The Voice Australia has begun

Now THAT’S a fro.

Over to Voice recapper Daisy (thank you!):
The Voice started last night with a team of mentors: Boy George, Kelly Rowland, Delta Goodrem and newcomer Joe Jonas.
I did a bit of homework on Joe Jonas; boy band playing with his brothers to staring his own band DANC. Some Disney movie making along the way.
The show kicked off with Mikayla Jade singing in that restrained throat singing voice that is the trend nowadays. I haven’t watched past the first audition yet so more to come as the show progresses. I hope Boy George continues to charm us, as he did last year.
Still watching the Bach ATM so watch this space …

Now that I have had time to watch last night’s Voice, my summary is that it was pretty much like every other Voice with the same range of hopefuls. Standing out for me, as I commented previously, were the young Clampett’s (not their real name). Their voices were were beautiful in harmony and solo. They reminded me a little of Brothers3 in that they seemed fresh from milking the cows. Most people probably loved Erin, (I think her name was). She belted out a song in a fantastic rock voice. Then there was some young boy who sang in Spanish, who the judges loved because he sang quite well and had the right look for them.
The opening act, Mikayla, forgot to take off her old cardy (cardigan), before going on stage. Was that a deliberate move by wardrobe so that their make-over would be more impressive?
The judges did their usual antics, jumping around, although Delta is probably just getting warmed up.
Until tonight….



  1. His Eyes Are on the Sparrow; slaughtered by the extra up and down trills. I could barely recognize the song. But the mentors all turned.

  2. I watched a bit of Rage today for the first time in about 25 years. Oh…my….God. Elevator music. So boring. And it was all the same. I guess it’s true. Video did kill the radio star. And I think I was watching the top 20. All over manufactured.

    I think this was a song about the Poncipines (Night Garden).

  3. I watched Mikayla (why do parents do that?) and she had me in tears, and then the judges started and then I changed the station, and I didn’t come back.
    I want to like this show but, Lordy, they do go on.

  4. Even if you aren’t watching the Voice, listen to young Aja. Stunning. She has a connectection to Adam Laddell. They both have tourettes.

  5. I don’t get the “picking” on this show. Some people are getting through on marginal talent and then some amazing voices are let go.
    I wonder if it’s got something something to do with the sound in the studio and the sound through the television.

    • I reckon a little birdie tells them who are pros, eg Paris. I was surprised one of those young boys didn’t get through.

  6. Michelle Cashman sang Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. She had a great voice and seems like a lovely down to earth person. She chose team George. Yay!

  7. Now that the other three judges have used all of their votes, George is like that kid who is the only one left with lollies in his show bags. The other kids gobbled theirs up and it’s killing them that George is saving his.

  8. The star of tonight might be Kelly’s blue frilly dress…..but not in a good way. Toilet dolly.

  9. So Delta gave her battlers Katy Perry (boring) without knowing their voices or the key in which they sing. Pffft. I didn’t like any of that round. I liked Aja in the audition.

  10. Here comes the point where The Voice fails. Singers being given songs that don’t suit their voices. For instance Aja could have sung Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and any number of singers, but instead she gets Perry. 😝

    And this is where good singers, like Don last night) start getting bumped while ho hum remain, simply because of the grouping.

  11. Is Don the tenor? I swung in to listen to someone singing a song from Les Miz. Absolutely amazing. And if I were any of the other contestants I would give up singing on the spot.
    Surely he couldn’t stay because he has more talent than the judges. That would make him impossible to mentor.
    It’s odd that he should be on this show. Surely he should be auditioning for actual musicals.

    • No, but the tenor was on last night and got through. Delta gave them all Lion King to sing. But this show really isn’t fair. Some people are getting such bad songs to sing while others get songs that suit them and show off their voice.

      Don was the Scotsman and he was so good. Kelly wanted to save him but she had no saves left. He was so damn good.

  12. The back story wringing is shameful. Singing for their dead parent gets to be downright like gravedigging just because it’s milked. The producers fault I am sure.
    I think I would say I was an ex addict just so they would leave my dead parent alone.

    • I think all wannabe reality players have learnt that if there’s no backstory then there’s no tv show. This has got nothing to do with talent and everything to do with making the great unwashed public pick up their phones to vote. And how else do the producers fill in all that vacant space?
      I would make up a nonna.

  13. This is the point in the series where better singers have been sent home over ones that aren’t as good, based on the pairings and groupings.

  14. The first of the lives was on las night and it was all pretty average. I think the song choices didn’t help. There were a couple of Eurovision inspired numbers.

  15. Congratulations to the computer that won it.

    Sonia looked fantastic. Not so sure about Delta. Fro lady looked so great.

    I have no words to describe Boy George’s jacket.

  16. If I was famous, I could wear my own pottery.

    I am just watching now. So glad they have changed the format where the “mentors” don’t lose their contestants in equal numbers.

    Kelly really needs a script writer, “You have already won”. No she hasn’t.
    I can’t get excited about any of them but I would put Bella and Sheldon at the top. Bella sounds good when she sings softly. If Sam wins, I call bullshirt. When he sang without the “looping” or whatever it’s called, he struggled. So I think, imagine the others singing with magic tricks.

    Anyhow, in case you didn’t know it, according to the mentors, these acts were the best ever. 🤔
    Here is what I loved, but I wished the audience shut up.

  17. That “international star” Callum Scott (never heard of him) wasn’t very good. He had to strain.

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