MasterChef must air soon

Channel Ten has yet to announce an airdate for MasterChef but it can’t be far off.
Last year it started May 1, so I’m guessing it will go into the Bachidise Sunday night slot.
In case you’ve missed one of the zillion promos for it, here’s one:

What do you reckon the three ingredients are? Squid, perhaps parsnip for the puree and chips and whatever the herb is. Surely there must be cream or milk in the puree but I guess they don’t count that.
They announced today MC will start May 7.



  1. One of the ingredients has to be love.

    So that’s love plus Octopus plus pa$$ionate amata.

    That looks like Octopus ,by the time Ma$terchef has finished with it, it’ll be “Schlocktopus”

  2. I’m just a little bit excited. I have overdosed on The Bachelor and all similar incarnations and I am looking forward to cooks and their nonas and their pannacottas.
    I can’t wait.

    • The question is: what will be the new panna cotta and parfait? We saw a fair bit of jelly last time. And, of course, ice cream.

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