• But why is Wendell blabbing bout his idol? He wowed me and disapppinted me in the same episode.

  1. Michael was probably happy that the spotlight was on others. Chris was a terrible player. He couldn’t manage his mouth.
    I am waiting to see which girl emerges as someone I can like. They are still a blur to me. Maybe they just aren’t getting the airtime for me to find one I like.
    As for the boys, I still only like Michael. Now that the merge has halpened maybe I might notice others beside the 3 or 4 top dogs.

        • I like Laurel. Well, I think I would if we ever saw much of her.
          My favourite bit was two absolutely clueless girls (couldn’t even commit their names to memory) stating that they have the power now. Seriously girls- you must be able to COUNT to have power and two votes with 13 people….not even close.

      • Laurel so far is the only one who I think is worth following. Angela,who was targeted early by her tribe, is also a possibility, as she reminds me of another woman in a recent series, who gradually climbed back from that point and became a real player. Would love to see Libby go – she feels like a puppetmaster at the moment.

        I don’t like the way it is heading towards such female domination. Time to start getting rid of some of that deadwood. But immensely satisfied with the TC result, exactly the result I wanted. And, how unintelligent to leave your idol at camp, considering that is the whole point of the series!

        • Laurel and Donathan seem to be in a good position. I don’t think they are yet regarded as threats and socially they are competent.

          • Totally agree- Donathan is very good at challenges yet appears Hicksville unthreatening and everyone likes him. He’s my dark horse. I like Laurel too. Her read on the game is pretty accurate.

        • Angela has attended 3 tribal councils. She has voted against Libby twice, once when the the vote was 10/2 against Chris and once when the vote was 4/3/1 Morgan/Angela/Libby with Angela as the sole vote against Libby. Being 1 vote out of 8 and then 2 votes out of 12 does not strike me as the height of strategy or rational play. At the 10/2 vote the Malolo Dummies were not even able to deliver all their own votes in the attempt to vote off Libby. Kellyn’s gut must have been loud enough for her to vote against Chris instead of Libby. If Libby’s worst fear is the Malolo Dummies she has a long and happy future in this game.

        • Not a fan of Libby – her manipulation is pretty heavy.
          I did enjoy her face like thunder when she got votes. And Desi is trying hard to get her out. Excellent.

  2. That was one of the funniest tribal councils ever. Jeff was just lapping it up. Chris was stupid to not use his idol. So arrogant to think he was safe. I bet at the reunion they will have become best friends.

  3. Stephen Fischbach described Chris as suffering terminal self-confidence. Frankly it was Malolo dummy stupid not to play his idol. He could only use the damn thing at 2 tribals and this was the one where he was gunning for the other power players and control of the game.

  4. I like Wendell’s attempt to be the UN. It did fail but it showed him what Chris was really like. Domenick was very fortunate that his nemesis’s behaviour made Dom look like a very reasonable peacemaker. However, a few people have twigged to the fact that he is able to lie quite effectively, and I fear that now there is no longer a feud focus, people will turn to him as an easy target.

    Kellyn just confirmed my annoyance of her little girl naivety in this ep.

  5. The only girl whose name I know is Libby. And a girl with the skinniest nose I have everseen. The girls might be getting a bit of camera time but no lines that make them noticable or memorable. I don’t know if it’s them, me or the producers focussing on the boys. If it doesn’t pick up, it will be the most ‘myeh’ Survivor in Survivor history. Even Ghost Island isn’t starring according to title. It’s just a different place to get a clue. They could make Ghost Island better; fly in an ex player, or at least scare the bleep out of them.

    • I can name all the Malolo Dummies without difficulty. Unfortunately.

      I am surprised no-one has mentioned the Malolo Dummies’ brilliant strategy to vote off Libby in the middle of the Dom/Chris götterdämmerung.

      • It could have been brilliant to use the feud, had they actually done it. As one of them said, they could have disposed of Chris later.

        • Except that they got not a single vote from anyone except themselves. The first step to brilliant is not persuading other players, It’s actually telling them your plan so they can vote with you. The Malolo Dummies’ telepathy is probably on the blink since they were all brain-napped.

    • Oh no! We were wondering if we had missed his rapping – don’t remember seeing it. But he must have tried around camp to give Wendell such a strong recommendation. I wonder if I can cope watching it?

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