MKR returns with an ice-cream challenge

My Kitchen Rules is back tomorrow (Sunday), so let’s hope the much-touted boot occurs swiftly so we can get on with the cooking.

The blurb says: The biggest prize of the season outside the grand final is on offer to one of our top eight teams: to have their ice cream sold in Coles Supermarkets across Australia. Which team will lick the competition?
So we can all look forward to Manu saying arse cream multiple times.



  1. Traditionally on this show, nobody can ever make ice-cream properly. So I can’t imagine this’ll be a fun episode.

    I daresay they’ll drag out the whole, “Who’s getting kicked out?” shenanigans. I still don’t trust that it’s the Jordanian girls. All the promos seem to indicate that, but channel 7 has lied to the audience before.

  2. Arse cream. It makes me shudder that phrase.
    I’m sitting here watching the project, sipping my vino counting down the minutes to bed time, and the Batchelor. When I’m reminded bloody make is back tonight . I’m torn!!!

  3. I’m probably gonna bounce between MKR and Bachiside, tonight. And “The Dark Tower” is the premier movie on cable, tonight, and I’d like to watch that as well.

    I’ll probably pass on the C’wealth Games closing ceremony. The opening ceremony was lousy enough. I can only take so much disappointment.

    • I’m hoping to catch up today. Coffee ice cream is my fave . Connoisseur does one with dark choc coated almonds and Grand Mariner Swirled through. Divine. And i’m The only one in the house who likes coffee, so no sharing

  4. Popcorn flavoured ice-cream?

    Peanut butter and bacon flavoured ice-cream?

    Am I the only person clutching his stomach in absolute horror?

    OTOH, Henry and Anna’s ice-cream sandwich idea sounds divine.

  5. I’m having a hard time getting back into it tonight. It seems so passé even though it was just 3 weeks ok. Plus, eviction is not tonight 😩

  6. Hopefully we don’t see any arse cream coming out of Italian brothers torn pants, nor “nutty “ Italian ice cream

  7. Can someone spoil me? I was watching Apollo on Bachidise and I missed the end of this episode. I know the Italian brothers won, but who had the worst arse-cream?

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