but this shite is really horrendous. Die Nine.

    • It is an overseas franchise. Unlike other jurisdictions where the show is produced the marriage is legally binding. In Australia, you can’t legally marry a complete stranger hence the sham ceremony upfront.

      It was pretty poor taste bitching a couple won’t have sex. The more genuine couples, we would assume, would go through the motions for the show, and then after the cameras stop rolling pursue the relationship proper.

    • Yes, I glitched at that too Bolders. Somehow I imagined that people wouldn’t want to go on tv and have sex with strangers for all the world to see. Not only do they, but it’s endorsed by professionals. Good Lord! And there is no hope if kids are watching this, thinking it’s a rite of passage.

    • The Matt and Alycia fiasco is just weird.

      Re Telc and Sarah : note to self, disenfect chairs next time I visit a serviced apartment or hotel

      • Hence we are backto my theory; why did Matt enlist? He hadn’t thought it through. He hadn’t envisaged getting ‘stuck with’ a nice girl. He would have been happier with Tracey or Davina so he could enter in (literally) without feeling guilty.
        “Damn you sexperts for giving me the girl next door”.

      • Noteto Bolders, I always disinfect my mind when staying in hotels. I never want to think about what gross specimen has been in our bed, nor what they did. It’s bad enough watching people clean their ears on sun lounges. I take dettol wipes for the sunlounges btw.

  17. Do you think Justin’s pick up line is , ” I own three companies”?
    You too can own three companies for $1437. Not impressed.

  18. Tracey feels respected. Meanwhile Dean is en route to his rendezvous with Davina.

    The producers must be rubbing their hands with glee.

    • I just don’t get this wanting to look like a blow-up sex doll thing. But hopefully in another decade it will go the other way and be all about the natural look

    • There’s some mighty fine photoshop in them thar hills. You wouldn’t think you’d need airbrushing after being ‘rejuvenated’.

      She also continually licks her upper lip- might be trying to locate its whereabouts.

    • She needs a refund on the lips. They are badly done, and look like she has a cold sore on the top lip. She is trying hard for celebrity in a fish pond where there are many beautiful goldfish and she is just a guppy. She needs to be realistic, get a normal job and look after her daaughter. That’s just my opinion.

  19. Tracy needs to get compensation from the plastic surgeons. They have botched her face. Maybe she needs to go on the show, ‘Botched’
    As for Davina and Deano, there are no words.
    Ryan does not possess a single brain cell. Ch 9 will be giving him money for tattoo removal. Hope It hurts!

    • Blair’s two hundred plus partners must have something to do with the lack of spark.

      It’s as if Rachel’s buying a car that’s been thrashed and fit for scrap. He’s done too many miles.

  20. Nassar is trying to warn Tracey about Dean. Davina intervenes and sits between them to muscle in on the conversation. Davina tells Tracey she is a “pretty switched on person” 🤣🤣😂😂 and tell her she needs to break up with Dean.

    I am assuming Davina has no female friends IRL.

  21. I am just watching last night’s. I see what you all mean about Telv. Yew.

    Dean, Tracey and Davina are all dumb as. Their conversations are all shallow.

  22. Dean tells Davina he has no spark with Tracey. Davina tells Dean, “You can’t fake that”. Actually he was faking it every night and sometimes in the mornings.

    • Someone walked in front of the camera , too.

      Ch 9’s idea of a “secret rendevouz ”

      Troy’s “toast ” was embarrassing to watch. Lot of people drinking straight from the bottle.

      • Yes; glug, glug, glug. Call me sexist; I am. Call me old fashioned; I must be, because there is something rough and blokey about a female guzzling beer from a bottle. Mind you, I don’t like beer so I wouldn’t even drink it from a dainty glass with my little finger sticking out. I hate wine even more.

  23. Dean has just told Davina that Tracey’s looks are not her best feature. Cut to Tracey repeating for the nth time that Dean is really trying with his communication and is so honest.

    • If Alecia had any sense she would decline. She should finish her studies, freeze her eggs, travel and hopefully find someone decent.

      As evidenced by this show, Gen Y men are fairly pathetic Peter Pans addicted to Tinder, so if she wants children, her best bet is sole parenthood through IVF.

      Would you really want to go on a program the second time, when the guy that you were matched to, bitched to the media that at the wedding you introduced him to all your family?? The horror.

  24. The secret rendevous are so bullshirt. Dean goes out. Davina disappears. Camera crew follow them. And no one goes to see what is going on? It’s so staged, but I am still looking forward to the fake fallout. And yep, I saw Dean’s patch on the thatch.

  25. The conversation between D & D:
    D:”You’re hot”.
    D: “No, your so hot.”
    D: “No, your hot.”

    He is 39 and a creative director and that is all he can contribute to the conversation.

  26. My ex who watches mafs in real-time ( I try to catch up but not always) sent me this picture of Davina 9 yrs ago. I think fe fancies her as he is somewhat the Greek version of dean ( 20 yrs older). Every night he rings to talk to the kids he just wants to talk about Davina. Wrong audience mate

  27. The rerun is playing and I am listening to Ashley bag out Troy, “Your hair does not define you”. “You are too much into your looks”. I think she has had more work done than he has; teeth whitened and capped, hair straightened and bleached, skin spraytanned. Then there is theton of mascara. At least her boobs are real. The rest is “defining her”.

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