1. The Schlock NZ just ended and one team came away with people’s choice and also the big win which was about $69,000 over reserve + 100,000 for winning the most over reserve. One team only won $11,000 over reserve. It was a sad auction for the most part although at least each team won something. $11,000 for 12 weeks of work split between 2 people…not good.

    • The Schlock NZ is absolutely awful. I hate the emphasis on playing the other teams in order to win. In that matter, Australian Schlock is far better. There are bad teams as well attitudewise (looking at Sara and Hayden…, I think compared to them Ronnie and Georgia or the Twins are fantastic).

      Had a look at the houses and none of them looks really appealing to me. The winning home was… well, I hated the styling.^^ Way too cluttered, but I have to admit I do not like clutter. Books are perfect as “clutter”, as I love reading. The rest is all there to collect dust and annoy me.^^

      • It was beyond awful. The challenges are, for the most part, juvenile and stupid, and the show should be about the reno and not about making deals for -1s, +1s or undos. One team even told another team the answers to some of the questions to determine who would choose auction order and that was allowed. I would call that cheating.
        I do think that the best home won. Stu and Amy weren’t the nicest contestants (really didn’t like any of the teams) but they seemed to be the hardest workers and had the best sense of style and design.

    • Geeez, you’re not wrong, Maz. Pitiful television.Those kids are really young, child abuse to leave them to be on The $chlock , in my book. But Ch 9 will celebrate it.

  2. Bianca and Carla’s room: “This is refreshing,” declares Darren. “It is balanced and nuanced. ” ” They know how to delivery luxury through texture and tone” adds Neale.

    The room is beautifully executed but it is left to Shaynna to point out that the lamps are a weak point. (Too mean.) Insert plug for Alexa and rave about the wardrobe. Sponsor obligations completed it is back to Scotty.

  3. QLD: Simplicity of the styling feels welcoming declares Neales after plugging Alexa.

    Shaynna is in ecstasy and would like them to replicate it in the master bedroom. Cue gags about 50 shades of grey.

    Neale is devastated that that there are no bedside lamps.

    Hints dropped that they will win the auction.

  4. NSW: Wow, love that ceiling opens Darren.

    They need to remove the Jon Snow bear rug (aka bed throw) from the bed.

    Then to kick them , Shaynna declares the room unworthy for Megs and Harry.

    Plug Alexa and exit the room.

  5. WA: It smells beautiful states Shaynna.
    The judges love the choice of the artwork and the lamps.
    However, the room feels small and claustrophobic.
    Plug Alexa and exit room.

  6. SA: Alexa plug done. The judges observe that the dimensions of the room is similar to that of CH but the orientation of the furniture makes it feel bigger.
    The styling and artwork feature too many woodland creatures.

    Neale states it is does the work of a guestroom but it is not memorable. Too neutral.

    Codeword for the VW is Guest Bedroom

  7. VIC 9.5, 9.5, 9.5 =28.5 (as no way Keith was going to offer that bet if the fix was not in so they could pay Dave Franklin).
    QLD 9,9.5,9=27.5
    NSW 9,8,9=26
    WA 8,8,9=26
    SA 8.5,8.5,9=26

    • Thanks! Obvious results are obvious. Actually, the pattern is in general very obvious who wins in most cases. Sara cries, room win. Courtney and Hans im Glück have the biggest living area? Room win. Norm breaks down and has to move the fireplace? Room win. Kerrie and Spence have the super expensive kitchen appliances? Room win!

      Also have a feeling that Norm and Jess win at the auction. But tbh, I do not hate their apartment. I prefer Kerrie and Spence to win it all, like their apartment.^^

  8. Did they have to ruin “Game of Thrones” for me?
    I wasn’t impressed with any of the rooms. I did not like the caricatures of Carla and Bianca. Maybe the new owners could have them sign those and then sell them on Gumtree.

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