1. Apparently on DM dasha posts photos confirming she is with Charlie.

    I am fairly convinced that Charlie is purposefully trying to destroy the show

    • I also don’t think Dasha is really serious about Charlie. Where is her son Now? He is suppose to be the most important person in her life.

  2. Apparently tonight, she falls hopelessly in love with Todd (the blond who showed up in the suit of armour).

    I imagine, tomorrow night, she’ll fall hopelessly in love with two llamas, four of the camera-crew, and a particularly appealing potted fern.

  3. FYI I am feeling really sad and down after some horrible news. Really looking forward to sarcastic and amusing chat to try to take my mind off wanting to cry all night

  4. There’s a message on FB that both Brooke and Cass are lined up for the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

    So. Yeah. That’s a thing.

    • Drinks and nipples with tonguing turd Todd. They were both well up for it. I thought it would never end.

    • Definitely. If you must put your tongue into another person’s mouth, the order is mouth, tongue, saliva exchange, boob grab. Get that wrong and you might as well go crotch, boobs, saliva, tongue, shake hands. Then where have those hands been.

  5. When Daniel did an interview to the camera, was I the only viewer who exclaimed, out-loud, “Who the hell are you?”

  6. In the 50s milk bar sequence, I was starting to see what you guys were saying about Ali and the hilariously-improbable size of her … assets. I mean, it was like she had two soccer balls down her shirt. I couldn’t understand how she wasn’t tipping forward? Was there a sale, she bought economy size?

    • Even in the dress she was wearing when she was on the date with Todd just didn’t suit. Even though it was all covered up, it just emphasized her business class asset! Big top half, clinch at the waist and then with a flare skirt.

      • Her black dress at the cocktail party? Yikes. She was busting out of that. If it was a cold night, she could’ve put someone’s eye out.

  7. Psycho Charlie pokes his tongue out when he’s not happy. Ie verballing Ali. He crept her out.

    Wow did he just shoot himself down in flames.

    • Never seen him. Stranger.

      Charlie got a sympathy rose. Ali knows he’s a bourbon addled crazy control freak, surely?

      • So Robert gets his marching orders tonight?

        Don’t worry Robert, I’m sure the perfect guy is out there for you somewhere.

        Meanwhile, gosh, I hope we get intruders.

        • Too late for intruders. Only 5 episodes left.

          Rob is better off without Ali, whether with another guy or girl or whatever

  8. Is it me or is there, literally, no footage of Charlie where he’s not downing bourbon?

    Maybe he’s not possessive and jealous and controlling. Maybe he’s just a drunk?

  9. Ali looked so sad as she tearfully dismissed Robert. Damn it, girlfriend, he brought you pasta sauce! That is someone you want in your life!

    It’s almost like she hasn’t done this twice before already.

    She’s spent practically no time at all with either lamb-Dan or Paddy, so I imagine they’ll go next. She can’t possibly still be working on connections with them, since she’s already fallen for Charlie, Bill, Todd and Taite.

    Ready for this to be over.

    • For a start, that was the wussiest fight, oh, ever. C’mon boys, at least put your backs into it. If nobody goes home with a broken arm, then what the hell was the point?

      Secondly, yeah. Ali obviously likes guys who are over-dosing on testosterone, but she’s suddenly shocked and horrified when they show too much testosterone? Seriously girlfriend, you are just a walking bundle of bad decisions.

  10. “I’m taking it slow this time.”

    Ali, honey, if you moved any faster, a traffic cop would already be writing you a ticket. Like, what is ‘fast’ to her?

  11. “Paddy, there’s a girl out there who’s perfect for you.

    But that girl is sure as hell not me. Get out. Shoo!”

    • Me too, Juz. That had to be a put up job. I’d find it hard to believe that anyone is that stupid, unless he’s been living under a rock all his life. It was comedy gold and I was laughing my ass off along with the Goggleboxers.

  12. Todd looks like a nice guy. He has such a boyish look. He is just too young for Ali and I hope he find a sweet girl.

    There is lust between Taite and Ali. He may get the final rose but won’t last I think. I still think Taite is playing the game but much subtle than Charlie.

    Maybe Ali and Taite should be on Pride and Prejudice. I read his family not fond of Ali. Must watch the Hometown visit

    • I don’t think there’s any chance that Ali will last with any of them. They might be good for a fling on the staircase.

    • I agree about taite he was already on “first dates” and there is a story floating around that a finalist is trying to shop the final result to magazines for money. None of them seem genuine to me

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