1. Oh gosh, even the voice-over guy is calling Jess and Emma, “The Plastic Princesses”. I’m sure he got that from us.

    • Henry and Anna are the loveliest counter-point to, pretty much, the entire remainder of the cast. They’re sweet, kind-hearted, down-to-earth farm-kids who like and respect each other, and work really well together. Have either of them lost their cool with each other — or, indeed, anyone else — this whole entire season? Okay, I’m a little bit in love with Henry, but Anna is the most awesome person ever and I adore her.

      And then you cut to the dining room, where half the teams are cringing in horror, and the other half are snapping viciously at each other for no discernable reason. It’s just so weird.

  2. So they served up an entree that was pretty average, but all accounts. At least it was edible.

    I think time got away from them. I think that’s gonna be the hardest thing to work with, this time around. The time limit, because that really hurt the plastic sisters last night.

  3. Please tell me someone else has noticed Emily’s “dirty old sleazebag” / villain laugh. Mwaugh hagh hagh

  4. Honestly? I have to side with the plastic sisters. They’re having a conversation about how difficult the time limit makes things, and actually trying to offer genuinely helpful advice to the other teams (which they didn’t need to do), and suddenly the Jordanian girls turn really spiteful and needlessly vicious. For really no reason that I could see. The “blowfish” comment, I mean, are you guys twelve? As insults go, it’s not even terribly imaginative.

    Thing is, the off-screen incident that kicked off all this happened in Launceston, which means whatever happens, it happens immediately after this instant restaurant. So I am interested to see, tomorrow night, how the episode is edited.

  5. Bubba gump is a good one. But are they going to say it’s racist. Can’t believe I’m on plastics side even though they can’t cook and it’s s cooking show. Hadil can cook but she shouldn’t be commenting on what other people look like. Strange looking creature that she is.

    • They lost me when they started mocking the Vietnamese mothers for having less money than them. It doesn’t matter who you are, or whether you know the people or not. That’s just an asshole thing to do to somebody. And why would you pick a fight with somebody you barely know, when you have the skills that would conceivably net you a quarter of a million dollars? Not only are they spiteful and self-obsessed, that’s just stupid.

      But I’m still worried that 7 is bait-and-switching us, and it’s actually the plastic sisters who get kicked off.

  6. How it was originally reported.. in No Idea who referred to the Daily Telegraph story.

    “Talking to the Daily Telegraph, an insider claims that two competing teams had an argument inside a Launceston hotel because one team believed they had heard the other team making inappropriate comments about them.
    According to the source the argument ignited after comments were overheard as one team walked past the other’s hotel room, and the incident was witnessed by hotel staff.
    It has been further reported that a number of on-air disputes had already occurred between the two teams, before the final incident ensued.
    The insider told the Telegraph, ‘Meetings were held almost immediately in Tasmania and again once the cast and crew returned to Sydney.’
    Reportedly the actions of one team member had ‘crossed the line.’
    ‘That behaviour was well beyond the limits of what is deemed acceptable,’ the insider claimed.
    Ultimately, the decision was made to remove one of the teams from the competition.”

  7. Ch 7 will drag this out to as long as possible.

    According to TV Guide, tomorrow episode is only about a team asked to leave the table.

    Sun episode:

    Witness the fallout from the most controversial moment in MKR history. As the judges and teams regroup, it’s time for Stella and Jazzey to get serious but their choice of bird has them in a flap.

    How long must we endure this???

  8. Meetings were held almost immediately in Tasmania and again once the cast and crew returned to Sydney.’

    I read the above in Jan. If they waited till they returned to Syd, the kick out will be when Nic and Josh cook- middle of next week episode. Pleaseeeee dont drag this for another week.

    But I think the TV guide should be correct. All over on Sun

  9. Can Anna and Henry win just for their use of the phrase “put the mockers on”? I love a good lemon tart and that looked delicious. And even though they had some issues with their other dishes you could tell everyone likes them as they scored highly

    • They scored 7s from most of the other contestants, so the food was a bit above average. Given the stresses of the ultimate round, that’s probably not a bad effort.

      IIRC, Sonya and Hadil scored low. Because of course they did.

  10. The Daily Telegraph has confirmed who got kicked out. No surprise there. But to promote their bad behaviour for weeks is a low act.
    What if one of them can’t take it any more and do something silly. What will Ch 7 do?

    • Channel 7 will use it for a ratings push. Because that’s what they’ve been doing this whole season with the deplorable behaviour from all their other contestants.

      The whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  11. Wonder how Hadil’s and Puppet’s businesses will go now after people have seen a glimpse of who they are… unless their business are fronts for Racism anonymous meetings..

    Just wondering if Puppet has a brain… her laughing at everything Hadil (Bette Middle clone) says was pathetic.

    • Yeah, their instagram page is pretty sad, at the moment.

      They’re running with the “it’s all editing and we’re the victims” narrative.

  12. Did see a comment on their instagram talking about how 6 dishes of the day were stripped from them… me thinks a bit delussional!!! First of all, don’t think prior to you being evicted the producers knew they would be stripped… and doubt producers digitally put you in the ice-cream challenge begging for 10s and votes as you hadn’t won a dish of the day yet…

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