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The Italian bros are already in the semis, so let’s see who will join them.

The blurb says: Teams have another chance to go to the semi final. They’ll compete over two rounds in tests of the imagination in a fight which tests the strongest relationships. Even the judges are at loggerheads.



  1. Mr Hat has a look of entitlement on his face – he thinks he should be the winner, and the expression on his face when the Italians went through was great!

  2. Emily needs to wear more clothes in the kitchen. I used to work in a cafe wear we had to wear pants and tops that covered our armpits.
    Now I’m starting to understand why. It looks unhygienic as well as probably being that.
    Also, I’m over the cutsie pantsuit/ sundress frivolous persona

  3. I made the Izba cake. Yeah! I cut down the recipe by a third and still enough for 6 serves.

    Not that difficult. Just use a sour cream pastry and whipped up the sour cream.

    • Yummy! Would love to make it as well, but sour cream in France is something… Oh well… Maybe I get to La Defense, we have a Marks and Spencer there, they sell heavy cream and sour cream.^^ But alas, the trains are on a strike for roughly a month now and it will be like that until early June. :S Sometimes the trains run normal, but unfortunately not everyday. :S In case anyone is interested and maybe plans a trip to France this summer:

        • You can just add vinegar or lemon juice (acidic) to normal cream. These days I just use Greek yoghurt if it’s for a savoury dish. In Australia we freak out if the trains are on strike for a few hours!

          • You’d think that a country wotld renowned for its patisserie sells all the perfect ingredients? Well, it doesn’t. My sister and my dad were both shocked when they saw how tiny the shelf section looked in the huge supermarket regarding baking ingredients. I remember smaller supermarkets in Germany with far bigger baking sections… Same in Ireland in Tesco. So much selection. You can get basically everything, even fondant from various brands in 1 kilo packs. Here they are 200 to 250g each. And the stuff is horrible to work with.
            Basically everything I need I get online from a German supplier (they have a French partnersite and it stinks… most stuff is not in stock for weeks, much more expensive, and I have gotten stuff from them already expired or they didn’t put it into the package at all). I found a baking forum and the bakers were complaining about it as well and they all order from Germany.^^
            I went to Paris a couple of times, but it is triple the price than what I pay at the German supplier. For some stuff even 5 times more. 🙁

        • I usually use indeed Creme Fraiche. 🙂 But it doest taste different.

          I tried methods like that, Juz. Also to create buttermilk. While you get all that stuff in Germany easily, France is kind off different.

          I even struggle to whip up cream.^^ You can use Chantifix here, but even then the whipped cream doesn’t really hold its shape. Everything you get here is 30% fat tops. In Ireland cream was at 35-ish, same in Germany and they whip up perfectly fine and hold their shape.
          So cream rarely works with cake decorating.

  4. I think Emily needs to take a backseat to Alex. He has proven time and time again he can cook, rest and preset protein in time (hamgate aside)

  5. They suppose to be cooking a budget meal but Alex and Emily are just wasting the salmon by testing again and again. If you cant cook salmon, you shouldn’t be in the comp

  6. Emily said something about not wanting to be a nag . That ship well and truly sailed the first time things didn’t go her way. I’m not a fan of Alex but gee I wish him luck for the future because if he sticks with her he’s going to need it.

  7. Another thing I’ve noticed about Emily, as soon as the mask falls she starts swearing like a sailor. It makes me laugh because it is so incongruous with her sweet/cutesy act.

    • Could be Big H. On some level he must like it or he wouldn’t put up with her.

      I think their Bio said that she managed the waitstaff at a restaurant – I think she’d be the worst kind of manager – wanting everyone to like her but turning into the bitch from hell in a heartbeat.

  8. I cannot deal with Emily at all at the moment.

    Alex is tolerable enough in small doses. But Emily is this hurricane of hysterical melodrama. I’d rather watch something else. I do think there are two sides to her, and you do see the sweet cute side drop when she gets stressed. Which is fine enough, but it’s 0 to 1000 with her, and good lord, it’s hard to watch.

    • I just want Alex to take the hat and squish it into Emily’s mouth so she shuts up. In fact just squish it down over her head so we can’t see her either. Her histrionics are over the top and I don’t want to hear her voice any more.
      I just find it hard to believe that the salmon with the faux parmesan was better than the Russian’s dish.

  9. I can’t see it happening but I’d so love to see Stella and Jazzey beat Alex and Emily. I think it is fair to say that Stella and Jazzey are the weakest cooks left and that would get right up Emily’s nose. Especially after Emily’s snarky comment about them.

    • Agree that Stella and Jazzy are the weakest cooks left and I hope they can cook better than Alex and Emily

    • Emily is so awful, it wouldn’t matter what she cooked, the other teams’ would always look better 😉

  10. Ch 7 are so determined to get Alex and Emily through. I said ages ago that I think they were picked because they thought Australia would love them, they couldn’t have been more wrong.
    They would have only seen Alex’s cute/sweet persona in the auditions.

  11. When the judges said that Alex and Emily had made it through? I actually swore out loud.

    On the other hand, at least we don’t have to listen to Emily screeching at Alex for a few episodes.

  12. The moment the judges gave good critiques to S&J dish, Emily started to cry. Stamping her foot(no, she didnt do that) that she wants to get to the semi final.

  13. You think they film 2 finale outcomes again? So, they might decide only now who will be the winner. If so, maybe it is Kim and Suong vs. Alex and Emily and due to the negative feedback on social media, they might not let Hipster Hat and Hysterical Crybaby win…

    Still, my dream finale is Olga and Valeria vs. Henry and Anna. 😉 Which will not happen. *sigh*

    • The winner has always been on the cover of the MKR cookbook. This year we have the Italian brorher, Kim and Suong and Henry and Anna.

      Hopefully it is the same this year. Also Manu said after the drama with Sonya and Hadil, the the show is about cooking and is a beautiful story. The only beautiful story will be Henry and Anna or Kim and Suong. Not Alex and Emily

      • Ah, did not know that. 🙂 Well, I would be okay with Kim and Suong. But yeah, if those 3 are the picks, it is Henry and Anna. They are both also easy on the eyes, they would be great for PR. Kim and Suong have their “sob stories”, which is great for an Aussie battler arc. The Italian Brothers, no. Just. No.

  14. Did not want the Hatsters in the semi-finals but at least won’t hear the whining diva’s voice for one episode or maybe two. Tears, boo…hoo, grow up!!
    Hope that they don’t get to the finals.
    Unbelievable that both teams in the semi-finals right now are from Group 1.

    • Hopefully the producers are planning a major breakdown for Emily in the semi finals. How is she going to cope when they have to plate up so many dishes?

  15. If they had stuck to the usual format and had Kitchen HQ earlier, Emily would have faltered long ago. Alex is a decent cook. I can see him operating a slow cooked barbecue type food truck

  16. The judges put down Henry’s and Anna’s lamb dish because it wasn’t a “show” dish (too plain) but then the salmon with some veg and crumbs winds up being something special. Henry forgot the soz so maybe that offended Manu.
    Manu loves his soz but Kim and Suong used too much soz??? Never thought that too much soz would bother the judges especially Manu. Looked to me like there was enough chicken in the ragu.

  17. I love that Colin called Emily out on the tears. And ffs why can’t she cook protein. Nagging and stressing and commenting on the clock and yet can’t chuck some salmon in a pan? If she’s not as confident as Alex at least start it for him and let him check it at the end? But she couldn’t even shave the truffle so maybe I’m expecting too much.

    • Thought it was so stupid when she was freaking out that the truffles weren’t shaved and there were still about 2 mins left. How long does it take to shave truffles?
      You are right Kylie, if she was so concerned about the truffles why didn’t she shave them?? That should be easy enough for her to do.

  18. Like everyone else, I’m fed up with the histrionics from Emily, but I don’t feel sorry for Alex. I wonder if he is gaslighting her by pfaffing around with the food while she is running in circles screaming about the “protein” – if it’s fish; call it fish. She was getting more distraught, her voice more strident, even after the food was on the plates.

    I had to laugh, though, when she, using her best rasping tone of voice, told Alex “We have to compromise…” Nah, attention whore, what you mean is you want Alex to immediately obey when you give him a command, without question.

    Emily is annoying enough when just being herself, but she then proceeded to run her hand over her ponytail a bunch of times, and then wipe her snotty nose with her bare hand. Ugh. I would eat nothing from their kitchen, nothing.

  19. I read in one of the gossip magazines that Alex and Emily doesn’t mind doing something in the media!!!! Are there from a different planet. Alex can cook but who want to watch and listen to Emily.

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