1. Apartment SA:
    Shaynna loves the double door grand entrance. Darren loves the velvet accents on the bed as apparently velvet equates to luxury. Neale on the other hands believes the room lacks personality.
    They all hate the pendants and their position. The pendants give it a hospital vibe. It is a forgettable bedroom.

    The judges like the WIR. S&K are not fussed with the feedback. The bones are there and they just need to add fluff.

  2. Apartment WA:

    Darren states he has never seen a hall in a bedroom before (umm Georgie and Ronnie from last season).
    Shaynna likes the colour pallette. Neale is just not feeling it as it is an exercise in wasted space. Adding insult to injury he brands the artwork (available from the Block Shop) the worse he has seen in the history of the Block. Basically, their target market is cashed up 80 year olds.

    The WIR is ‘strut-able’ so big shout out to the sponsor.

    They need to tweak the room before auction.

  3. Apartment NSW:
    The room shows restraint and for all the judges today this has really worked.
    It is the right balance between art deco and contemporary. The artwork though placed in the right spot is very generic.

    They have placed the air conditioner vent a discrete spot (over the entry way) unlike the other teams.

    They like the WIR. Sensor lights people are now de rigueur.

    Paint job needs a retouch but hey, we all know the fix was in for this one.

  4. Apartment QLD
    Shaynna is loving the door. The bed is full-on according to Darren. Neale, however disagrees, likening it to a Gold Class Cinema as the room is all about the TV.

    There is way too much visual overload to the point Neal has indigestion.

    The room is claustrophobic. Shaynna feels that the guest room acts more like the master than the one presented.

    Of course there is the obligatory snark The year 2000 wants their niches back.

    They all agree that the WIR is excellent and beautiful

  5. Apartment VIC

    The judges find the Fifty Shades of Grey room heavily masculine. The feature wall is poorly executed and needs to be redone. The absence of the air conditioning vent is interpreted as the height of arrogance.

    Neale hates the Ood light (which Jess told the Girls was Neale’s favourite).

    Crap painting along the skirts and a tiny WIR.

  6. Darren, Shaynna, Neale
    Vic 7.5,7.5,7.5=22.5
    QLD 8.5,6.5,7.5=22.5
    NSW 9,9,8.5=26.5 (what a surprise?!)
    WA 8,7,7=22
    SA 8.5,8,7.5=24

  7. Oh well, that episode clearly ended with a bang! Would have never guessed that Sara and Hayden will win this reveal. Not in a million years!

    SO, who walks out next time? I think it is Kerrie and Spence, as they show Miss Temper Tantrum having another breakdown, so it is surely not her and her husband…

    • Hahaha…so predictable that H & S would win this week. Some of those master bedrooms are on the small side for luxe apartments and most of them were far from luxe.

      Another BS walk out for next week….LOL. Same old sh*t, different week. Why bother? Would be great if H & S actually walk out. I think we could all predict that there won’t be any walk out. If there is one that would be a HUGE surprise.

  8. How drab were those rooms? What has happened to all the colour in the world? I thought the outdated pink and black boring, and then I saw the all-grey room. None of the rooms feel peaceful and restful, especially not a bedroom designed around the TV.

  9. Why plantation shutter in this building. It’s effing absurd. Alll boring suburban white. Or black/grey!! Those penthouse masters are sooo small. The girls room was blah. Hans and ?? master is ginormous, exactly the size you’d expect in a penthouse. Julian watzi’s rep as an architect… hmm

    • Think the overload on the plantation shutters is due to Carpet Court been a sponsor. Not really art deco are they?

      Agree, the bedrooms were small for the penthouse. Really small.
      Hans and Courtney should have tweaked the floor plans and perhaps put an extra bedroom in.

      Think S&K should have won this week.

      • Yes S&K was best for me. Judges said on S&K that print should have been on the window wall. But but there are two windows with those imposing shutters, so would be a whole mish mash of busy-ness going on, so really wrong.
        Qlders room was the worst for me.

  10. Am totally surprised to see H&S win this week, not!
    Didn’t really like any of the rooms this week. C&H colour scheme was strange. Didn’t like 50 shades of grey, didn’t mind the gold class room or Kerrie and spencer. I don’t understand why there is such a difference in rooms size? C&H room must have been at lease double the size of everyone else’s. I am curious to see what their floor plan is to see if they could have used the space elsewhere.

  11. That result comes as a true schlock to us all. You had everyone fooled, $cotty.

    Thanks, Maz.

    Gunna white knuckle it til the next pulsating walk out.

  12. LOL. Courtney’s true colours are revealed. She winds Sara up to get her to do the dirty work. Hahahahahahahahaa…..

    That said, Hans is a very weak man. Love the fake crying Courtney. Why can’t anyone be honest and own their actions.

  13. I could be wrong but i can’t see having a pool, instantly makes an apartment a winner. The pools in the backyard last year looked woeful.

    • Since they (production) are bending over backwards to help Norm and Jesse to install the pool it must have been in the original plans submitted to council. They are just recycling the pool storyline from last year.

      • Keith is irritating AND arrogant.
        Would be nice if they would change hosts and foremen next year although Dan isn’t that bad.

    • We all know the show makes or allows the tradies to screw things up just for drama. The worse part is everytime they do this they are screwing up the contestants chances of winning.
      i have to keep reminding myself they are making a tv show and don’t care either way if properities sell over reserve or not as long as they get their money back.

  14. So this week some have a very large space to complete. In fact, a space larger than the entire apartment space of the 1st Season of The Block!! What the? Just how out of touch is this show?

    Not only is there a colossal space to build and decorate, but all to do in only 6 days (due to the Public Holiday) Why not extend the deadline, and a better, finer, less rushed job could be assured?

    Does anyone have any idea what the building is next to the Gatwick, it seems to be a metre from the boundary line, which will surely block all views from that side of the building??

  15. Hands up if you are going to buy Block Monopoly for a chance to win an apartment. I guess if you collect Monopoly Boards you would.

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