The Block – Challenge Apartment Week

The five teams begin week one of the challenge apartment. The rooms are allocated, and no one wants the dreaded hallway, but someone has to do it.



  1. The fix was in for Sara and Hayden to score the hallway. No way was that random.

    The Monopoly prize is a poison chalice. CH are doing the kitchen. They should have been allotted an area that can be easily fixed (like a bedroom).

  2. Too much time spent on Sara and Jess.
    Maybe it was just Karma that gave SH the hallway.
    Don’t get the layout…pantry across the hallway from the kitchen?? Not a good plan, IMO.

  3. The joy of the episode was watching Sara.
    She is seriously not normal and surely we all love to watch people who are “out there”. I would love to know what has happened to her that has meant that she is this grown up child. It took a village to make someone this self-absorbed.
    And btw, serves Hayden right for marrying someone almost young enough to be his own daughter.

  4. I’ve been watching The Schlock but it just goes in one eye and out the other.

    If it were a game of Monopoly , this would be Old Kent Rd with one house on it.

    Yes, Hayden deserves it. Fell for the honey trap and now only divorce or a 48 Hrs style crime can save him from a life of slavery.

    • The $chlock should publish a dictionary to help viewers get what these bogans are gibbering.

      “Smack in the middle of me back” Harden up and do a nudie run, Norm.

    • Oh, please, I know! I was just waiting for Dan and Keith to step in and mention they were going to help Jess because Norm, the battler, was injured.😏

  5. Why do we need to watch Jess try and screw over Tesche?

    So CH can spend £550 to fly ugly wallpaper over from London.

  6. Maybe Channel 9 will interject with the delivery of that bloody awful wallpaper coming from London for Courtney? The wallpaper is for the kitchen isn’t it or where else does she plan to hang it?!

    Either way, I am betting that paper won’t make it to the block.😉

  7. Opera song while Gatwick is revealed….LOL.
    Of course he building has been vastly improved but the facade does not look beautiful to me. In fact it looks ugly. JMHO
    BTW, did someone already graffiti part of a wall? Looked liked it to me.

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