The Block auction

It’s finally time to auction off The Block: Crack Den.
Will we see a repeat of previous years where a dark horse lower floor team takes the win?
Thanks to Maz for keeping everyone up to speed on Block happenings this season.



  1. The Reserves (brought to you by Prosegur):
    CB 2.7m after challenge money $2.69m
    JN 2.65m
    KS 2.45m after challenge money $2.435m
    SH 2.5m after challenge money $2.475m
    CH 2.4m after challenge money $2.36m

  2. Auction Order:
    1. K&S
    2. S&H
    3rd and 4th spot is to be tossed up between the penthouses. More screen time for Jess to showboat.
    CH are to be last

    • Bad publicity for Norm seeing that awful tattoo on his arse. I missed it first time round.

      Thanks for your work, Maz. I’m half hour behind , could be a long night.

      Hoping Norm and Jess lose. No other incentive.

  3. Jess & Norm:
    Sells: $2.859m
    Profit: $209K
    Bidder: Greville
    Bogans: One in thongs and the other barefoot.

    Please let that be the last time Jess graces the screen.

    • I’m gunna savour this. No more Japanese Maple schlock. The instant karma for being bastards for third spot et al.

      I thought the Ch 9 fix was in.

      • Jess has always been the passive/aggressive. How’s the walking up to the girls and stating “We’ll accept your offer of being 3rd placed”.
        I am glad the girls stuck to their guns, even if it was settled by the toss of a coin.
        ‘so glad Jess didn’t win.

        • …. “if we aren’t placed 3rd in the Auction, then we won’t make any money” Talk about trying to make the girls feel badly.
          It’s all about Jess – love ya

    • To be fair to Norm, I think he could be wearing socks with those thongs. This is a special occasion, so he’s gone all out. I have to freeze it to make sure.

    • Hardcore auctioneer. Could tell he really wanted to say he had sold the apartment for $3mil.
      I get that he wants to get the most money but I have to question the refusal of some bids. I mean at that point a bid was a bid!

    • I’m watching. I think it’s right . Not 100% sure but they’re going well. Things not going as planned.

  4. Geez. No effing way would I want those two former slumlords living back in the building – especially if I has spent a couple of mil on the place

      • Dunno Maz. They made $10m from the sale of the Gatwick, so they should still have some dosh sloshing around … the neighbours can only hope they don’t invite their “old mates” around. Also, owners’ corp fees are decided by the OC itself, and some can be notoriously tight on outgoings.

  5. Courtney & Hans:
    Sells for: $2.77m
    Profit: $410K
    Bidder: Grenville

    Don’t think they should have disclosed who Grenville was bidding for.

    • Not that I’m a fan of Courtney and Hans but wanted them to beat Sara and Hayden in the end!
      I missed the last few weeks. Did they end up fixing the gold bath bathroom? Dod they have a redo room week?

    • Walking off the site and doing your “block” on tv pays off.

      Who was redder tonight? $cotty or Norm during his auction? Great tv.

      • That’s why I stopped watching at the start of the series. Her childish behaviour was ultimately rewarded … great example for the young ‘uns

    • OK so not worth watching any further. That makes a total of about 12 minutes I watched.
      Feels a bit like a Survivor season where the winner is the goat.

  6. I have been flicking over but it’s the Frank, Nicole and Greville Show. Scott was so patronising with his “not bad for a couple of girls”.

    • Bruce McAvaney was hoist for a similar comment re female jockeys on Saturday. Loose Bruce, the doyen of sport commentating.

      Someone remind me how simpleton $cotty won a Gold Logie. He’s one tool that needs putting down.

  7. OMG after walking into girls apt pre auction, saying it’s all business, Jess tries on the emotional blackmail, as she has done all series and says to the girls, “if you want both of us to sell then we’ll go 3rd, but if you want us to probably not sell today then you guys go third”. She is a piece of work with the ‘besties’ act and wants everyone to do well.
    I don’t mind S&H won, Jess & Unit 2 couple were the most annoying till the last minute. See I’ve forgotten them already.
    Kerrie looks gorgeous and Spence was the most appreciative of them all, immediately thanking Scott Cam ‘for the opportunity’.

  8. Surprised that Sara and Hayden won. Glad that Jess and Norm didn’t do well as the others. There was just something so absolutely fake about them. Sara & Hayden were jerks but at least they were open and honest about being jerks. What was it about their apartment that got them the most profit?
    I was actually surprised that the apts. sold for as much as they did. Wonder if the buyers will be moving into them or renting them. Also wonder what they will wind up selling so that they get some of their money back.
    Thanks Maz for the recaps and Juz for hosting the website.

  9. I have been away, and missed last week’s episodes.
    Does anyone have any photos or idea if there is a lift in The Gatwick?
    What does the ground floor foyer look like?
    What does each apartment’s entrance area / door look like?
    so many questions, so few details! 🙂

    • There was no mention of a lift.
      The foyer was only briefly glimpsed. The tiles were inlayed with the Chanel nine logo. The ceiling rose looked Art Deco with drum shades.

      • In my ten minutes of watching, I thought I saw a segment where a contestant was allowed to used the “newly-finished lift” to take up an item that was heavy. It was in the last couple of weeks. Can’t remember who, but I remember Keith giving special permission.

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