MKR – Mon – Elimination mansion

It’s military couple Matt and Aly versus Pat and Louisa in the mansion, where they will be judged by Group 1.
Who do you think will win? This will be much close than the last My Kitchen Rules elimination, with “I’ve never heard the term colander” man. Maybe Pat and Louisa have the edge?



  1. I’ll pick Pat and Louisa for this nail-biting contest :). If Matt and Aly entered MKR as a joke, they would have had enough of the joke by now. And they weren’t very good cooks. Mum and daughter seem to be more experienced with cooking. They will need to get past being prostrate with grief over any little criticism, though.

    • Oh, I forgot that Group 1 will be back for this. I don’t know if I can stand to watch that snotty little waste of space, Roula, again. It might be a good time to vacuum the living room and have sound off on the television.

    • She must be thinking up rap battle rhymes.
      Damn you Commies
      You ain’t my homies
      I don’t think you’re ready for this gelatine
      Cos I don’t know how to make ice cream

      (Note because it’s Roula the rhymes are even more woeful than her cooking)

  2. I do feel sorry for Aly being around so much food in the early stages of pregnancy. I used to vomit at the faintest whiff of cooking oil

  3. I really liked that the waitresses used their experience in Elimination House (and their super waitress memories) to give group 1 the low-down on group 2. Alas, Henry now has another group of admirers. Poor bugger. Anna, at the next group challenge, you may need to come armed.

    As for the two teams … eh. I like Matt and Aly slightly more than the Hungarian girls (Matt’s jawline is just … ridiculous. His chin is so sharp you could cut diamond with it). But neither of them can cook worth a damn. They proved it at their instant restaurants and they’re half an hour into proving it now.

    I’m just mad we’re stuck sitting through Roula and the Plastics again. We just got rid of them, didn’t we?

  4. I don’t think it’s quite fair to pick on Josh’s Italian accent, did they not notice that it is Italian words he pronounces with an Italian accent? Unlike the Russians whose accents appear in a seemingly arbitrary fashion.

    • So glad to see your comment about the mocking of Josh’s pronunciation of Italian words. I was so annoyed with the ignorant and rude comments. My daughter-in-law who has a very Australian accent but has an Italian father/Australian mother always uses the Italian pronunciation for a lot of things, food in particular, so much so that even I find myself doing it. Quite natural as far as I am concerned if you are brought up in a family whose first language is other than English.
      Apart from this, are you aware (has it been mentioned before?) that the boys have a food truck called Fritto & Co. A little more than good home cooks.

    • And can I third this.
      I spent 15 years living in Leichhardt. If I ordered something with the wrong accent a swarm of people were on hand to teach the correct pronunciation. It’s now second-nature to say all italian food words like an authentic Little Italy native. Annoys the living daylights out of some of my friends.
      Although it does make me snigger (quietly inside) when some of them correct the way I say Bruschetta. 🤣 As if.

    • Mr LP said the moment I am in Singapore (where I was from), I speak differently. My English becomes Singlish!.

      Switch back to Aussie when I am back in Aus

  5. Oh good lord, Pat and Louisa didn’t even notice that they’d forgotten to turn their oven on.


    Even the look in Pat’s eyes during the interview segments. She knows who’s going home tonight.

  6. Hat wanker is upset that it’s a pot pie and not a pie – well I’m a bit upset that he is such a bore to watch.

    • He is so frighteningly dull, isn’t he? Maybe he (mistakenly) thinks wearing a hat at dinner makes him slightly more interesting?

  7. I’m glad Matt and Aly won. I think there are some pretty clear differences in their attitudes. They know they can’t cook so they listen to advice and are willing to learn and here’s a SHOCKER they actually taste as they go.

  8. The thing that annoyed me the most about this episode wasn’t even the Plastic sisters or Roula.

    The thing that bothered me the most was that we must’ve listened to Pat telling us how cooking is her life about twenty times. “Cooking is my life! MKR is my dream! We can’t go home now! We love to cook!” After a while, it was just, oh my gosh, Pat. Your instant restaurant was a disaster, your score tonight was *worse* than that (as Louisa herself pointed out), and you served up a main and a dessert tonight that were basically inedible (that’s what happens when you forget to actually turn the oven on).

    Like, what? At some point, my patience for some of this nonsense just starts to wear thin.

    • Me too!
      From what we saw both the main and dessert were practically inedible – did they not taste anything?
      And she said at the mains that she that Matt and Aly’s pie was underwhelming (or something to that effect) and they were in with a chance – did she not see her own main?
      Not that I would ever go on a show like this (for starters I can cook) but I would have to bow out gracefully and choose not to serve something as horrendous as that dessert. I’m sure there is pressure applied but surely they can’t put a gun to your head.

  9. Rude Roula comments that the old lady (Pat) should be able to cook.
    Pat and Louisa were clueless in the kitchen. The main and dessert looked disgusting. Can’t believe they didn’t turn on the oven. Did a staff member sneak in and turn it off? Even though Matt and Aly signed up as a prank at least they are listening to advice and also tasting everything they cook.
    It was nice to not have to see or listen to the gangstas and Plastics. Too bad they are back.
    Hope that most or perhaps all of group 1 get eliminated.

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