Survivor Tues – food auction

It’s auction time. The hungry castaways are given $500 each to enter into a new kind of battle where food is the hottest property in town.
So, this will weed out who is a fan of the game, as everyone knows if you hold out there is usually an advantage or immunity clue towards the end.



  1. It’s actually quite surprising how quickly cracks appeared in the Champions as a group.

    So Sam’s more loyal to Lydia than the blokes (which isn’t hugely surprising). Meanwhile, it sounds like Shane threw that challenge partly just for the chance to strategise (she’s got this real crafty old lady vibe to her, and I like it. Treachery always trumps youth, after all). Meanwhile, in true Survivor fashion, the huge badass (aka Lydia) has an immediate target on her back. Shane’s right to look at Lydia as a threat, but didn’t Mat jump on the bandwagon really quickly? Maybe he really doesn’t trust the girls from their time over at the contenders’ beach.

    Anyway, it’s either Lydia or Fenella. Unless Shonee’s secret advantage blows the whole thing open, but I don’t see her using it that quickly.

  2. Oh, “Survivor”. This show can break your heart sometimes.

    Because now we reach the part of the show where castaways can get knifed for playing *too* well. Case in point, poor Lydia. I mean, she was a badass, she was freaking Wonder Woman. If I’d been there, I would’ve seen the sense of Shane’s plan. Lydia stood a very strong chance of just going on an immunity rampage until the end. And I don’t think there was any hidden dastardly agendas beyond, “She’s too good, and we need to eliminate her now while we have the chance”. And it’s a damn shame to lose such a powerful force, but that’s the name of the game.

    I liked how both Sharn and Sam weren’t happy with the decision, but were pressured into it by their alliance. I hope there’s pay-off, in the next few episodes, where Sharn and Sam go for payback. They’ll have Benji and Robbie, and hell, if they play it right, they could rope in Fenella and Shonee (who will be happy not to be on the bottom). There’s a majority right there (with an idol and Shonee’s double-vote advantage to boot).

    As they were leaving, notice how Benji and Robbie compared notes to realise that it was just them and Lydia out of the loop, with the undercurrent of, “we’re really screwed now”.

    But like I said, I like this part of the game where everything constantly shifts. If it was just, “pick off the contenders one-by-one”, that’s just boring viewing. Plus, the champions are well aware of their own hierarchy. Props to Shane for manipulating 9 people into doing exactly what she wanted them to do.

    Benji thinks he’s in control (for no reason). Mat thinks he’s in control, because he was, but I don’t think it’s as much control as he thinks.

    I’m actually genuinely excited to see how this all spins out.

  3. As a quick aside, I called him “Prince Robbie the Handsome” on one of the FB discussion posts, tonight, and Robbie himself actually liked the post.

    I could send him a friend request, but that would probably be *super* inappropriate.

    • Hahahaha WS, do it!
      You nailed it with your comments…I wonder how matt will take it when everyone starts shifting alliances…
      Sharn was a gun tonight, am positive that pav put her over the line!
      I really was sad to see Fenella being targetted instead of Shonee…i suspect everyone is thinking she is the perfect goat to carry til the end…god i hope not!

        • When she was complaining the other night about being bored with the Champions, I was idly speculating about what the conversation might have been at the contenders camp? Maybe that was another division there between the boys and the girls – weightlifting tips vs celebrity gossip?

      • Mat turned on Lydia really quickly (like, he was immediately onboard the plan to eliminate her), so I think he’s made his peace with the sneaky part of the game. But he still has that confidence of being in a strong alliance … which I think will falter next episode when the alliance starts breaking down.

  4. Well I’m glad the champs turned on one of their own – that is, an athlete (not counting Jackie here). Lydia was super strong but her complete shock showed she can’t have been an avid watcher of the show. I do hope Sharn and Sam team up to flip on Mat purely for the entertainment value. Well done to Sharn on her immunity win

    • Oh, as the Champions splinter and turn on each other, I think that’ll make fotr fabulous entertainment!

      And hell, the Contenders have the opportunity to sit back, carefully pick sides or watch it unfold. But they’re not out of this yet.

  5. It made sense to ditch Lydia but I was sorry to see her go. Matt didn’t need his arm twisted because Lydia was too good AND she would have also won the jury.
    Shane is annoying me with her badarse Granny talk. I haven’t seen her doing anything impressive, other than brag about, “This ol’ granny”.
    Now with Lydia gone, I want Sharn, Sam, Robbie, Brian or Benji to win. Or maybe even the guy from the Biggest Loser. He sure knows what he’s doing not winning challenges too early.

    • Agree with you, Daisy, I think Steve is playing very smart. He seems to have convinced them that he is not as physically good as his reputation would have implied. And he has been quiet, neutral in his opinions, and spinning quite a good line of being a hippy nutcase (this latter may not be an act, but it would be a great strategy if it is fake or exaggerated). His biggest challenge will be timing, working out when to show his hand.

      Brian, having survived several close calls, may be one of those (like the girl in the first series) who is seen as now neutralised, and therefore no threat. He may go through to the end. It was weird seeing him play in the Whitten Legends AFL game last Friday, forgetting that Survivor is long finished. I was trying to judge from his weight how far he might have gone in the game, but he looks like one of these people who lose and gain easily, so that is no indicator.

  6. I know it is part of the game, but that just sucked! Sometimes I admire someone for a big move, but other times it just turns me against them completely. I just don’t admire the way it was done, and I never admire someone who doesn’t bother even trying in an event (my family will tell you this is a hobby horse of mine).

    The other thing that really annoys me, is that Mat was blamed for initiating the move. The upside is, having not got the blame for it, Shane will also not get the credit for it if she lasts.

    I am all for revenge now. Hopefully, Sharn and Sam can pull it off well. I have no doubt about Sharn, but a little nervous that Sam might give the game away. I don’t think he will, but you never know.

    By the way, as only 10 votes were read (7-3), how did Benji and Robbie know that they were the only ones to vote Fenella? The viewer saw that they were correct, but how could they know immediately, unless the tribe saw all the votes. It could have been 7-5.

    • I agree it’s a shame to lose Lydia, but I take my hat off to Shane for pulling it off … and convincing Mat that it was his idea. Sure, she might not get credit for it, but she also won’t get blamed for it (by the vengeful Sam or Sharn). To me, that’s smart play.

      Sharn really shone, last night, outlasting Lydia on the challenge, and suddenly she’s really in the picture to go far. I liked that.

      As for Benji and Robbie, I imagine it was deductive logic. They were in an alliance with Lydia … and if there’s a blindside, you don’t tell the target or their allies. So they (rightly) assumed it was just the two of them out of the loop.

    • Ditto, Fijane. It’s naive of me to still want strong, admirable people to win Survivor.
      As for the guys knowing who voted Fenella, it would have been immediately obvious with her only getting 3 votes. They knew each other voted Fenella and Lydia wouldn’t have written her own name.
      But yes, it sucked.

      • But we didn’t see the last two votes, so they could have been for Fenella and not Lydia, eg from Sam and Sharn. Because they knew it was just them, I can only conclude that the tribe saw all 12 votes but the viewers got an edited version.

        And yes, I am naive too. I want the winner to be worthy, and after five or so years, you would think that I had learned by now, that the worthy are picked off early.

  7. I thought poor Shane when she got that booby prize & had to sit at the beggars table, but it actually was an advantage since everyone was willing to share. She ate more than the ones who missed out. I don’t think the Americans would have been as generous in the US version. They tend to be more in it for themselves. And Jonathan tweeted they cut a scene out. They had a pizza & Shane was begging for a taste but they had an ad break & didn’t show it. And the guy who got the rice. How cruel. The least they could have done was have Mexican rice or another spicy type of rice.
    Don’t blame them for getting rid of Lydia when they had the chance. She is super human. How many times have we seen them not get rid of a strong player when they don’t win immunity & they go on to win immunity over & over again?

    • Did Jonathan say which contestant got the pizza? There were a couple who did not bid at all, and I wondered what their motives were.

      Maybe if the serving portions had been a bit more miserly, the contestants might not have been so keen to share. I wish they had made Shane beg more, and not just offer it to her.

        • Lydia was on nova in perth this morning and said she paid $480 for the pizza! Matt also got a plate of steamed veg…not sure what he paid for it…lydia said she made shane sqawk like a seagull and then gave her some….hahahahahaha bit disappointing we didnt get to see all of this…
          Lydia seemed at ease with her demise and took a lovely dig at the boys for booting her so early as they were threatened by her.

  8. From here on it will be knocking off the strong at the first chance they don’t win immunity. Alliances won’t count. Watch either Shonee or Fenella fluff their way to the end because they are useless and or lazy.. Waaaah!

    • So, will they want Sharn next? There wasn’t much speculation over the fact that she outlasted Lydia, plus everyone else. We might get to the point where more than half of the group throw each challenge if they think they don’t have a hope. Nobody will want to come second.

    • I agree that I don’t want the fluffy ones to last, but I actually don’t think Fenella is useless! I think she has been extremely good in challenges – that bag of coconut one she was right up there with Lydia.

  9. Lydia can do an aerial triple somersault on the skis but yet hasn’t mastered eating with her mouth closed and talking at the same time. She’s a contender in that realm.

    • Oh no, I missed that. But don’t they all eat like that?

      I thought Shane was a doofus diving onto Brian’s bed. It’s wasn’t an Olympic pool and she’s not 57kgs.

  10. Sharn should, and will know, her immunity win will make her look as delectable a target as a roast chicken to a hungry wolf. And she will now also know that her tribes word means nothing. The lack of loyalty between the champions might work in Benji and Robbie’s favour. The fact that the Champs “turned on a dime” in a second to take out Lydia just shows they would eat their own young for a million bucks (without closing their mouths).

    • I think Benji is clever enough (if lacking in subtlety) and Robbie is friendly (and fit) enough so that they both stand a chance of surviving the Champions all-in-brawl that looks likely.

      Fenella got very lucky, last night, but I’m still convinced there’s more to her than we’ve seen. Again, I don’t think it’s out of the question that she could last a little bit longer. And I’d like to see a few of the contenders last.

      As for Shonee, well, there’s one on every tribe really, isn’t there?

  11. I wonder what Sharn’s argument will be the next time she loses an immunity challenge and the Matlings come for her on exactly the same logic that they used against Lydia. It would have been far better for her to have at least tried to save Lydia.

  12. Fenella is actually decent at challenges – she’s just up against elite sportspeople. On a normal Survivor season she would certainly not be the weakest

  13. I think they had to take the chance to boot Lydia because they didn’t know when they would get another opportunity (though it is a shame to see her go). I really dislike Benji my worst nightmare would be Benji and Shonee in the final. But I think at some point Shonee will spill about Benji’s alleged millionaire status. I agree with those that think Fenella has been underrated.
    I’m surprised that Shonee was so down on the Champions, if her partner is a pro skater I would have expected her to have some understanding of the champion mentality but then maybe he’s not very successful – her description as being someone’s partner means her own achievements must be very limited.

    • Good point about Shonee. Do you remember if they said how long she has been a “partner”? Maybe it is just a recent thing, and when she gets home, the fella will realise that she has been dismissive of his profession.

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