1. Funny how a week can change things. Tonight I wanted Wendell out. I hope Michael can find a way to turn the tide.

    • I still am team Michael! I thought he was sooo smart to read the situation and play the idol. Hats off for going hard on gross eating too.

  2. I had actually forgotten that Michael had that idol. I’ve lost track of who has idols & who hasn’t. Apart from Dom & Wendall who have said they have one.
    Bloody gross food challenge is back. No, we see enough of that on I’m a celebrity.

    • Thank goodness that Michael used his idol. It’s worrying how many voted for him, including Libby. So she was never going to be loyal.

      • Yes. I am super glad she has gone. Her totally disgenuous little girl sweet but misunderstood act was very hard to cop. Even saying at eviction ‘oh, but why me’ made me cranky.
        There is nothing I hate more than fake cute.

        • (Puts fingers down throat at anyone over 6 being cute) and anyone at all acting cute. I say to my grandkids, “Don’t talk baby talk. No one likes it”.
          And that’s when they are 1. 😜

          I have a young friend, very, very beautiful, who liked to turn on the cute. And when she did, I would become Judge Judy.

      • If Libby had voted against Wendell instead of Michael she would have got a chance to draw rocks. It was truly wonderful seeing her complain about treachery when she had just voted against Michael and by voting that way betrayed herself.

        I may have to retire to a remote place and stock up on a good supply of ship’s biscuit. The no brain problem of the Malolo Dummies is clearly contagious. Is the Survivor Apocalypse upon us and will we be fighting off hordes of infected Malolo Dummies within weeks?

        I was waiting for Kellyn to say she was relying on her gut to get through the challenge.

          • If Michael catches the Malolo plague and attacks me I will probably just surrender.

            More seriously, until Chris was voted off he was the big problem according to Dom and Wendell. Within hours of Chris going it was Michael. I’d love to hear Michael look round tribal and say ‘After I go which one of you will Dom and Wendell pick as the next Enemy Number One?

    • First treacherous auto-blindside in Survivor history. I’d imagine the chefs at the restaurant on Zeta Reticuli 4 will classify this brain as an entree. Or maybe a very light amuse-bouche.

      • She was blindsided? She’d had votes at the last three tribals! But watching that video, the people who voted her off definitely picked the wrong target. She’s no Parvati

        • It’s a whole new definition of blindside, When you’re part of an attempt to blindside an ally and he plays an idol that is now defined as a treacherous blindside. I don’t disagree but I don’t think Michael was the treacherous one. Libby blindsided herself.

          • I was just so happy to see the Effin’ Stick. I wish Jeff had jokingly told Michael it was actually worthless … but he always plays it straight. Unless it’s a challenge involving balls.

          • I guess Michael needs to go on an idol hunt again. I hope he’s strategic but he hasn’t had a lot of chance to show it yet. Although he did manage to turn Brad around.

  3. Is Laurel the only one smart enough to realise what a big threat the Wendell/Dom bromance is? And she’s in their supposed alliance! If they don’t break up that duo soon everyone will regret it.
    I am thrilled the gross food challenge is back. It used to be on every season of Survivor but now they only do it sporadically.

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