1. My issue with Sharn is that she’s been taken in by Benji. His in and out accent should be a dead giveaway that he can’t be trusted.

    • I don’t think she has been taken in by Benji. I am quite sure she has experience with many Benjis in the courts. I think she recognises she needs to break from the Matlings, but like Sam, she is in danger of leaving it too late. We have to hope she doesn’t repeat the Great Ciera Bungle and leave her break with Mat until after all the Anti-Matlings like Robbie are voted off.

    • Very clever. As one of the few champions who would have been well known to all the contenders before the show, he has done a great job of effacing himself and negating his pre-show image.

    • I thought the conversation between him and Mat on the beach was quite revealing. He was very contained in his responses yet showed he was quite strategic – observing that the Lydia vote off made some of the cracks and true alliances show, and then later asking Sharn who was the greater influencer between Robbie and Benji.

      He doesn’t give much away, Steve, and that’s probably his game play, but sandbagging challenges reduces his target and not giving much away at tribal council (or elsewhere) means that he’ll fly under the radar for quite some time yet. Mat will take that heat instead of him.

    • This was Steve’s original demeanour on The Biggest Loser. He was emotionally aloof and would only bark commands , let alone talk. The fatties were all scared of him.

      Then Ch 10 unwisely had him soften his image and start hugging the contestants , taking his sunnies off etc. Killed his whole vibe……….until now.

  2. I really hope Sam gets his revenge. Sharn needed a better story for the moral dilemma. Take people aside afterwards and “confess” you got an idol clue, and make up stuff about a crooked tree and buried treasure

    • Perhaps she choked? It was just a spin on the comment Mat made before she went off into the jungle… the plate of Monte Carlos was a plate of chocolate biscuits instead…

      Either way, it’s never an advantage to get chosen for that task. Even had she chosen that bigger bag of vegetables, there’d still be others questioning her.

  3. Agred Juz, i would have so come back wirh a story..
    I have totally changed my tune on commando… he is Playing very strategic, not showing his strength in challenges yet, laying low and letting everyone think matt running show but he certainly has a say in it…dark horse for me…
    As much as i dislike benji, i dont like a lopsided affair…happy for him to shake it up…he won’t last as i believe everyone has his number…

    • It will be boring if Mat cruises to the end but, that said, he will deserve it (Kim Spradlin style) if no one has the guts or wits to shake things up.
      Sioux, those advantages are always a curse. But how many “real” fans are left on the show who would know Sharn is lying. Sam and Benji??

      • I thought she was very convincing in her delivery of the lie, but she needed to choose a story that hadn’t been suggested by someone else before she went. Having said that, Sam picked the lie based on the size of the veggie bag and the implausibility of a special task resulting in so little reward. Which is what I was yelling at her while she was deciding, knowing that bringing back the small bag would immediately be suspicious. Just shows she is as susceptible as any of the others to letting temptation get the better of sense.

        • Plus, it was a bit hard to spin it considering the goodies were just vegetables… you’d be expecting a large jar of lollies or cookies (like Jericho had last year)..

    • I think Steve is playing very strategic too. He is coasting away and if HE is the one to overthrow Mat that would be a massive resume to have.
      Sam is ripe for the contenders to pick. . . He is smart enough to know he is bottom of the heap and keen to not be calmly picked off.
      The model (I haven’t even got her name properly) is pretty non-existent to me – surely she is just a number to people right now? I cannot see Shonee or Fenella making big moves, but I must remember that Shonee has an advantage.

  4. Am I the only one who finds themself drifting off when Shonky and Prunella start congratulating each other on how remarkably clever and interesting they are?

    • Nope, good time for a loo break. Hard to tell if Fenella is just stringing S along, though, because it is her only hope at the moment.

  5. So, what happened when Mat suggested that he had the wrong disc because it seemed too light? Just trying to psych everyone out? Randomly hit on a phrase that meant something to the viewers? Or was there actually a possibility that he somehow got Sharn’s?
    And was she acting, or really finding the disc difficult? She didn’t seem to sweat at all, but then some people don’t. Was she intending to drop out just after Robbie, but Mat got in with his offer before she could make it look natural? Or, final conspiracy theory, she had actually told Mat about the advantage and they had planned all the moves together?

    I really wish she had taken Sam into her confidence. I feel like she might have if he had chosen somewhere more private to drop all his hints. (oops, that phrase sounds dodgy)

        • <_<

          I did end up sending him a message on FB. Nothing terribly inappropriate, I just wanted to say sorry that he got eliminated because it must be a really crappy feeling, and I thought he was a decent guy, and I really wanted him to win. Then I was sad for a bit.

          In the Jury Villa video, there was a lovely moment where, back at camp, the teams are slowly eating a handful of rice each … we cut back to Jury Villa and Robbie's sitting at the head of a table of pasta and steak and chips and chicken parma and beer and chocolate.

          They usually show footage from the med tent, and you find out how much weight the castaways lost while on the beach, but they skipped that part with Rob. I would’ve been interested to know.

      • Robbie seemed nice, Windy. He and Benji seemed bonded.
        But when Matt told Robbie, “See you on the other side, I thought, “Probably not”.

    • Windsong can’t see to type through his misted eyes. . . We have to respect his need to grieve during this difficult time.

  6. So twitter was abuzz last night that matt has a missing pinky. I didn’t notice, I haven’t looked too closely at his hands. I’ll have to take note tonight.
    Last years dilemma was better with Jericho & his huge cookie jar & sharing it with 3 different people & letting each one think they were the only one he shared it with. Better than boring vegetables.
    That challenge looked so hard. They looked so uncomfortable hanging on to those discs.

  7. Sharn might just take the targetfrom Benji’s back by being the next target herself. It was winning challenges that got Lydia devoured by her own alliance.

    Time to go Matt, imo. Those stupid people are carrying him à la sedan chair. Only Benji seems to have the insight to realize Matt is getting a free ride because the others are doing his bidding.

    • Sharn is looking SO vulnerable right now. Massive target. I think she should have thrown the challenge, not taken it home. Good play by Mat there.

      • What I love to wallow in even more about the generic tatt is that it’s actually on the right side of Mat’s chest but on the little logo on the bottom of the screen that Ch 10 use to promote the show during the afternoon…. , it’s magically on the left. Yeah, advance Australia, fail.

        I may need to get out more, but that’s cheap, Ch 10.

  8. Let me explain why I like Benji and have liked him from the start; the ratbag factor. He always says things with a grin. I prefer the ratbags to delusions of sainthood.

    Benji is like Sylvester the Cat holding Tweety Bird in his mouth. Or his tongue in his cheek.

    • Benji’s just a little too smug, for me. I like that he’s clever and sneaky, but I don’t think he’s as sneaky as he thinks he is (look at how easily his scheming against Tegan was outed). Like, the smugness is unearned … yet.

      I think it’s a sad indictment against the season when Benji is our last hope for sanity.

      I’m choosing to believe that he voted for Rob, last night, just to show his loyalty to Mat, as part of some complicated scheme. He’s a smart guy, and there’s no way he could possibly believe Mat’s line, “vote with us and we’ll be sweet”. I’d venture to suggest Benji’s the next probable target.

      • Same. I love the down and dirty play – no problem from me on that – but the up himself and delusions of power damn him in my eyes.
        I think he will totally be out next unless he miraculously flips people. He should have a good line to convince some, but who knows?
        Did you notice, Wind, that Fenella hated Robbie and just wanted him gone? I wonder what she saw that we didn’t?

        • Robbie did a live q-and-a session on Facebook this afternoon.

          He said that, although it wasn’t shown, most of the champions had come to him at some point that afternoon and said that he was a social and physical threat, which is why he was going home. He and Benji tried to flip the numbers, but Robbie said that unless it was a sure thing, he knew that Benji would get a target if he didn’t align with the Matlings. Which is why Benji voted Robbie as well.

          The nicknames Fluff and Pump also have slightly x-rated origins to do with trying to start the fire on the first day of camp.

          • Inflated ego is right. Roosters will take credit for scraps thrown over the fence to impress hens. Then when there’s a fox around, they’ll go and hide. Don’t accept a rose from this type, gels. Tell him to get clucked.

            I once recorded a huge country rooster crowing and then played it through a 50 watt guitar amplifier for my city neighbour’s benefit. Ha ha.

      • He would have voted Rob because they were told it would be a split vote. It forces them to vote for each other to come out with less votes. Also, he has been pretending to be sucked in by Matt.

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