1. I don’t know. I understand they want you to cook what you are cooking at home well, keep it simple etc, are the teams now taking it a bit too literally? Corn fritters, coleslaw. I feel hypocritical saying it it

  2. MasterChef was in SA this week for a week of filming. They would not reveal all but we know they filmed in the Barossa, had some kind of public food stall challenge, and said they would involve some local MC alumni. I’m guessing Po and Callum and, hopefully, Andre, because his restaurant is fabulous

    • Yeah, maybe next time, they need to put him down the other end of the table beside the Italian guys, the Defense force couple, and the Russians (who are probably robots and thusly unconcerned with human emotion).

      • The Russians annoyed me when in their first interview they were bagging out Australia and calling Australians lazy (nothing like a sweeping generalisation). We all get enriched by the introduction of other cultures and traditions but it is possible to hold on to your ethnic past without denigrating the country you’ve chosen. Other than that I find them pretty easy to tune out. It’s the restaurant daughters that leave me cold, just their nasty little barbs.
        I’d take straightforward obnoxious over sly obnoxious any day of the week.

        • JB, I am with you. There is something about the 2 Chinese sisters that I don’t like.
          When they said
          “I openly admit that I can be really bitchy,” Alicia explains. “Part of that is our cultural upbringing. Our parents have no filter and I think we’re both thick skinned because of that.”

          Chinese culture don’t bitch in front of other people. Privately maybe. If they are bitchy than its their personality

  3. As irksome as the, “everybody loves Henry” subplot is becoming, it did lend itself to a hilarious moment of comedy when Davide (the only other single bloke around the table) was essentially holding up a neon sign saying, “I’M SINGLE TOO” … and nobody cared in the slightest.

    • I’m not sure, I found it a bit sad. I felt like whispering to him “Davide, your insecurities are showing. Maybe put them away.”

  4. As per usual, the drama really amounted to nothing. The Man Eaters over-reacted a little to what was an off-handed comment, while Olga really went from 0 to 100 with no provocation, so I don’t think either party came off that well.

    And the non-single Man Eater’s aggressive approach to hooking her friend up with Henry is far more grating, to be honest, than anything Olga’s said so far. I’m waiting for Anna to lose her cool and leap across the table, because I reckon she’d be scrappy as hell in a brawl. *nods*

    • My money would definitely be on Anna!
      As for the maneaters, who behaves like that? Where did they find these people? Maybe I’m old fashioned but I just don’t see embarrassing a man on national television as a good match making strategy.

      • It feels a little desperate on channel 7’s behalf. Like, last year, they hit on an interesting subplot with Bek and the bearded man mountain Tim. And that got people talking, so this year, they sat down and screamed at each other, “AMP UP THE ROMANCE ANGLE BETWEEN THE CONTESTANTS!” So with all their usual subtlety, they’ve thrown a meek, soft-spoken (and unbelievably good-looking) farm-boy to the wolves, basically. I can only hope, for Henry’s sake, that it wasn’t really as awkward as 7’s editing would have us believe.

        • I was thinking it would be hilarious if Henry and Davide ended up together (even though Davide isn’t good enough for Henry but neither are the women) but can you imagine the looks on the Jordanians faces?

          • Okay, yeah, that would be hilarious.

            And also, yay, I’m in with a chance :).

            Oh, and it was Kyle, the bearded man mountain. Tim was his side-kick. My memory, at the moment.

  5. Oh FFS! What is with these hypersensitive people? Having breakdowns over being called a rabbit (or a cow in round one). Forget food give them a big glass of concrete and don’t let them come back until they harden up! (Sorry but I have very little patience with histrionics).

  6. Another point in Henry’s favour. Last night, he’s like the only person in the history of the show to ever successfully make their own ice-cream. By this point, whenever a team talks about dessert that includes ice-cream, my first instinct is always to shout at them, “Don’t do it! Nobody ever manages to make their own ice-cream on this show. It always always always ends in disaster.”

  7. I’m only watching the first few mins to try and spot local landmarks. As usual MKR has thrown in a few shots of places (eg the cathedral near Adelaide Oval) nowhere near where they actually live to make it look more Adelaidey. They are shopping at Coles Warradale so probably live in the western suburbs (which means something different here than in Sydney). They drive past the airport a few times.

  8. If you wanted to glam up vanilla ice cream, why would you pick blueberries of all fruit? Any other berry would be better. And it would have been quicker to use frozen berries. And if you want your anglaise to cook, put it in a tray, not a deep mixing bowl! Another SA musical number, as the guests arrive, from Hilltop Hoods

  9. I feel sorry for them but how many times do we have to listen to people being told something is too sweet. And every time a mixture looks wrong (whether it’s Stuss’s filo or Gemma’s pudding), start again – don’t try and fix it. I do love elotes though (Mexican corn).

  10. Don’t know what the fuss was about… they were talking about their Chinese year animal and the Hairdresser was a rabbit and asked what that meant… the Russian just being Russian was really just talking about traits that rabbits have (litte, annoying, pests, breeders)… not sure it was a full on attack on her… I think she was just being a bit of a smart arse.

    Although the Adelaideans didn’t do great.. there is at least potential there compared to all of group 1. They just need to stop licking fingers and double dipping spoons.

    And Henry… go for the Hungarian girl… she’s got a nice mother, she’s good with kids and I think she’d happily move to Tasmania and live a peaceful country life… can’t say the same for the Amazon Queen.

  11. As Juz hasn’t started a new topic, does anyone think the Chinese sisters are a bit peeved out being out-bitched by the Russians?

    • I think the Chinese sisters are just generally peeved all the time.

      Admittedly, I’m not paying close attention, but do the Russians’ accents come and go?

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