Survivor – Tues, Sept 25

How will the Dead Man Walking twist play out now Steve can’t vote? Although it’s possible he could win immunity and put a spanner in the works. There’s speculation he’s been holding back in some challenges – what do you think?



  1. So Monika knifes Steve, and literally within half an hour, she’s back at camp telling Steve’s alliance-members, “I want to work with you, going forward.”

    OMG Monika. I think Monika just cemented her place in the game as the most perfect goat, because *nobody* likes her. She’s burned bridges with everybody, and I don’t even like her all that much.

    As for Steve … the only conclusion I can reach is that he’s been deliberately pulling his punches. I can’t explain his game performance any other way. The only thing he’s done in 41 days is occasionally grunt at Jonathan. But he’s the Commando! He’s supposed to be this royal badass. His entire career with channel 10 is built on him being this crazy-competent guy! But he’s been so severely under-whelming, that I can’t help but think that it’s been a deliberate performance on his behalf.

    • Windsong the stuff he was really good at was the team challenges when he was always right in the middle of their strategy even during the challenges: I’m thinking of how he guided Matt to throw when Matt was struggling – told him to throw backwards and it worked. It’s stuff like that that shows him working well under pressure and thinking in a strategic way.
      he sucked at the individual challenges but it worked until the last challenge when he was almost there. I can’t believe that Brian came through on that one. He’s won a couple now which has saved him. Steve was unable to do that but I think the height of each made the difference with Brian able to control it better.
      Now Brian keeping his cool to get there was incredible too.

  2. Anyone else have the feeling that we’ll check back in, in a few episodes’ time, and Monika will still be paddling back to the beach?

  3. I hope the plan comes across, tonight, because Monika is just … useless, and Steve is just really, really annoying. This faux-outrage, he’s showing, at the potential elimination? It’s like, well Steve, if you’d actually bothered trying to play the game at some point in the last 5 weeks, you might be in a slightly better position.

    But who the hell knows what Monika’s liable to do, at any given moment.

    • Someobody should have told those champions how the game works becausesome of them seem highly offended when their names are dropped in.

      • I’m gonna be really interested to watch Steve’s jury villa video. Not just because Robbie will be there, but just to see Steve’s general post-elimination attitude.

        • *sigh*

          Even his jury villa video is dull.

          Although there’s an implied moment of hilarity where he phones Michelle back home, and forgets about the whole time zone thing.

  4. on a different note after watching the batchelorette promo – I can’t quite figure out the thought processes of one of the contestants….

    I’m must make a good impression… I know I’ll give her a gift.. something she’s always wanted… what could it be ?? flowers ? chocolates ? noooo – that all been done before… I know !!! a kangaroo Scrotum !!! She’ll love it and me !!!

  5. I’m surprised at the animosity between Brian and Steve – it seemed to me that it goes beyond being competitors, they seem to really dislike each other.

    • That’s what I am noticing a lot from the Champs this season. A lot of animosity. Perhaps the drive that has made some of them champions, also makes it difficult for them to accept not winning.

      • That’s a very good observation. It could also explain the shameless way they knifed Lydia, attempted to knife Brian and then began leaping up and down with outrage when they lost control.

  6. I’m actually kind of glad Steve’s gone.

    Just something about him was really smug and annoying. He was definitely a disappointing part of the show, I gotta say.

    And gee, the jury villa is such a boy’s club.

    • I think Brian is feeling pretty smug at the moment. I get the impression that Brian doesn’t have much respect for women – particularly strong, tough women and that’s why he has gravitated to the “pretty young things”. He definitely thinks that he can control them so I’ll find it very satisfying when they turn on him (and I have no doubt they will at some point even if next week’s promo is leading us on there is no way Shonee and Fenella will keep him until the end. I do like the idea of an all female top 5 if CH10 aren’t trcking us about next week.

    • Agree Windsong. He had that kind of thing that guys get if they spend their lives at the top dog position. Always better than the rest.

  7. Sharn telling Monika that the other side thinks she’s dumb. Sharn thinks Monika is dumb because she thinks Monika can see the alliance between Shornee and Fenella but not the strong alliance between Shane, Steve and Sharn.
    And I Shorn hope that next season doesn’t have a Shonee, Shane and Sharn.

  8. Steve has been a dead personality walking since day one.

    He had awesome tatts, I suppose….and was out of his comfort zone~ an air conditioned gym doing corporate gut busting classes. His image now is softer than…never mind.

  9. They should have voted out Sharn. The Dead Man Walking necklace was valid for another tribal so Steve would presumably have gone back to Exile and missed the next reward challenge, so no extra food, weakening him further. At the end of the game challenges tend to be endurance or more puzzle based, so he’s less a threat. Sharn, however, is more of a strategist and thus more dangerous. They should have bluffed to Monika about having an idol, to try and force her hand.

    • Sharn is about as strategic as a marshmallow on a stick being held over a fire. All she ever does is talk to the same people and do intense conversations. At the end Sharn says ‘Champions strong’. They agree completely and then vote against her. The only TC outcome she has ever changed is when she played the immunity idol on herself instead of Mat and destroyed the Champion majotiy.

        • I assume the showrunners expected Sharn to be Denise. Female, professional, athletic, intelligent, strategic, with a very good social game. Unfortunately they got someone much more like Coach or Philip.

      • I agree, her strategy is not successful but she is still a step above Steve, who does not even attempt to speak with Shonella. Let’s hope season 4 (if we get one) casts more fans of the show

      • Totally agree Alan. For someone smart she is lacking social awareness. Intense conversations like that would just make me nod quickly to shut her up and immediately work out out how to oust her.
        Her only possible hope is convincing the girls that Brian will dump them instantly and they need a big move to get rid of him, which i think is what we saw on preview.

        • I’m tired of the phrase “i want to work with you.” You’re not building a house, writing a report, delivering a brief, writing a speech. I can’t stand euphemisms: you are asking her to vote with you. Just say that.

  10. agreed Juz, they definitely should have held out on Steve for another tribal…
    He really was very disappointing all round heh!
    I cant help but admire Shane’s tenacity, she gonna go down fighting, her and Sharn i will give credit too, heh even Brian…The other 3 (girls) really have been coasting and in my opinion game play should really decide the winner,but not often we see that eventuate with the final winner…i just hope that happens this season..

  11. Well, it is official. Monika is neither sweet, innocent, confused, emotional or easily manipulated. It is clear now that every action has been calculated and well-hidden behind a mask. Looks like she has learnt a lot from the cut-throat world of beauty pageants. Feel really annoyed that she sucked me in as well as everyone else. Moved below Shonee on the list now, who at least is genuinely unintelligent. Clearly her board paddling is also part of the chance to draw sympathy from everyone too.

    And it looks like there will be a record two goats in the final. Nothing to stop Brian now.

    • I think Mon played her cards right given she was cast on the Champ tribe. She was with a bunch of elite athletes who regard physicality above all else. She could have been an easy vote off in the early weeks if they had gone to tribal more. Playing the social, under the radar game was her best bet. And sounds like she pulled her weight around camp, which the Champs value, so also smart. If it’s her versus Shonella in the end, Mon wins.

  12. I don’t think Monika is dumb. I think her personality isn’t loud and she has been quietly watching and making her own decisions. She wasn’t sucked in by Sharn’s talk about, “Those two are tight”, because it’s clear that the same can be said of the remaining Champs minus Brian. Shane.
    I had no opinion of Monika until now because she laid low, but her technique of nodding, “Yes, sure, 100%”, regardless is effective.
    I was thinking it might have been better had a champ won immunity last night, just to keep the target on their backs.
    Also I will credit Steve with this; he mentioned that his wife said he was grumpy. I give him credit because I suppose the yoga is his attempt to do something about that.
    Overall, I have found these Survivors less annoying than some Survivor groups. My most annoying was Matt. My most likeable were Benji and Lydia. I would like to see them on IACGMOOH.

    • They would smash all the challenges. We know from Benji’s nacho eating that he has no qualms about disgusting food. And Lydia could just breathe her way through being buried in a viper pit. The question is if they will cast a mean girl from Badgerlor to be the squealy, annoying person who is afraid of dirt and flies

    • When Monika says “Yes, sure,100%”, I have taken her at her word, just like Sharn has. When she does the opposite of what she has promised (having promised exactly the same way to both factions), then I can’t help but seeing her words as definite lies. She doesn’t prevaricate or hint, she gives her definite word and then breaks it. On par with Benji’s straight out untruths. That’s a dealbreaker for me.

      A clever player who deserves to win is one who is able to manipulate the play and players without telling outright lies. They are more like spin doctors, turning people’s actual statements into a different meaning.

  13. I’m tired of the phrase “i want to work with you.” You’re not building a house, writing a report, delivering a brief, writing a speech. I can’t stand euphemisms: you are asking her to vote with you. Just say that.

  14. Monica looked very awkward on that paddle board. She looked like she hadn’t got on it properly. Why was she paddling with one hand? That was so funny when she went too far out.
    So annoyed when Brian won immunity. Steve seemed to have it in the bag then Brian just came from nowhere & caught up.

  15. Survivor 37: Cliche v Cliche is up.

    I won’t spoil anything.

    1. As a philosopher Probst makes a great reality show host.
    2. This is the umpteenth time they have run a winners and losers seasons, and goodness gracious me, do you know all their contestants just happen to fit into the cliche of the season? Whodathunkit?

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