1. Jake is a real shifty sod. He is always looking around when people are talking with him – i think he,s very insecure.

  2. Looking forward to catching up on the Batchelor on the weekend. Can’t believe I was addicted to it last week and I’ve all but forgotten about it. I’m too tired to watch it after mkr. Looks like nobody else is watching it either.
    I do agree Jake always looks very shifty and insincere

  3. Ten has the episode on their website, I remember catching up on an episode of Survivor last year … but they’re asking you to make an account and sign in, to watch the episode, and I just couldn’t be bothered. It’s too late for that kind of nonsense.

  4. Jake, Leah and Simone are all sick with jealousy. Simone’s the worst case. Eden calls her a clinger.

    Two new women have arrived , Rachael and der, I forget. We’ve seen them before. Rachael’s excuse foe a bikini bottom has got Apollo off the chain, so Simone steers her toward American Jared.

    Mind you, Jake hasn’t even seen the smouldering date of Thomas and Megan, with Megan’s butt well and truly on display.

  5. Russian Sasha (who ate the rose) enters and she is a bit of comic relief. And Rachel, who almost made the Richie Bachie finale and was the secret mean girl of the series. Keira is playing matchmaker, trying to set American Jared and Rach up, because she thinks Leah is using him.

  6. American Jared actually seems like a lovely guy. I’m worried Rach will eat him alive. Still, I hope he does not stick with Leah, given she is so obviously using him. Looks like next ep will be all about the fallout of Megan pashing Thomas. I guess we are meant to feel bad for Jake but the edit has yet to show us any of his personality whatsoever.

      • Painted him into a corner, in fact. Not a twinge of pity for him.

        Leah is someone who’s going to meltdown tonight, according to today’s promos, so maybe American Jared has escaped from her.

  7. Let’s see. What isthe more attractive trait? Confidence or jealousy? Rachel 1. Simone nil. But then Rachel loses interest in Shrek and goes for something more lightweight, and with less competition. Rachel’s chances of getting a rose from Bluto is 1 in 3, whereas with American Jarrod, it’s 1 out of 2. And American Jarred isn’t too bad.

    Rachel is quick witted but I still don’t trust anyone with a mean mouth.

  8. I noticed a gaggle of them sitting on the day bed, waiting for Megan’s return, and Elora was leaning on Eden and he had an arm around her. So that brouhaha seems to have blown over.

    • We spotted that too Juz, AND a quick background shot of Apollo with Simone.
      Most of these ppl are treating it like a race of staying power to the end so they would match themselves to Mr Bean if that worked. Or one of Geoffrey Eggleheads ex wives.

      • They’d go on a date and “feel a spark” with Don Burke if they thought they’d get to stay longer…

        “Don, will you accept this rose?”

  9. Megan and Thomas suit each other on a more aesthetic level. They both have that beautiful but a little bit disheveled fairy/ hippie vibe. I can see them fire twirling together. Jake not so much.

  10. I just read an article that fans are furious at ch 10 for queer baiting. The promotions but it look as they Megan were kissing a long haired brunette hinting it was elora but really it was Thomas and his luscious mane

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