1. I have this horrible feeling they’re setting up Hat and whinger to be in the final, like many of the other posters here I’d much rather a Henry/Anna v Olga/Valeria final.
    I also think WIndsong is right that Henry and Anna being asked to be on the show will count against them come the finals.

    • Yeah, I feel like 7 wouldn’t want it to appear to be too much of a set-up, so the scores will be engineered so that Henry and Anna don’t quite make the end.

      Which is a shame, because they actually are decent cooks. And they’re a lot less irritating than Ms Hat or the Italians (or the Vietnamese mothers who, for all their strengths, don’t seem to understand how time management works).

  2. Also it won’t be good if the Italian boys or the Russians win as they have run food businesses. The public won’t be happy. Grr….. I really dont want to listen to Emily voice

  3. Could they have picked a more boring last half hour? I’ll check back in later for the result (though I really don’t care for either team).

  4. Geez, Emily is unbearable tonight. It’s like someone cranked the switch all the way up to eleven, and then broke it off.

    Meanwhile, when one of the Vietnamese mothers began speaking about how, “It’s kitchen HQ and there’s no way of knowing … there’s no right and wrong anymore”, did anyone else get nervous that she was about to commit a homicide?

  5. I haven’t watched MKR for weeks, but am doing so this evening because there’s very little else on. Has the hat ever taken his hat off? What a horrible couple and the missus is a shocker, doesn’t deserve to get anywhere near the finals.

    • He bowed once and his hat fell off. But even the other teams seem to have trouble dealing with Mrs Hat.

      • He lifted the hat at one of the dinner parties and he actually has quite a lot of hair. It’s probably written into his contract that he must wear it at all times

  6. Gosh, the Vietnamese mothers are frustrating to watch. Every single time they have to cook, what happens? They grab 5000 ingredients and then progressively lose their minds when they run out of time. There’s a common thread here, guys.

    “We’re better than this.”

    No you’re not! You’ve been doing this exact same thing for 5 months now!

  7. On Facebook, Hipster Hat and Crybaby are pretty unpopular. I know a lot have compared them to the Sausage guy who won a few seasons ago, but they at least were not as annoying as Crybaby. He is annoying as well but I can handle him. She on the other hand is just like fingernails scratching over a chalkboard… Judging by public reaction, maybe they won’t win the whole thing… one can only hope!

    • At least the Sausage couple did not scream and shout like the mad Emily.

      Not sure which is better. Alex and Emily into semi finally so we can enjoy the next 3 episodes or watch them stress out! Is a lose lose situation.
      Maybe 2 teams from each group into semi final.

      Then Gp2 will be Henry and Anna and the Russians. Gp 1 will be the Italian boys and unfortunately Alex and Emily

  8. Valeria: Can you hear Emily?
    Olga: I can always hear Emily.

    I feel your pain, Olga, because I imagine Emily’s voice will haunt all our dreams for years to come.

  9. And Alex is doing all the work as well. She’s just mashing potatoes and not even getting that right. She’s going to kil him… then enter Colin and she’s all sleazy giggles and cute “pick me faces”.

  10. Just watched on catch-up. For those who missed it, everyone had to recreate and “elevate” a dish someone else had cooked in the past. A lot of Jess and Emma dishes were recreated, with hipster and Russians doing the steak sanger from the bowlo challenge. Kim and Suong did fried rice with chicken and veg and it looked like a very Aussie version of Chinese. Waitresses did lamb backstrap(from Henry and Anna) and got good comments; Italians did seafood risotto (from Davide and Marco); H &A did lamb cutlets with salad (from Hipster). No major disasters and Hipster and Italians were picked for the next round.

  11. Round two was redoing one of your own lacklustre dishes. Italians do spatchcock with soft polenta and radicchio. Last time they did polenta chips and their spatchcock breast was dry because they did the whole bird at once. However, they have listened to Pete’s advice and cooked the thigh and breast separately.

  12. Hat and the Panic Merchant recreate their ceviche from the Hydro Majestic high tea. He calmly gets the job done while she whirling dervishes around. The judges seem to enjoy both dishes and say they are an improvement on the originals but the ceviche needed a bit more chilli. So, the Italians are sent through to the semi final.

    • Done, I really hope Olga andValeria will win, but I believe Hipster Hat and Crybaby will win. I would not mind him, but her is a different story. Possible finale will be Kim and Suong vs Hipster Hat and Crybaby.

      • No, as much as I like the Vietnamese mothers, they’re just too disorganised and make the same mistake every single time they cook.

      • I can see Kim and Suong getting to the finals. They just want to show the world about Vietnamese food and do too much. If they can scale back they will do well. But dessert is their downfall.

        Now my guess the final 2 will be the Italians Vs the Russians. They can promote it to death

        • They just need to do something simple but with an Asian twist. Coconut panna cotta with mint and a coconut Bickiecrumb

        • Someone here mentioned they would be a good choice as winners due to their backstory. Being refugees and struggling through life. Their win can be marketed very well!
          Hipster Hat and Crybaby are potential winners as they have not had a couple win in quite some time.

  13. That episode was unbearable. Too much of Mrs. Hat and her screechy voice and juvenile behavior. I had to fast forward through it.
    Kim and Suong can not deal with the pressure.

  14. The boys are liars. In an earlier report, they said they just run the food truck business but not actually cooking. Then another story mentioned they almost went broke because they have to slow down the business – more like they can’t be there to cook.

    Also O&V shouldn’t be chosen as well (But I like them on the show). Thus they can’t be winners.

    • The Italians, the Asians from Group 2 and the Russians really shouldn’t be on the show because none of them are really amateur home cooks. That being said, I like the Russians. The two should be on a baking competition that accepts people with baking work experience.
      If the show returns, I hope there will not be teams who owned or worked in bakeries, worked in family restaurants or owned and/or worked in a food truck.

      • Surely there will have to be a big shake up in casting and format next year (although we say that every year)

  15. Anyone ever watch the US show The Great Food Truck Race? It’s on SBS sometimes. I’d like to see something similar here in Australia, but more low-key. Adelaide’s food truck culture has blossomed in the past decade.

    • I’ve watched it and thought it was fun. Interesting to see the different types of food trucks and see what happens as they travel to different cities and states.

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