New show: Take Me Out

Joel Creasey’s new show starts on Seven tomorrow.
He’s the young Aussie comedian who has appeared on I’m a Celeb and Rove’s Spicks and Specks-but-with movies-and-not-as-good show.
Here’s a promo.

So, it’s the Aussie version of You’re the One?



  1. I can’t stand JC. Hopefully he is not like Julia Morris who just try too hard.

    I will give it a go since there is nothing on TV.

  2. Well, that makes four who won’t be watching because of the host. Are we a representative sample?
    He seems as polarising as Josh Thomas.
    I am also putting a line in the sand about shows that make a mockery of genuine relationships. Seems ironic that schools are trying to teach about respectful relationships, yet we feed these types of shows to teens and young adults.

    • No offence to ttvers, but maybe young people like him. Oh wait, Juz is young. Calorie, Eliza, Stacy and Izobel 2 are all babies.

      • Josh Thomas was tolerable, then he came out and I’ve found him obnoxious ever since.

        I think Creasey’s schtick relies on him operating at 400, and we need him down to about a 6. I think he fits well with certain parts of channel 10’s demographic (the hip, young, Twitter generation), but I just find him too loud and full of himself.

  3. So this is basically a direct copy of “if you are the one”

    I can’t stand JC every time I see his face on TV I want to fire off a nerf round at the screen

  4. Hey Daisy, thanks for the mention.
    I’ll give it a go. I didn’t mind JC on I’m a Celeb. My 11 year old wants to watch it. Thanks for saying I’m so young, most of the time I feel older than my young age of 43!

  5. I had to just watch to see Troy from Bunbury. Standard fare for the Bunbury club life I think. Byoidy Moit.
    JC reminds me of a bleached, whiny Grant Denier.

  6. Well, there is lots of dislike here for Joel Creasey. I’ve only seen him doing stand-up on tv, and I enjoyed it. I agree with Windsong, though, that it would be better if he settled down some, because his more recent routines are very loud and in-your-face.

    I won’t be watching the new show, because it just sounds stupid.

  7. I watched episode one but missed the second one but doubt I missed much?

    Thanks, Daisy.. I’m getting on now, it’s time to get health insurance 🀣🀣🀣

    Not a Joel fan… he’s too OTT for my liking too. He’s been ok for the show.. with it being all loud and tacky. I guess.. he fits in? I did laugh at him sitting in the audience eating the popcorn but I prefer people who are warmer.

    Everyone is so cheap looking.. like that glam English whatever that show is called Made in Chelsea (???) look. Can’t stand any of the guys from the first episode. Haha Daisy, the Bunbury guy looked like the type of “westie” I’d see at the pub on a Friday night in 2006 πŸ˜†

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