1. Okay, so Michael’s already walked and it’s not even 8 o’clock yet. It’s gonna be a rough night.

  2. Didnt see Lisa and Luke leave – does everyone know yet. Jarrod is so not one of the boys. Foolish to even go to Fiji with his colouring.

  3. Hehehehe. Four boys decide to go on a bro-date with each other.

    This isn’t quite what I had in mind at the start of the season, but the guys all seemed to have a really good time (Apollo’s mock horror that Sam’s butt was in his face as Sam fell into the bath-rub made me laugh so much I nearly fell off the couch). I think that doesn’t say good things about the drama and atmosphere back at the resort … but they all seemed to enjoy themselves. So there’s that.

    Actually, I’m shocked to be saying this, but props to Jarrod for deciding to screw convention and suggest the four-guy bro-date just to lift the new Canadian’s guys spirits. That was sweet of him.

    • Yes that was a really sweet thing to do. I felt sorry for him when no one would go on a date with him. Did he ask Elora? We didn’t see him ask her, she’s not tied to anyone so could have gone with him. It doesn’t have to mean anything, just getting to know them.

  4. Wow, this episode was dramatic as hell.

    I don’t know why Eden faked the love letter to Elora. I want to believe there wasn’t any malicious intent there, but c’mon dude. So not cool.

    And why did Elora keep him at the rose ceremony? The only thought I’ve got is that she just wants to beat his face into the ground, tomorrow, and she can’t do that if she sends him home tonight.

    Meanwhile, poor Canadian Thomas. Not only did he seem like a genuinely decent person (unlike the last Canadian we had to suffer through), but they flew him all the way from Canada to Fiji … to spend 5 hours on a beach. And one of those hours was in a bathtub of milk with three other guys (and I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon, but still).

    • Some eagle eyes have spotted the handwriting on the letter is not the same handwritng on Eden instagram.

      I am not surprised the letter was written by one of the producers to cause drama.

      • Some good detective work, Littlepetal. I bet you don’t accept rides from strangers.

        It makes sense, but it would have been more fun if it was pin the crime on Simone.

      • It did look somewhat like a female’s handwriting on the show last night. I froze it.

        Could easily be a producer. Not sure if Simone can read and write on what I ‘ve seen.

        Jarrod and Keira date tonight or rather Keira and a tomato it looks like in the promos. How exciting. Better marry Jarrod before he gets skin cancer.

        • The plot thicken. Rumour has it Tara and Sam were involved. They even confessed to camera. But producers didnt want to air it so not to tarnish the image of this good couple. Maybe then told Eden to take the full blame

  5. And Luke and Lisa have spilt!
    Thank god that bro date was there to lighten the mood. What was Eden thinking – it’s like he was pushing a self destruct button. It seems unfair people who have just arrived can be voted out. They should get immunity for the first ceremony. Can we see footage of Leah and American Jared together so we can tell if they have a thing or it’s a marriage of convenience

    • That bro date was the best part of the season.

      Who the hell knows what was going on with Eden. And so it turns out that Luke and Lisa couldn’t make it last either? That kinda sucks. Damn it Luke, I was a believer in you guys.

      I still think the only reason Elora kept Eden around was so she could beat his face into the ground.

    • Lisa posted on her Instagram that Luke cheated on her.

      The only couple that seems to last will be Sam and Tara. I think they are both quite similar and there is no pressure or demand on one another.

    • Lukewarm was punching above his weight. Or to be more original; Lukewarm was running in the wrong age race. Or Lukewarm had just entered the first class carriage with a ticket for coach.

    • Yeah, other reality shows newcomers can’t be voted out in their first week. I felt sorry for him, he wasn’t even given a chance.

      • Simone seems very immature, though, doesn’t she? She’s ditzy and silly and doesn’t know what a “vineyard” is, but then she’ll turn on you and get really aggressive and combative and emotional over something small.

        And when she’s not doing all that, she’s just complaining about everybody and crying a lot.

        I think Apollo was better off in the bath getting a rubdown from Jarrod. At least with Jarrod, you know what you’re getting. One of my favourite comments on FB last night was that somebody was concerned that Jarrod was about to give a pot-plant to the Canadian guy. I laughed.

          • What is it with the law of the sisterhood? It’s a gameshow where the prize is a large leg of mutton. I think it is “May the hungriest woman win”. There is no, “After you”. “No after you”.

            Were producers aware that Simone and Elora had battle scars from fighting it out in the past. I love how they claim to be friends. Still, it’s fun for us.

  6. I think Eden was just stupid…..like when he thought you woo a woman of about 30 years of age with a food fight. No Eden, that’s how you might date a 13 year old on schoolies.
    I definitely reckon Eden got the producers rose. For sure. No doubt in my mind. Elora may have asked for thethorns to be left on so that she could stab Eden with them.

    If Apollo can’t see that Simone with her constant silly, fake laughter is dippy and shallow, and just not nice, them he is a goon.

    And yes, Australian Jarrod was kind to have suggested a date with Thomas (if it was his idea). IMO, some of those os guys are paid to come for a limited stay. They are probably off to England now for their BIP.
    No one would choose Eden over Thomas, especially after the love letter prank.

    • Food fight, fake letter and who knows what else has Eden got in his arsenal .He may try to take a crap in Elora’s handbag ….anything can happen in Paradise.

        • Eden’s been left in for a Lower Purpose, cos everything happens for a reason.

          Eden would do the handbag prank and try to blame it on American Jared.

      • Elora also needs a rose from a guy the next ceremony, and Eden would have to give it to her or he’d be an even bigger arse

  7. What the hell was Eden thinking? He doesn’t strike me as a nasty type of person. But typical bloke doesn’t think. You don’t play around with people’s feelings like that. I hadn’t been liking Elora much lately but really felt for her. No one deserves that.
    And all the people that left, no one mentions them. Other reality shows they gather everyone together & tell them & you see their reactions.
    And now it looks like former contestants are coming back. When will this show ever end if they keep bringing in new/old people?

    • I suppose channel 10 hopes to get their money’s worth out of the Canadians, since they flew them in, all the way from the Americas, for what’s amounted to about one day in Fiji.

  8. People have been scratching their heads asking themselves, “why?” would Eden do that. He is an idiot. If he gave a girl a corsage, she would need to check it for poison ivy or a tarantula. I bet he still has a farting cushion.

  9. Eden’s letter was a terrible prank. He comes across as very childish, as do most of these bachies.
    American Jarrod is nice and I liked how the boys took Tom on a date to cheer him up.

    • Were I American Jared, I’d be sizing up Eden and putting some heavy duty laxatives in his food/bevy before he goes on a single date. Then literally wait for the shit to hit the fan.

      Don’t get mad, get Eden.

      All’s fair in Paradise.

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