1. I’ve been contemplating this thought a lot. Leah’s voice sounds like the female version of Kaitlin Jenner

    • Usually, the mute will be on and subtitles on for me. I have heard it in the past. Granted her voice is deep when all is serene.

  2. What was that train wreck? Did the producers ask Thomas to give Rach the rose? Why did Jared not just give it to Sasha? Who’s the controversial character returning – I’m guessing Canadian Daniel because I don’t think Flo would.

    • Could be Daniel back after stale bread. Was Davey controversial enough? I guess he ‘s devious enough.

      It was a train wreck, Juz. I couldn’t figure what happened, flicking back to the dinner “party” on 7. American Jared was clueless about what to do at the rose ruse..

      Keira’s already trained Jarrod when to talk and when to shut up. Keira was hot in the black lace outfit.

  3. Gawd knows what’s going on. I think producers are playing games with us, and them. What the hell is Megan doing flip’flopping around like a pair of braless boobs on an ageing contestant. Some of those choices must be being coaxed.

  4. Whar a waste of an episode. Simone could easily have been knocked out- why on earth didnt Jarrod give the rose to the newby if he couldn’t stand Simone. They are all very juvenile. I read today that they can have 2 drinks an hour after noon and only if they have eaten breakfast.

      • Thanks for that info. I had been wondering what time they started drinking since they give no time indications when you see them sitting at the bar in the day time. And you don’t know if it’s the same day or another day sometimes. They should do like Survivor & write on the screen day 1, 2, 3 or whatever & give a time.

    • So there are drinking curfews in “Paradise”? Two drinks an hour sitting in tropical sun all afternoon, the place should be called “Paralytic”

      “Pi$$head In Paradise”

      I have noticed the size of the glasses Keira is knocking back.

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