MKR Wed – Mum and daughter cook

Blurb: Teams travel to Sydney where mum and daughter Pat and Louisa are channelling their Hungarian gypsy roots to deliver a show-stopping menu. But does their crystal ball foretell fortune or failure?

Surely these guys can cook?
And don’t forget MKR is also on tomorrow night (the Man Eaters cook). I was caught by surprise last week when I stumbled upon MKR while channel flicking.



  1. It is bland when I’ve eaten it in restaurants – it’s the nature of the dish. If twas dictated that they cook that from their submitted list, then that’s it! Home style food is not necessarily awesome, it’s mostly pedestrian. Duh.

  2. What no Sunday?
    Poor girls I was really gunning for them.
    Guess you can’t always judge a book by its cover. I assumed they would be ok😓😓😓
    My ex in laws are Greek. Food never looks appetising but it definitely has flavour.

  3. Homestyle has just dipped out again. Don’t expect spice & juiciness where it’s not naturally occurring. At least the Hungarian inspired team don’t resort to dry humour in protestation. They cop it on the chin. No sin bin.

    • But why, why did they put it on? I just don’t get it. Either they didn’t care or they didn’t know it was horrible – which would instantly put them into Matty-territory, food knowledge wise.

    • Don’t understand why they didn’t redo the chocolate glaze. The way Louisa put that cake together (mangled it) it was obvious she didn’t know what she was doing.

    • As soon as i saw her add the chocolate to the water mix I knew she was doomed – even water in a wooden spoon can split chocolate.

  4. Meanwhile, does anyone feel increasingly sorry for the hints of the family background we’re getting from the Chinese girls?

    “A Hungarian background is very different to growing up in a Chinese family.”
    “We paid rent.”

    Oh, girls.

  5. I only just finished watching military couple. I think the judges were overly generous with the tart – that “caramel” was super blonde.

    • The story is that Matt and Aly applied as a joke. They actually literally have no cooking knowledge whatsoever. Given that, I feel like they didn’t do too badly.

  6. Ok Littlepetal, a coupla flaws, like grai
    niness, but I think tbey can cook. Unfortunately for them the dishes they served did not satisfy the other cultural backgrounds of the table. Eating out myself, I am so tired of Asian ( easy to prep & toss in wok) & much prefer Aus-can-be anything dishes, especially with a variety of individual, considered elements, at a local pub with a great chef. And nothing beats my dear Mum or Nanna’s baked dinners (those meals live in my memory along with them, but I don’t need a back story).

  7. It was obvious the mum could see the final glaze wasn’t that good. But said nothing to hurt her daughters feelings❤️❤️❤️❤️@ mummy issues

    • It’s episodes like this one that make this show more unsettling than it needs to be.

      At least Matt and Aly, or Ash and Matty, had a sense of humour about their total lack of cooking ability. But with Pat and her daughter, they’ve taken two good, kind people — who have no business whatsoever being on a cooking show — and put them in front of a camera so they can be professionally judged by two c-grade chefs. Why? To publicly humiliate them? They could’ve gone on “Married at First Sight” for that.

  8. Sonya: “We’re the dark horses of this competition.”

    Sweety, no, you’re the rabbits, remember? Little and annoying, we’ve spent the last fortnight already having this conversation.

    • Sonya and her family and friends have been attacking commentators on FB when they don’t agree with the remarks.

      Not sure why they can do that. No control from C7.

      • Yeah, I generally avoid the FB page, but I noticed that last night.

        The Man Eaters aren’t even really grossly offensive, they’re just really annoying. Storming out after the rabbit joke, making it all about herself, and she hasn’t shut up about it since. Their worst crime is seeming quite vapid and self-absorbed (although their treatment of Henry has inched towards the line of harassment more than once, at that), but frankly tomorrow night, I’m on the side of the Russians.

  9. We should’ve seen the writing on the wall when Louisa began the night by making her own ice-cream.

    That’s the point where they both should’ve jumped out the window and just ran for it.

  10. Judging, including mine, is Anglo/ European based. Where is an Asian “Manu” or “Pete” to judge something as hitting the mark? It has never been fair that cos something is spicy it necessarily has fabulous qualities. The Hungarian execution of the dishes might have been spot on for all I know. And also, shakes of salt as required by Pete & Manu don’t cut it with me – food stands up without that ( which we should avoid adding for health reasons). SO THERE.

    • Rox, agree with you regarding the salt. I don’t salt anything. There are other spices that can be used to bring out flavor. Guess contestants aren’t allowed to put salt and pepper shakers on the table so people can salt to their own tastes.

  11. I love Hungarian meatballs, would not consider them bland at all. Must admit, I didn’t notice what kind of meat they used (my attention was waning). My UK background doesn’t really conjure up any fabulous dishes either – haggis anyone? IMO they should have served a protein with the meatballs, they looked a bit lonely on the plate. If anything the roast potato from the entree would have suited the meatballs better?
    Looking forward to tomorrow night.

  12. You know, everything else aside, now I really just want to go out and have some Hungarian food. The meatballs looked quite nice (although agreed with the judges that too much salt is a bit of a turn-off, but still).

  13. I am behind yet again. Instead I watched the last half of Muslims Like Us on SBS – fascinating.
    Questions for those of you who watched MKR:
    1: Did wardrobe make Anna wear something with crazy big side frills?
    2: Did Anna again hilariously describe a failed dish as a “whoopsie whoops”
    3: Did Manu like the arse cream?
    4: Did Hadil try to provoke the Russians and then tell the camera it was not her fault?

    • Not sure about the first couple. But as usual, the arse cream was a fail (it was too arsey for the judges. It’s always too arsey for the judges), and Hadil seemed to mostly ignore Olga, tonight. Thank goodness. Valeria got in some nice zings on Olga’s behalf, though.

  14. Damn, I meant to vote – just want them to fail so I can listen to Olga and Valeria’s critique, but tapped – I’m just happy that Henry won’t be harassed at the table for once. Although I will be happy for Henry 😉

  15. I wonder if Pat and Louisa also tried out for The Block. Their singing in the car would make them perfect contestants.
    In addition to bad cooking, Louisa’s outfit was also bad. I did feel sorry for them, though, especially with the entree which meant a lot to them.
    Tired of the Henry love connection (lack of love connection thing).

  16. I didn’t mind the mum and daughter, still think they are nice people. But the over- reaction to criticism of their entree kind of put me off them. Copious amount of tears from the daughter, then did she hide in the pantry? Mum was stressing out because her baby girl was crying…oh, get over it. Have they never been criticised before in their lives?

    That said, how can a plate of food be tasteless? Didn’t the peppers have any flavour themselves? Didn’t the mince taste like pork? Manu and Pete need to get off their too much/too little salt obsession. Except for cooking pasta, salt should be added at the table, to individual tastes.

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