Badgerlore finale

Ok, this is it. Oh c’mon – can we all at least pretend to be going off like a frog in a sock at the prospect of The Bachelor finale?
Will the Honey Badger go blonde or brunette?
And how many weeks/days/minutes does it last? Or does he reject both Sophie and Brit?
Is there a potential Bachelorette among this season’s rejects?
Or will they just be bundled off to Fiji for Bachidise season two, given how well that worked out for everyone involved.



  1. I’m happy that it’s over, does that count?

    As for the potentially happy couple, the spoilers — from incredibly dubious sources, it should be pointed out — indicate that they’ve already broken up.

    What’s interesting is the Project is advertising the first official post-show interview, but Nick’s out of the country doing the Kokoda trail or something, currently. Is it gonna be another Sophie/Stu season where it’s obvious they hate each other, but they have to appear to stay together for a few months?

    And I keep seeing a rumour on social media that he doesn’t pick anyone. It’d be great if that happened (I mean, ‘great’ in a relative sense. It’d certainly be new territory for the franchise, admitting that the concept is deeply flawed), but I just think one of them has to pick him, right?

    As for future seasons of the Bachelorette or Fiji, I don’t see it either. None of these girls were particularly memorable (I mean, except for the horrible ones). Maybe Tenelle for just being dramatic all the time? And the only reason you’d go on “Paradise” is to bolster your instagram profile.

  2. Ok – I’m going to attempt to watch an entire episode…. only cos the remote is on the other side of the lounge room.

    • You’re very brave, Julie. But you know you’re going to have to get to the remote some time – if only to hit the mute button.

      I might watch bits and pieces. Since I haven’t seen a lot of the show, though, I think my boredom threshold will be reached early.

  3. The time to ask your family’s advice is BEFORE you go on a show like this, hopefully they’ll talk you out of it.

  4. Listening to Osher’s opening narration, I couldn’t help the thought … he has actually watched this season? I’m not sure he has.

    But the finales always prove that it’s a sweet gig being related to, or being best friends with, a bachelor or bachelorette, ’cause you get a paid holiday to somewhere tropical and awesome. I mean, New Caledonia, half their luck.

    Oh, and it’s Nick’s attractive brother. Is there any chance that he could’ve been the bachelor instead?

  5. His family seem totally different to him. For a start they are articulate. If I were the girls I’d make a play for his much hotter brother.

    • It’s funny, most of the responses on Facebook are along the likes of, “forget Nick, is Luke single?”

  6. I’ve watched every episode with baited breath(almost). I’m really struggling to pay attention tonight though. Facebook is calling out to me. The dishes need washing. It feels like a chore
    I don’t care about either girl. I suppose I prefer Sophie just because Britt was mean to Cass and a bit different dramatic over the whole new idea story

    • It’s emotional abuse but in saying that, when you look at a lot of the girls’ Instagram pages, they seem to be looking for higher profiles and more people to see their bikini and bum photos.

  7. I don’t understand. Off camera he was raving about Brittany. Then she does the obligatory “pour out her heart and throw dignity out the window” speech and he backs off.

    I don’t think he is in love with either of these women. He’s enjoying the dates, the adventures, the butt grabbing and kissing. But he’s no where near ready to commit. If he does pick one it will last days.

    • Given how it ended, it makes his need to make out with and fondle each of the girls, kind of creepy in hindsight, doesn’t it?

    • And the promo shows him bending over in some weird emotional display and we have seen that yet. Perhaps he doesn’t choose either – or maybe Brittany does a Brooke and leaves.

  8. Well , between Sophie and Brittany, I prefer Sophie.
    Poor choice HB, you are a wanker.
    Brittany was so controlled, so fake. no fun there!

  9. 18 minutes ago The Daily Telegraph posted a story that the HB chose Brittany over Sophie.. 😀 The journalist must have prepared 2 stories, watched long enough to see him send off Sophie then hit submit – great journalism!

    • I heard two days ago via an 89 yo lady that The Bach chose no one and I didn’t really believe it. Same person who said Bach has crawled back to his ex.

      Goodbye Honey Wanker.

  10. Badger got no balls or nuts. Couldn’t face the public ( or CH10 didn’t want him to do any interviews). Purposely schedule the finale when he is away.

    • Balls , guts, brains , courage, morals and just another moron damaging the Kokoda trail. What an achievement.

      Lisa Wilkinson will carve the pathetic Badger up on Sunday Project. Britt and Sophie will be there. Sophie will give him some lip.

  11. Wow.

    You know, I honestly thought they wouldn’t do it. My first thought was that they’re both better off without him, and I loved how Brittany demanded to see Sophie afterwards and check in with her … and they both ended up giggling and laughing about it. I think they both realised, “phew, thank goodness we dodged that bullet.”

    Like I said on FB, in Nick’s defense, at least he had the stones to realise this was a giant trainwreck, and he couldn’t force himself to be in a contrived, fake relationship with either of them. I’ll give him slight props for letting both girls off the book.

    Quick question … did he really want Brooke all along?

    And here’s the counterpoint to that thought. He’s not ready to be in a committed relationship, and that’s fine. But did he not understand the point of the show before he signed up for it? Like, should someone have explained that to him before he signed the contract?

    Also, if he wasn’t ready to settle down, why did he spend so long groping, fondling and making out with so many scantily-clad women? Was this just all one extended booty call, for him? It’s an unsettling thought, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Here’s another thought. I really hope Brittany’s family catches up to him … I loved her parting words, “this was all a giant waste of time.” Yep, pretty much.

    The amount of publicity this is going to get, in the coming days, for the franchise (in terms of, “He didn’t pick any of them!” and “Love-rat Nick!” headlines)? Channel 10 may just have had the last laugh after all.

    (as an aside, did anyone else find themselves shouting at the television, “kick him in the balls!” during his break-ups with both Sophie and Brittany, or was that just me?)

  12. The Badger was only interested in the $250K paycheck and to promote his book.

    Really, why would any girl fall for him. He doesn’t have a stable occupation. He said he will continue to play right but age is catching up. Whats next? Not a bright future.

    • Like I said, I really am of two minds about this. On the one hand, he had the sense not to put him and Brit/Sophie into a Blake or Sophie situation, ie, being stuck with someone you don’t like but being forced to keep up a charade for publicity sake. I like that he didn’t do that.

      But on the other hand, that just makes him a sleaze who was just there to make out with a line of attractive women he was never interested in settling down with, It’s like, the good thing he did in breaking up with both just makes him look *worse*, so I don’t know where to go from there.

      And here’s a thought. Ali’s season is already copping a battering and it hasn’t even started yet. How on Earth is anyone gonna take it seriously now?

        • I always really struggle with “The Bachelorette”. Like, I should be more into that show, given the eye-candy on display, but I always find that one much harder to sit through, and I’m not sure why.

          And I just find Ali phenomenally uninteresting.

          • I know someone who goes to the same gym as Ali and may get some goss on Charlie.

  13. I’m in Barcelona at the moment, haven’t seen the last few eps but going to see if I can find a way to watch the finale I think! Thanks for the commentary all!

    • So he didn’t like one of them, and aside from Cassie, they didn’t like him. Who knew.
      We ALL did. There were no romantic sparks at all. When you asked yourself along the way, “Who does he like?” The answer was always “No one”.
      I don’t think he liked Brooke. She was in the Friendzone.
      BTW, all the way through, I felt Brooke looked familiar. Maybe she has already been trying to get known somewhere else.

      I won’t be watching Alli. I couldn’t care less about her dating life or mini celebrity. She’s already done the rounds.
      Stop putting wannabe celebrities on and give us real contestants.

  14. I knew it!! Weeks ago I was thinking he’d pick no one because of all the drama and rumours that he wasn’t with any of them. And then his comment in (I think) a magazine interview weeks ago about essentially not being into “any of those women”. I think he just did it for the pay check. He’s always said about his family needing money I think for one of his brothers so this was just another moving to Japan to earn more money.

    Same thoughts here as Windsong, it was just a big hook up party for him with a platter of pretty girls to grope and make out with for a few months – what’s the harm! I think channel 10 probably didn’t care either way because he already brought in good ratings for them and now the fall out drama blah blah. This episode was sickening with all Nick’s rambling about how great Brittany and Sophie were and the gushy music. I ff through most of it because 🤮 and I had a feeling what was coming.

    This is RTV so we all know by now it’s contrived but it’s hit a new low, like a MAFS low for me. I can’t stand that show and I think I’m out from now on. Not keen at all on Ali’s bachette season. She’s fake and boring too and from what I’ve seen, the guys look eh. Tired of watching social media wannabes on TV.

    Bye bye Bachie.. it’s been kinda fun while it lasted 👋🏼

    • When you mention MAFS, it makes me think, yeah, Dean for Bachelor next year. That’d be fun. Can’t be worse than what we’ve just squandered two months of precious life on.

      I never did like Britt’s vampire tooth and Sophie had a touch too much filler in her lips. Britt was a bitch to Cassie.

      The Badger himself was an enormous fail. If he doesn’t choose a bird, he should get paid jack. On yer bike ya curly headed mongrel.

      • So you noticed the canines too. If she was in the US they would be filed off. And I spent the whole season wondering why Sophie’s mouth didn’t work.

  15. I have stepped away from this one. I found the Honey Badger a bit too fake, contrived and footy-fella for me from the beginning. And I did not find that hair (or neck) particularly attractive – not that that should be a criterion for a husband.
    But … good on him for not leading anyone on. Points for some integrity.
    And he did his job and earned his $250,000 paycheque. This was a huge ratings winner for Channel 10 so there should be no complaints there.
    And now we insert a small pause here for quiet reflection.
    And having done that, seriously? A 30 year old man is not ready to settle down? Is it just me? Am I showing my age but doesn’t this say something about the football environment that means that these men are not able to mature, to grow up? There is something very unattractive about a man-boy.
    And isn’t there something very sad about our society that gives women the impression that they can find “true-love” on a reality show? And let’s discuss how they do that – by competing with 30 other women (a smorgasbord of choice), by almost taking their clothes off, and the most revolting aspect – showing adoration for a complete stranger.
    When I see the women put their hearts out there to be broken, I am so conflicted.
    But again, on a positive note, I came out with a bunch more respect for some of these people than I went in with.

    • I certainly have a little more respect for Brittany and Sophie, who both laughed it off and realised they were better off without him.

      Did you see, during the very last ad break, there was an ad where Osher was asking women to apply for the next season? “Ladies, do you want to meet the love of your life?” Like, really channel 10? Really?

  16. He took advantages of the the ladies on there and they ( beside Vanessa sunshine) did literally threw themselves at him. We viewers all know he wasn’t keen on any of them. He might have told the producers about his thoughts and the producers can’t stopped half way filming? So he fcuked either way, be honest and let them both go or picked one and dumped her later. Even his sister don’t think Brit and Sophia are his type. I dislike HB, I think he did the right thing.
    It’s a reality show for them to find love but it’s doesn’t mean you will find the love of your life in the end!? There ain’t going to be all happy ending.
    The problem is contestants needs to understand just because you invested your time in a relationship doesn’t mean you will get happy endings! I have friends who invested like years in a relationship and got dumped.

    • I don’t think it’s the point that he didn’t pick either of them, that’s making people upset.

      It’s the fact that he didn’t even want to.

      If he’d justified his decision at the end by saying, “I just didn’t have a connection with anyone”, and left it at that? Okay, cool. But he didn’t. He actually told Brittany that he couldn’t commit to her because he didn’t want to commit to anyone … and if he didn’t, then why’d we sit through the whole show? Why did he sign up to do it in the first place? Why did he spend so long telling those girls how perfectly wonderful they are, why did he cop a feel of just about every girl there, why did he put them through some awkward and stupid and cruel (the FBI interrogation?) dates, when he just wasn’t looking to settle down with any of them? The girls all signed up for the (alleged) goal of a long-term commitment at the end. So why did he waste everybody’s time?

      I think that’s more the issue than simply not finding a connection with anybody.

      • Bingo, Windsong.
        And just as an add-on, I think that he went into this show with low expectations. I heard somewhere that he doesn’t watch television so he probably didn’t understand the show, but just saw it as publicity for everyone.
        And I’ll bet that women have fawned over him his entire football career without him having to give anything back. Case in point, he may have taken Cass out a couple of times but he could barely remember her.
        And then, suddenly, uh-oh, he’s found that some of the women are still there, and asking questions, and not liking the answers, and he actually has to look at the pain he’s caused.

        • I think he’s managed by the Fordham Company who one would expect did sufficient research on the show to inform the badger that he could have the shit ripped out of him.

          But I guess he fancied the 250,000 gorillas ,while remaining tighter than a crab’s arse about his feelins’. A lair with no flair.The exremental bloke.

      • I agreed that he shouldn’t have said how great the two gals are in their face but do you honestly want him to say, I don’t really connect with you mid season? The producers would have not gave him the chance to do that. Like what Bobi said, he signed up not knowing what the shows about. He did said to Brittany he doesn’t want just a girlfriend but a life partner and if he can’t see these two being his life partner then why waste each other time. Producers would have thought this is gold if HB doesn’t pick anyone! Great finale

  17. The CSIRO tweeted, this morning, “Fun fact: Honey badgers live alone in self-dug holes.”

    I thought people might appreciate that, today. Scientists with a biting sense of humour, who knew? Heh.

  18. All the newspapers and articles today are saying that the nation is shocked, stunned or flabbergasted over Nick’s decision. I consider those descriptions to be inflated. From the little that I watched the show, he didn’t seem to be that connected with any of the women, nor any of them with him. Except for Cass, of course, who, In Windsong’s apt description, was more in love at him than with him. I felt sorry for Cass for a while, but ended up feeling she is a spoilt drama queen who expects to get whatever she wants.

    I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t pick anyone, although I gather that is an unusual conclusion to the show. I’ll give Nick a little credit for being honest about his lack of attachment to any one woman. But he’s lost credibility for playing kissy-face et cetera with all of them, spouting lines that gave most of them a wrong impression of his intentions. He now comes across as a rather unsavoury pretender and user. Doubt he has done his career, including the underwear ads, any good.

    The final two women getting together to hang shit on Nick was also unpleasant to watch. Maybe understandable as an ego salve, but it was mean and ugly.

    There were no adults in the room at the end of this show.

    • I totally agree! I’m late to catching up on this. I would have had respect for Nick if he hadn’t gone around kissing and groping them and saying all the stuff he did, then picking no one. But the way he acted makes it hard to have much respect.

  19. I forget what the phrase was but in the promo Aly used a sort of “Fair suck of the sav” comment. Watchers of the Aly season might be in for another season of, “Holy, snappin’ duck poop”.

    • How old is Aly? It looks like being another Sophie season. Yawn. Bach Aust has jumped the shark bringing in old celebrities, and wannabe famouses.

      Aly’s third reality show.

        • It’s a different generation but by 32 I was married with 3 kids all in school or kindy, so I am not buying that an arguably attractive person can’t find love.
          I think young people now think they are young at 32, and in the overall scheme of life they are. But there is young in terms of age, and then there is young in terms of maturity. I do kind of think, “Oh grow up”, which probably means I need to go buy some slacks/cut-offs because it’s summer, and a big floral over-blouse from Millers.
          Sorry if you love calf length cut-offs and floral over blouses with the big roses.
          I’m raving today.

          • People have been brainwashed with the idea 40s is the new 30s and apparently 30s are now the new 20s 😳😂

          • Ohh Daisy.. 🤣 I am a “young” 31 year old. I am a hermit but “what’s love”? I must be repugnant because it’s not easy from my experience “out there”! I would say though it’s probably gotten worse since the early 2000 and the rise of social media, etc etc. But once you get over your mid twenties who can be bothered to go out anymore and all that. Plus all your friends are either moved away or married or married with kids! The rise of the crazy cat lady I’d say 🐈

          • Oh well Eliza. Unfortunately times seem to have changed.Getting a boyfriend was easy when we used all go out. Before computers.

          • Yep.. now it’s just all apps! And so many options on apps! People who just go on dates for a free meal.. it used to be fun back when I was 19/20 to go out with friends but not anymore.. now it’s just murky, confusing and for someone like me, not worth it. Gone are the days when you’d get given a business card on the dance floor 🤣

          • What ??? Eliza, a business card on the dance floor? Is that what happens? In the 70s, the guys in our circles (White Sands, Steves, Sandgroper) were all surfers. No business cards there.

          • It did, and it was funny! He wasn’t a business man.. not sure where the card came from 🤣

  20. Apparently Ali had now given her opinion on the whole bachelor fiasco. She really is the last person to give any kind of moral judgements 🙂

  21. Shaggers one and all, don’t forget that the elusive Honey Badger is going to try and dig himself out of his burrow on the Sunday Project tonight. He’s gonna do some chin waggin’ about his “feelins”.

    Pig’s arse. Porkies. Pork pies. Are yaz gettin’ me drift, chinas?

  22. Poor Honey Whinger didn’t get any sleep the night before the finale.

    He failed the non FBI interrogation. Badger in damage control. All the ockerisms on hold for a change.

    Of course, he has a book coming out. He’s spiritually drained

    • He was a no show for the booking signing yesterday and all his booking signals have been camcelled.

      He lied again to say he has spoken to the girls. Brittany said on Monday he spoke to her brother but not her.

      He didnt get it. It is not about him not picking one of the girls but the way he dumped them. Not a sorry.

      Telling Brittany – thanks for sharing!

      • A real Honey Badger is fearless and would take on anything. I’m still reeling from the interview. Thanks , Littlepetal.

  23. Have Brittany and Sophie blocked the Badger because he made an insane appeal to them both on national tv. He’s “spiritually drained ” Omg.

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