Bachelor in Paradise – grand final

So Sam’s proposal to Tara will come at the very end, right?
I hope Ten makes another season of Bachelor in Paradise, after tweaking the rules so latecomers are not so disadvantaged.
It’s a lot easier to watch than the regular Bachelor or Bachelorette series.



  1. I imagine it’s Grant who’ll propose, because he has a habit of doing that. Reportedly, Ali will be the third woman he’s proposed to in the last couple of years. Maybe he has an annual quota he’s trying to meet?

  2. Jarrod to Keira ~ “Your mind’s just thinking”

    What else would it be doing?

    Grant has “Stop at nothing” tattooed on his chest.

    • It was actually rather nice, the way they spoke to each other. They seem to have a bit of banter, unlike doomed, wooden Jake and Megan. And Keira’s palm print frock was lovely.

  3. Grant looks like his head has been compressed in one of those clamps/tools they had in the bench in wood work class at highschool

  4. My money is on Sam proposing now. Surely they want to end the show on a happy note. Grant and Ali going 2nd last make sense since pretty much everyone is sure they aren’t together anymore.

        • I know it’s just a HTML thing, but I like that the photo is upside down, because it makes Osher look like either a bat or a vampire, who enjoys hanging from the ceiling while people are in love around him.

  5. I think the same deaf person who scores MKR does Bachidise. What’s with the pounding music over Sam’s proposal?

  6. You know, I was okay with Sam and Tara, until the proposal. You guys have known each other for, like, ten days. You know, I like them both and I hope it works out, I really do.

    It’s just, eh.

    • I still can’t get past the hair that looks like has been glued down with pva…or spit. Bald patch or not, he desperately needs a hair cut and comb. A bald spot can’t possibly be worse than that glob of a mess.

  7. So how much time had elapsed since they had all seen each other? They were all saying I missed you. They’d only seen each other the day before.. It was all very sweet. Poor Jake was left hanging. Maybe he’ll go back to Florence. Osher hinted on the Project that there might be more than 1 proposal but he lied. I thought Grant might propose too since he’d been saying for days he might propose but in the end decided not to. It’s a pity they didn’t work out but it’s a big thing to move to the other side of the world leaving all your friends & family behind for a bloke you’ve only known for a few weeks.
    I would have liked all 3 couples to reunite at the end & share their news.

  8. I think it might last between Sam and Tara. They could soon be arguing over money, kids, work and housework. Big difference when you throw those into the mix.

    PS Sam looks a lot older than Tara. Will she want to stil party more than he does?

    • Tara’s drinks tab will probably cause some financial headaches.

      Then there’s the Advanced Hair bills that Sam will need to pay. Man cave expenses.

      Can love conquer these things?

      • The first thing Tara will need to nag about is the hair. Best she snip it in his sleep.
        Sam could be passable without the tramp hair. I don’t mind a bit of scruffy but his hair is glutinous.

  9. Studio 10 are now raving over Ali being the new Bachette. They have to do that. But they aren’t being complimentary. They said she will get a new show every year until she finds a mate.
    How different life is from when we just wore something attractive and went down the White Sands for a mate. I wouldn’t trade that for Tinder or the Bachelor.

    • Will Ali intimidate the suitors as she turned Mack into a gibbering idiot and similar with Michael? These guys fell over themselves telling her how beautiful she is. Ali would be sick of that.

      What I hate about Tinder is that I’ve heard guys will say they like animals ‘ cos they’ll get a better strike rate, when they couldn’t care less. Distasteful.

      • Maybe Ali love men falling all over for her but after that there is nothing to make the relationship last.

        Feel sorry for her. She is making a fool of herself on TV or she is smarter than all of us. She just want the exposure on TV to get herself known.

        • She just seems so vacuous. Still, I don’t begrudge her making a career out of it. I just would prefer to watch a season of Bach with someone who has more than blonde hair, blue eyes and air bags.

          But you never know, she might surprise us and be interesting. I think Rachel, with her sharp wit/tongue, might have made a better Bachette. Also, Rachel really is looking for a partner.

          Mind you, she (Rachel), lives in Scarborough (Scabs). She could just go down the beach or to a good pub. That’s what we used to do. There are plenty of good pickings around Scarborough/Trigg. At least there used to be lots of spunky guys there. I said spunky because that’s what we used to say.

          • I spent a little time at Triggs. I remember we used to pick up the surfer hitchhikers and just shift them from one beach to another. Lovely people without exception, and a fabulous way to meet the lads (I have been known to use the term spunky). How times have changed.

          • Gee Bobi, for all we know, we met each other. I lived there in the late 60s early 70s. But because it was my teens, it almost feels like it was most of my life.

            I once met a girl and it turned out we had both lived in the same house in Wheatcroft st Scarborough, but about 5 years apart.

          • It’s a reminder of how small Australia really is, even tho’ you are now 2 and a half thousand miles away.
            I was there early 70s but I think we are from the best of ages. I keep thinking how lucky I was to be born in an era of low unemployment and free education, and the beginning of women’s lib (not to mention the freedom that the pill gave us).
            It is sad how serious life is for my grandchildren. Or are my rose coloured glasses slipping?

  10. And on the Ali choice, at this stage I doubt that I will be tuning in.
    I find her so vanilla.
    I’m guessing that anyone who was remotely interesting said no.

  11. And my last update for the day, I see that Apollo has scored his big payday as the genie for TimTams.
    So that just leaves the question, where to from here?

      • Apollo always seems one biscuit short of a packet.

        He crumbled on The Bachelor, too. Is he the right person for the job ?

        TVSN should grab him to flog their treadmills , gym machines etc. He needn’t have to say anything, that solves a lot of problems.

  12. On Apollo and our previous discussion, I recall my friends and I being at Scabs and for the first time seeing a guy who had built up muscle. We all said to ourselves, “Yew”. Now girls go wild for what we thought ugly.
    We liked the natural form of the surfers.

    • I find there’s a line in the sand that a lot of guys cross. Naturally-fit muscles? Yeah, that’s really attractive. Surfers, as you said, generally have pretty lovely physiques that are physically appealing without being overly-built. Plus they’re usually tanned, and have blond hair bleached from long hours in the sun … sorry, reminding me of a high school crush (who now travels the country singing Bible hymns to small children. He’s actually pretty famous).

      Anyway, personally, I find that Apollo is just on that line. Muscly, but not *too* muscly that it becomes grotesque. Like, if he was any bigger, it’d be a turn-off. But he’s *just* straddling that line.

      I apologise if this is a bit sexual for our normal topics, but I saw a guy at the beach in swim trunks the other day, and I just thought the changing shape of male swimwear reflects what people find attractive about the male form. Speedos used to sit high on the waist and have high legs, so that a guy’s thighs and upper legs would be on display (to say nothing of … well, yeah, the bits in the middle). But these days, when you look at surf life savers, swimming trunks are shaped more like shorts — not showing off the legs as much, but sitting *much* lower down a guy’s stomach, so the focus is on his abs and lower stomach.

      I just found that interesting acamedically. Anyway.

    • I actually have a friend who lives in Scotland, he once told me that had happened to either him or his husband after a particularly aerobic session. From what he told me, no, it’s not a fun injury to get.

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