1. Dummies. It’s not a curse. It’s called voting off your strongest competitors. The girls in that team are annoying me with their “why are we losing?” attitude. I am so glad Michael lives another day.

    • The burning just seemed like a grab for airtime. Jeff loooooves Michael so much. Glad it’s The merge next week. And glad Kellyn decided to play on Ghost Island

    • I don’t blame the Malolo dummies. It’s not their fault that their brains were stolen by aliens. That’s why Kellyn has to think with her gut. Her brain is on its way to a famous restaurant on the fourth planet of Zeta Reticuli.

      It’s not their fault the only challenge they’ve won was entirely Michael carrying them over the line. For once it’s not even the producers’ fault that until tonight their only storyline was Malolo loses and the Malolo dummies vote out better players.

  2. No matter how many tribe swaps they did, or who was on Manolo they just couldn’t seem to win. Glad to see them have a win just before the merge. It gets tired seeing the same tribes win over & over again.
    Bradley was such a dick. How disappointing to have such a gracious exit. I want to see temper tantrums.

    • I agree, Daisy, I would have liked Libby to go as well. There is a definite storyline of behind-the-scenes controlling building up around her.

      Bradley was clueless, thinking that they were all one harmonious tribe. I didn’t see a gracious exit at all, his muttered comments had such venom in the tone.

      I think it is ironic that although Malolo was losing as an original tribe, after both swaps they were dominated by ex-Whatever the other tribe is, and they still kept losing! You couldn’t put the blame solely on the Malolo-ites, as they were then in the minority, and picked up weak players from the other tribe.

      Kellyn is starting to get on my nerves, she is taking the loyalty thing too far, and now seems clingy. I feel like she expects all the Whats-their-name tribe to stick together right to the end.

      A list is starting to form for me:
      Like: Michael, Domenic, Wendell, Angela, Laurel
      Dislike: Kellyn, Desiree, Chris, Libby
      Reserving judgement: Donathan, Sebastian
      Who are you?: Chelsea, Jenna

      • I like your list! I think I am moving Seabass to the dislike, purely because he seems totally up himself. Donathan I reckon might be a dark horse.

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