1. Team VIC:
    “I am fabulous, I am fabulous, I am fabulous,” Darren declares anthropomorphizing the lights. The kitchen is very corporate observes Shaynna. Neale reaches for the tried and true, “It’s sexy and sophisticated.”

    The study nook looks nice BUT it is a little low.

    Back to the kitchen there is functionality issues. No bin and dishwasher in the kitchen. The best kitchens are designed by people who cook. AKA There is functionality issues in the kitchen.

    The butler’s pantry is well though out and contains the missing dishwasher and bin.

    The kitchen is consistent with the living and dining room.

  2. Team QLD

    The judging is one long ad for Alexa. N&J have binged on 9Life shows as the kitchen would not be out of place on a HGTV show. Of course the judges love the marble benchtop.

    It looks beautiful but has functionality issues. No bin in the kitchen. Need more space by the sink. Sink in the wrong space. Crap painting.

    Jess imported peonies to suck up to Shaynna.

    • OMG importing flowers. This one, and the netballers, a little exposure goes a looong way. Hmm, just realising K&S are the only ones that really don’t irritate me.

    • Only a peon would be taken in by the pathetic peonies.

      Speaking of functionality, that skirt wasn’t real flattering, Shaynna.

  3. Team NSW
    The judges love the different orientation of the kitchen to the other apartments.
    It is a very elegant kitchen and the judges love the mirrored kickboard, The kitchen orientation makes greater sense of the living room.

    The butler’s pantry is sophisticated and elegant but under-styled.

    The judges hate the way the pantry doors open as it covers the coffee machine, the lack of power points in the island and the lack of styling.

    • I really like this kitchen, she did good this week.
      I wanted to throw something at the TV when Shaynna had a whinge about if the pantry styling, the effing pantry styling, was more sophisticated or some such garbage, the kitchen would be ‘OMG’ perfect of something. Aaargggh.

      • This was a very nice kitchen. What did Shayna want them to put in the pantry? It looked just fine to me. Maybe Shayna would have been all smiles if Sara had added some vases full of peonies. Courtney put some silly things in her kitchen and butler’s pantry but that didn’t help the poor layout.

  4. for anyone watching later the first half hour is basically an ad for monopoly, you will not miss anything by f-fwding!
    I’m up to the last kitchen. i like HS, as they said, they actually used the natural light. The girls apartment is using lots of darks which is not for me personally, although if everything was white and light, i would probably like it. not a fan of the CH (aka we must play up the camera at every opportunity), losing all that natual light. they should have put it in the living area and made the kitchen into another living area or bedroom.

    • Courtney is becoming extremely annoying with the over-emoting. Starting to think that CH were cast as the clueless couple that make good (aka Chatelle and Steve).

  5. Team WA
    The location of the kitchen will be divisive and feels dislocated from the living space. The island bench is tiny and the size should not have been sacrificed for a butler’s pantry that blocks out the natural light. They should have considered a galley kitchen (BTW, who the hell goes on a reno show and not know what a galley kitchen is?????)

    They have the golden triangle and the kitchen will photograph well but it is simply in the wring location and will suffer in comparison to the other kitchen

    • Anything that has a long island is a galley kitchen. They just don’t want to say that because galley kitchens are out of favour.

      Any kitchen where a child can ride a scooter through (like a current ad) is a fail for me.

  6. Team SA

    There was never any doubt that K&S would win with the amount of money that Sub Zero and Gaggenau coughed up to have their products featured.

    The styling is perfect, the stools are comfortable and there is enough Caesarstone to make the marketing department proud.

    Plus they squeeze one more sponsor in with Roomba.

    Perfect scores all around.

    • Finally, an island bench for sitting around without a sink (and bloody great big tap ruining the view). Love this kitchen for it’s functionality and aesthetic.

    • My favorite kitchen. Functional, beautiful, exceptional. Again judges make a big deal over styling and the fact that Kerrie put some garlic on the cutting board. The kitchen is beautiful and who cares about the stupid garlic.

    • I really liked their kitchen, can definately tell they like to cook. i also liked that you could access the bulters pantry from both ends of the kitchen.

      • Mr Juz is in IT so we have one but have unplugged it as Mr 6 just used it to tell jokes and turn up the volume super loud on Disney songs – Urgh!

        • The Disney songs part reminds me of my younger sister. Back then when the Lion King was in the cinemas, my dad went to see it with my sister. Unfortunately for everyone living in the house (okay, 4 other people), he also bought her the soundtrack CD. And that lead to her listening to only one song the whole day. Hakuna Matata. I love my sister, really, but back then, I had the urge of killing her very slowly and painful.

  7. That alexa thing is so, so slooooow. Can’t turn on the tap until you have got its attention, framed a sentence, then waited for it to interpret your sentence and send the message to act. I would have the tap on and off again before this silly thing even heard me.
    It even takes forever just to raise the blinds.

  8. I think I will have to stop watching even the reveals. Once again, not one room that I really liked and only one that was OK, which was the one that came last!
    I find it hard to find anything nice to say about any of them. I liked the last placed one because it was warmer in some way (maybe the colour of the top cabinets) and it toned down the pretension. I felt sorry for that couple who didn’t realise that you were allowed to NOT have a butler’s pantry – sad indictment on the pack mentality of fashion.
    None of the other four kitchens had any claim to functionality. To name the elephant in the room, no one is ever going to cook here, those front halves are just for show, to incite jealousy in your guests with useless flowers and laid open fashionable cookbooks. Instead, we return to the fifties, where we hide the person actually cooking (probably not the owner, but a hired caterer) behind closed doors. And now we make it even more difficult for them by depriving them of proximity to the fridge and ovens.
    Shaynna said it all really, when she proclaimed that any buyer choosing between a usable kitchen and a “beautiful” (ie bland and grey) one would of course choose the beautiful. The Block continues to be way out of touch with reality.

  9. What an awful night’s viewing on The Schlock. Embarrassing.

    $cotty in his top hat looked like WC Fields and he looks so bloated and wasted that I reckon $cotty is also becoming a full blown piss pot if he’s not already.

    The meaningless, finicky scores are thrown around .like cheap confetti.

    “Alexa~ turn this shit off!”

    Looks like a pity party for horrible Jess on ACA tonight. You’re getting desperate, Tracy Grimshaw. Hardly earth shattering that obnoxious types on rtv shows get trolled.

    Thanks Maz et al for scores and commentary.

      • Thanks Why. I had to quit The Schlock early to watch Four Corners and thankfully salvaged some real quality television out of the evening. Some of these dismal Schlockheads will be in nursing homes one day, “Alexa” won’t come running when they ask it.

  10. The kitchens look fine, I would love to cook in one of them, as mine is about 1/4 the size of the ridiculously oversized pantries (and except for the lack of counter top space, I get around well. The architect really screwed up the layout, we have a huge bathroom and tiny kitchen). They all should have built separate rooms, a study and a storage room. I am a baker, I love having enough space for all the stuff, even I could not fill out half the butler’s pantry.
    The Gaggenau stuff, super overrated, the Neff items in Jess’ kitchen are perfectly fine (we Germans do kitchen appliances VERY well). I have Neff as well, an oven with the sliding in door, bought one at around 750 Euros 5 years ago and it is great. My oma’s Neff oven is as old as me and still bakes evenly. The ugly Subzero fridges, total eyesores, I prefer fridges that are integrated into the kitchen.
    KS kitchen overall was nice enough though. All of them were fine, but no kitchen that was like the absolute revelation. Although, HC kitchen was so incredibly stupid, that wall. It could have been a winner, had the just played with a big galley kitchen. And under the windows some a seating area like in HS kitchen for the guests while you cook. So much storage but all the light flooding in.
    I saw the walkthrough with Alice and Shelley and they rightfully critizised the pantries as being a waste of space.

    • What about $cotty? Who’s he bangin’ to keep his job?

      The new judges will be even worse than what we have now.

    • please god no!
      i mean i still think they judges should be a designer, a builder and a real estate guru. definitely not Elyse, Ronnie and Georgia.

    • Nice boob job, Elyse.
      Otherwise, wouldn’t believe it for a second. Missy has no voice for television. And R&G are basically the most hated contestants ever.

      PS, is April’s Fool in September in Australia? I mean your seasons are opposite of ours. Would make TOTAL sense to me.^^

  11. Buyers Advocate Feedback

    SA: In a nutshell-the Gaggenau appliances will sell the apartment. Nicole hates the coffered and Granville thinks it has a corporate vibe.

    WA: On paper the apartment will sell due to the square meterage. i.e. not that great in reality especially the kitchen.

    NSW: Apartment can be summarised as polarising. Two Buyer Advocates recommend the removal of the bathtub. Granville likes the bathtub. Frank thinks the Luna Park wallpaper is tacky.

    QLD: This apartment sets the benchmark for the series. Fireplace is polarising. Master suite is compact.

    VIC: New York luxe vibe. Needs a ceiling fan as the apartment is Northwest facing. Again Master suite is small for expected price range.

    Buyers Advocates think there are two concurrent Blocks running. Old Gatwick vs New Gatwick.
    Grenvile, Frank, Nicole
    Vic 9, 9, 8=26
    QLD 9, 8.5, 9 +1 =27.5 (uses Bonus Point)
    NSW 8, 8, 7=23
    WA 8.5, 7,7.5=23
    SA 8, 7.5,8=23.5

  12. Is that the first time in history that the Block has blurred a sponsor name? Think it was RACV blurred out on the netballers’ uniform.

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