1. In Jess’s case~ “Buried wife, happy life”

    Started out with two hearts and a diamond, ends up with a club and a spade.

  2. Why are they bending over to help Norm and Jesse. Their redo room is the living room so they allow them to talk to Darren and over-botoxed Grenville.

  3. Much ado over the fireplace. The entire episode was dedicated to NJ’s fireplace. Don’t bother watching this fireplace fiasco.

  4. Can’t believe it took such a palaver to make such an obvious decision.
    Bonus for this couple is that the fireplace placement was the only thing wrong with the room, so by moving it they should win easily.

  5. KS have $35,000 left in cash.
    BC have $33,815 left in cash.
    NJ have $21,922 left in cash. More praising of NJ. Plus they get another $5k for allegedly having the best books on the Block. BS.
    CH have $18,320 left in cash.
    SH have $17463 left in cash.

  6. This is just ridiculous. Why don’t they skip the farce of the challenges and give everything to Norm and Jess.

    If anyone is interested, here is Shaynna’s scores for the redo rooms:
    SA : C+
    WA: F
    NSW: C
    QLD: A
    VIC: A+ (maybe) but let’s give it to Norm & Jess anyway.

    • Thanks, Maz. Watching Bachelor tonight….but checking here. I hate Norm and Jess….but Ch 9 celebrate their bogan bead and butter.

    • Yes, you said it Maz. I knew the win was coming when Scotty mentioned to Shaynna about all the hard work involved in moving the heater in the Penthouse. I mean, if J & and N weren’t so stupid with it’s positioning in the first place, Norm wouldn’t be so “broken” for a second time, would he? The insincere ‘luv ya’s and hugs are doing my head in.

      Shelley’s disdain for Sara cannot be hidden any longer and her face this evening was priceless at walk around time.

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