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My Kitchen Rules screens tonight on Seven from 7-8.30pm.

The blurb says: Still in Melbourne, super mums Kim and Suong take to the kitchen to share the flavours of their Vietnamese heritage, while at the table a shock insult sparks the biggest blow up of the season.
So, do we think these ladies can cook? Surely yes, although, traditionally, desserts have been the downfall of contestants of Asian descent.

Kim and Suong have seven kids between them, so I’m guessing they are great time managers and good cooks. When you hear them speak about being refugees and knowing the value of food, it makes all the nastiness that goes on at the table seem even more inane.
Clueless non-cook has never had Vietnamese and thinks he will be eating fried rice, and yet his partner presumably considers herself a foodie. Does she never take him out?

The ladies are cooking: entree of Vietnamese pancake, main of beef pho (yum, yum, yum!). If I didn’t already know they were from Melbourne I would twig they at least weren’t from SA due to the masses of plastic bags.
I really hope they have enough time to develop the flavour of that pho broth – my Vietnamese friend usually takes a weekend to make hers.
Dessert is banana fritters with coconut cream.
I love that they brought extra gas burners with them but I agree with floral dress Mum that it’s a worry having to season so many new woks.
But I love this exchange even more: “If it’s not non-stick then we are in shit.” “It’s all right, babe.”

The guests arrive and we’re treated to some delightful racism in a talking head from the Least Plastic of the Plastics: “We’re definitely hoping there is no domestic family pets on the menu tonight.”
Kim’s worst fears are realised; the woks are not properly seasoned and the pancakes are sticking.
At the table everyone is doing their camera bits “it’s going to be delicious” when Roula starts muttering “I reckon it’s going to be really shit … I don’t give a f— what they serve us”. Is she drunk? “I’m giving them a two.” Her friend tries to shush her and there are many sidelong glances from the other teams. Roula seems to forget she is wearing a microphone: “That’s not going on camera. No one can hear me. I don’t care.”
And this is why MKR needs to change its scoring system.
The mums have to ditch the woks and just use one regular frypan to cook all the pancakes.
At the table Roula and friend have a massive fight with the Plastics and it’s like a scene from some teenage dance off movie where they end up doing a hiphop battle in a dark alley, even though one of them is only trained in ballet.
Finally, entree is served and it’s massive. They could have cut the pancakes in half and saved themselves some time.

The judges taste: Pete says they took too long but it’s delicious. Manu agrees and the soz was well balanced.
The contestants demolish their dishes except for Roula, who won’t eat the egg pancake. Sweetheart, if Pete can suck it up to eat something fried, so can you.
Roula and BFF start with the down talking. Why even bother? Just say it was great, then score low.

Back in the kitchen the mums are straining the stock in industrial-sized buckets placed on the floor. I love it. And they do a taste test bowl of pho – so few teams do this basic step. Kim decides the raw beef is too chewy. It’s been cut in the wrong direction at the butchery. Luckily a few small pieces are correctly cut.

The judges taste: Pete says it’s okay that they did not make their own noodles (Sidenote: Contestants on MasterChef have made their own but they have only had to do enough for one to three dishes. The fact that Pete said it was cool should be enough to make contestants realise what’s what) . Manu says the flavour could be a bit more developed. Everyone likes the pho except the down talkers.

It’s on to dessert and the “marinating” of the banana in sugar has not sweetened the bananas as much as they’d like.
Back at the table NoodleGate explodes and they are both as bad as each other. Main Plastic (who at least fairly praised the food) calls non-Roula a cow. Ouchies. There’s a dramatic walk out and crying.
Everyone at the table is over it.
Roula knows how to cheer up non-Roula – by telling her the Plastics are “fat”. I can’t wait until she sees dessert is deep fried.

The judges taste: Manu did not like the mango sauce but Pete did. They pick the bananas were not ripe – Pete says they could have cooked the bananas a bit first to sweeten them.

The teams score: Italian bros 6, Stuss and Steve 7, Plastics 7, Hipster Hat 6, Non-cook 5 (they don’t say it but they must be getting worried because they have not yet cooked), Waitresses 7, Roula and non-Roula 3. Total: 41 (same group score as Italian bros.)

Judges: Pancake – Pete 9 (would have been 10 if it had not taken so long, Manu 8. Pho – Pete “bloody good” 9, Manu 9. Banana fritter – Manu 5, Pete 7.
Total: 88. They are in first place. Kim tells us eight means “luck”.
(Sidenote: Mr Juz – who never watches MKR – was in the room when the voiceover guy spoke and immediately asked what the hell was up with the loud, hamminess.)

Tomorrow: Non-cook almost electrocutes himself using a food processor.




  1. Why oh why do they use new wok for the pancake. Is this done purposely to stuff them up. Why can’t they use their own wok??? Hmm…..

  2. And why do contestants who scored badly (R&R) think they can influence the other contestants by being negative? Do they think they are that influential?

  3. Roula: “We’re younger. We’re prettier.” Ah, no. You’re 34, the sisters are 31 and 30-ish (I read 33 somewhere). This is a cooking, not a beauty contest.

    • But it’s so hard to take sides. Roula is just *so* awful that I really hope they all get thrown out of the competition.

      • I’m with you there Windsong but what did stupid Steve think was going to happen when he set the cat amongst the pigeons.

  4. Eagle-eared viewers will have noticed that, as the guests rocked up for dinner, the two songs playing were Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” and Katy Petty’s “Swish Swish”, two dueling songs from two celebrities who apparently hate each other’s guts.

    I’m guessing this is not going to be a fun dinner party.

  5. ” Cow ” is pretty mild compared to the insults thrown out last year.

    Real cows would be embarrassed to watch this. I’m barracking for Emma.

    The hipster is going bald, so that’s why he’s packing the hat.

    Ain’t that Rootla a package of evil? Devil’s spawn.

  6. Did i miss something – i read today that a comment had been made regarding cooking and domestic pets. I was channel hopping so could have missed it.

  7. Honestly I’m not a fan of either duo but calling someone a “like a cow” in the heat of the moment and to their face versus caling someone “fake bitches” and “fat, fake and fucking ugly” behind their back knowing that the camera is on. I know which I think is the lesser insult.
    Again I agree with Windsong – throw them all out.

    • this is what gets me on reality TV and the fake drama created by these shows: the level of hypocrisy and imbalance.
      You called me a cow so I am going to torch the earth because I have the moral high ground??
      Like stabbing someone in the arm because they cut in front of you at Coles. And all of it is presented to you as though you need to believe it.

      Roula and Rachel is what is ill with the world: two grown women acting like 14 year old wannabe hip hop boys. And proud of it cause you know, like that’s how they role and they’re bringing it because they’re whoop whoop whoop.
      Roula is sad. Rachel has that annoying screechy voice that is like a mosquito.
      I had an issue with the plastic sisters but on Sunrise (which I only watched to see how bad this shite is really) Emma apologised to ” Australia” for her plastic mishap on the basis that it was some sort of reaction to the dermal fillers. So maybe a small pass unless she is on the same acting payroll as the two Hip Hop Boobs

      • It definitely seems like the Plastics are the lesser evil.

        As you said, the Gangsta girls are just *that* couple who act like idiots but are super proud of themselves (and shouldn’t be).

        But you could see the looks on Pete and Manu’s faces at one point, and they seemed to be pretty clearly thinking, ‘What the hell did channel 7 do to us this year?’.

  8. I do prefer plastics to Roula and Rachael. Ha ha juz re backstreet hip hop dance off.
    Mums did well.
    Piss off Roula and Rachael.
    I think plastics lips have shrunk a little though still look terrible.

  9. The other thing, and the far more topical thing, that really annoys me about Roula? “I don’t eat fried food.”


    If you’re so picky that you can’t even consume an entire style of cooking, then what the hell are you doing on a cooking show? And what right do you have to score food that you refuse to eat?

    • I think anyone who says upfront that they are going to score strategically should be disqualified. By my reckoning the Mums should have scored a minimum of 92 if two or 3 of the other teams (Roula, non cooks and Italian boys) weren’t scoring strategically.

  10. Don’t think I can stomach watching the Plastics and the faux Gangstas any more. “Cow” comment was rude but the Gangstas were extremely rude and belligerent. Both teams need to be eliminated. Pete and Manu should have taken both teams aside and talked to them. Either shut up or leave.
    Gangstas scoring “1” for each dish was terrible but fits in with who they are. Actually thought they were going to just give them a “1” for the entire meal.

  11. MKR getting worse and worse… should be renamed, My Hood Rulz!

    I feel sorry for Rachael, Roula obviously is a control freak and has friended Rachael because she’s easily manipulated, young and immature… I suspect most of Roula’s old friends finally outgrew her (eg: met partners, got married, started to eat fried food).

    Now back to the cooking.. whether it be the edit sequence or not.. but towards the end of the never ending one pan pancake mishap… you could see a wok burner on with a pancake cooking perfectly in it whilst one was cooking in the “good pan”.

  12. Is this series My Kitchen Rules, Kindergarten Edition? What a load of crap last night’s episode was. Watching the Vietnamese Mums cook was interesting since they obviously knew what they were doing, but cutting back to the table constantly to see the Plastics and the Rudes snipe at each other was just distracting and tedious. Ooooh, Plastic #1 called Rude #2 a snapping little cow. Big deal. I can think of many words to describe the Rudes, and cow isn’t even among the top ten. And does a cow snap? Roula’s technique then for keeping her much-younger partner’s participation is to call the Plastics old, fat, and ugly. Stay classy, Roula, you obnoxious, repulsive, hateful oxygen thief.

    The meal…the food looked good to me. The ladies can cook and were pretty organised. I, too, wonder what was going on with four new woks. The mums knew unseasoned woks weren’t going to work. Are they not allowed to use items from both cooks’ kitchens? That part seemed to be thrown in for a bit of unnecessary drama.

  13. Well Von, apply enough tension to a cow and it will snap, but not if it’s wagyu – a high fat content, like the plastics!

  14. 88 means two fat ladies. What’s “lucky” about that?

    We haven’t met cows from Mos~ cow, yet. Ch 7 run a sharp operation, haters gonna hate. “Chopper” is coming up, he would probably behave better than some of these contestants.

  15. I know von I have been analysing that “snapping like a cow comment” over and over (no life). It’s not so much rude, but more that it doesn’t make sense!

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