1. Poor jazzy keeps flashing her plumbers crack. The sad part is she probably doesn’t even realise. Remember when jeans were all low cut and everyone was accidently exposing their bum Cracks.
    Who heard Emily say go Kim and “song” ( Alex corrected her. )

  2. Spoiler alert, the Vietnamese mothers have grabbed a thousand ingredients.

    Using my abilities of foretelling, I’m predicting trouble somewhere down the line.

  3. They are only serving 1 dish each of the 3 courses. Why oh why do Kim and Suong make it difficult for themselves

  4. Hmmmm, disappointed with results of first round. Anyone else think Hipsters and Bros got an easy run into the semis?? Both those teams def should NOT be in the semis

  5. So Russians or Tassies don’t make the semis! Load of shite. How did Kim & Suong get thru to round 2 with whipped cream as dairy component. Grrrr

    • Don’t buy this at all. Stella & Jazzy and Kim and Suong were the top two teams. LOL Russians and Tassies dishes more complex and interesting.

  6. Look at emily the professional critiquing everything Kim and suing are doing. Josh is barely tolerating her. He is annoying too though

  7. Just saw a good point on Twitter: the judging in “the finals” all seems to be up to Pete, Manu and Colin, but where are the other judges and why aren’t the other teams also tasting the food?

  8. So most likely only one team from Group 2? That’s ridiculous. There is even a possibility none of them makes it… But judging from Littlepetal’s comments regarding a cookbook cover, it should be Henry and Anna. 🙂 At least something. So I hope they make it to the finals, even if they might lose against Kim and Suong.

    • As long as it’s not Emily and Alex – can you imagine them winning, opening up a bar and losing customers due to her histrionics?

      • Can you imagine a final between Alex and Emily and Kim and Suong? Emily constantly whining in that horrible voice and Kim and Suong, with a hundred ingredients, rushing around like chooks with their heads cut off!

  9. Really not happy with this year format. Just cook one dish and you are in the semi finals. And then some teams have to do a 3 course meal.

    Is Henry and Anna not in the semi final, I am out

    • The challenges are definitely not equitable. First two challenges only one course and now this challenge 3 courses. Would have liked to see three courses across the board. Don’t think that Hatsters would have made it through if they had to cook 3 courses.

  10. I think me and MLR are through. Not only have they poisoned a perfectly fine and family friendly format into the “Clash of bitches”, tolerated sexual harassment (both ways, first with poor Henry and later with all the misogynistic crap Nic’s been sprewing out), casual racism and cultural appropriation, they also cleary don’t give a shit about their own rules. A budget meal with fresh salmon? A dairy dish with a dullip of whipped cream? Congee that’s actually a risotto?
    The whole new format this year with two team pitted against each other with more points to give out than the judges and with getting rid of real chefs who could judge guaranteed that not the best teams made it to the finals, but those who scored or got scored unfairly (see: Alex and Emily, who had less judges-scores than the arrogant asian girls who could cook).

    I really enjoyed watching MKR, now it feels like I’m in a toxic relationship. I can’t watch without swearing and getting pissed – so why would I go on watching? Bye, MKR, we had a good time. But it’s time you and me go seperate ways.

    Can’t wait for my rebound guy Masterchef, who, though also problematic, at least inspires me to try some of the dishes presented.

    • It’s a bit like “It’s not you, it’s me” translated to “it’s not me, it really is you” 😉

      • ” I’d like to spend more time with you, MKR ….but you’re just too much into violence and abuse”

  11. There was a storm that cut off the footage right at the end, I had to check FB to see which team had one.

    Eugh. Nothing against the Vietnamese mothers, who I’m sure are lovely people … but eugh.

    So the only remaining spot on the finals is between the Waitresses, Henry and Anna, and the Russians?

    There goes the Russians/Tasmanians grand finale we all wanted. I hate to admit it, but I think the Russians are the strongest cooks remaining, which sucks because WHAT THE HELL ARE THE ITALIAN BROTHERS OR THE HYSTERICAL MRS HAT DOING THERE?!

    Sorry, got a bit emotional there.

    • I like them too, but the judges are food snobs. Meatballs cooked in milk may indeed be tasty but it’s very hard to make them look delicious. Going against what they always say – serving simple food, that tastes great. I do like Kim and Soung but I’m sick of hearing how their poor children are MOTHERLESS because they are doing it for their future! Alex and Emily HAVE to win because they NEED to buy their own bistro (get a loan, guys). Stella and Jazzy – they can’t cook BUT they have improved. Usually Masterchef is all about awarding the most improved, apparently, that’s the same hymn book MKR are singing from now. Without Olga and Valeria, I would have switched off weeks ago.
      Henry and Anna – to me – are what this show is all about. Great home cooks, no histrionics or drama necessary.

  12. I can understand what you guys are writing. 🙁 This season feels off on soooo many levels. The only way it can redeem itself a teeny tiny bit is if Henry and Anna win. But I guess that will not happen as they do not have a sob story and are not exactly Aussie battlers which makes Kim and Suong the most plausible winners. I can live with them, but please, no, not Mr. and Mrs. Hat or those awfully slimey and creepy Italian brothers.

    Olga and Valeria were my faves throughout the show. Thankfully I am used to Russian humour due to my co-workers (plus my manager is from Ukraine and at first it was really hard to work with her, but the more I got to know her, the more I started to like her. All you need to keep in mind: She asks a question, you answer it. Stop talking, if the question is answered, no need to add more.^^ Plus her humour is very, very dry, but it is a smart humour.).

  13. I think in the next season of MKR ( most probably the last), the teams will be based on difference cuisines.

    We already have the Indonesians girls winning. Last year, Courtney and mum who only cooked indian cuisine almost won.

    This year we have the Vietnamese, the Italians, the Russians and the Jordanians ( who can cook).

    We need a Thai team, a Malaysian team, a French team, a Spainish team. Feel free to add more.

    • German cuisine, that would be a funny sausage fest.
      Well, okay. Maybe not. We are at least really good at baking. 😀

    • An Indigenous team.

      MKR has never never gone there.

      I’d pay good money to hear Manu try to say “Bush Tucker”.

      “Gice, I rilly onshoyed the butch tocker”

      • Last night, someone cooked craps. I mean, crepes. Once again, I was too busy laughing at Manu’s accent to pay any attention to what was happening onscreen.

        Gosh, Manu loves his nice, thin, tasty craps.

    • I feel an Australia vs NZ MKR is due next – best of contestants from both country’s shows?

  14. I fear with all the ad-nauseum of hearing about their sacrifice leaving their kids and their refugee status that Kim and Suong are in the final… and now the ramp up of the crier expressing how much it means to her to win and her crying they’ll be the other finalist.

    Should of expected a team 1 team to win… you know how much reality tv loves the underdogs to win.

    • I agree with you. Suong is an accountant. She has done well. Didnt she said she will get a car for her son if they win. Very heart warming!!

  15. After reading the death notices for MKR above, it seems a blessing that there is no encore today, which I’d planned to experience for myself.

    Hoping that the hats fail, but I fear Ch 7 want them to win. Voted for it. I get awful Sausage King flashbacks about those two.

  16. I guess I have more to say…;-)
    I think it was Manu (maybe it was Pete) who commented that Henry’s and Anna’s first two courses were too similar. Guess they’ve never gone to a tasting with all cheese courses. I though the Tassie’s menu was well thought out.
    I also thought that the Russian’s menu was the most interesting and complex.
    Once again the choice of the waitresses vs the moms was BS. Granted I didn’t taste the food but I can’t believe that their food was better than Russians and Tassies.

    • Smythe, they are the worst cooks left. So in order to make it sound somewhat realistic, judges praise Stella’s and Jazey’s food. They are most likely easy to beat so the Chosen Ones have an easy ride to get to the semifinals.
      At least that is my conspiracy theory.

      Still hard to believe that at least one of the best teams will not make it into the semifinals as the producers might have thought that Hats, Italian Brothers and Refugees will be total hits on social media. Imagine that neither team of Groupb2 will make it and the last spot is for the Waitresses…
      But, I guess the storyline sees Henry and Anna fighting against the oh so evil Russians for the last spot. And Henry and Anna will win for the good side. If they are then matched against Kim and Suong in the semi, they are gone as the producers might have already picked them. If they are matched against the brothers or the Hats, they will win. Henry is popular, so is Anna, and the producers picked Henry for that.

      Yeah, my tinfoil hat is soooo much in use these days… Show was never about cooking. It is a personality contest. Producers choose teams, so they have controversies and drama to get people talk about the show and for ads which equals in high ratings as it plays right into humans’ natural curiosity (surely some cannot cook at all, some can). It makes us want to watch it because we need to find out what REALLY happened. They pick relatable teams which hopefully see people on social media root for them. Again, some can cook, some can’t. So this makes it easy in the beginning to pit them against each other. Viewers want the Nice Ones to win so the Baddies get booted off. Throw some neutral teams into the mix, which are basically cannon fodder. People do not really care for them, but they are great for keeping the producers’ picks in the competition. Cannot be too obvious, ya know?

      • Too obvious…LOL. It’s very obvious. When one sees the waitresses and the mothers in the cook off based on the dishes they produced compared to Henry/Anna and the Russians it’s a big joke and so obvious what they are doing. When most of Team 2 has been booted it should have been obvious but there was always hope (actually it’s hopeless).
        This is definitely not a cooking show. Drama, tears, whining, choosing basic and boring dishes as winning ones..this is a faux cooking show. It’s a shame because they don’t need any of the BS. GBBO is an excellent program and it’s all about the baking and not the drama.

        • I wanna mention that Masterchef actually walks right between drama and really showcasing great cooking skills. There are moments when the fucking drama and sobstories seem to go overboard, but the next segment show nice dishes, skill and actually talent.It can be annoying at times, but thankfully it has its great moments so I can live with it. Okay, I still want the Double Gs gone asap. Matt is alright, he seems to have fun and enjoys it when they give him good food and he can shovel it in.

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