1. Elizabeth and Alec are growing on me. Elizabeth’s scrambling is brilliant. Alec’s performance at the puzzle was enlightening. Nick’s starting to come into the focus too. I thought the Great Jacket Scandal of 2018 was pretty amazing. I thank God I am not a guest at Ponderosa spending time with the Two Natalies.

    • I have a feeling that Angelina will regret asking Natalie to force Nick to steal Lyrsa’s jacket. Nick may be a public defender, but with any luck he can prosecute a case better than Sharn.

  2. I have never seen anything in any other Survivor like the jacket grave robbers. Next they will be asking for them to leave behind a kidney. Well maybe not.

    Anyhow, thank goodness she’s gone. Or should I say, “Ding dong, the witch is dead”. She really was an unpleasant woman, totally lacking in social insight and self awareness.
    So far I am liking: wrestler guy, robot maker geek, Nick and Alec.

  3. Wow. Did Angelina actually ask Natalie to steal (or ask Nick to steal) the jacket? I interpreted the conversation that she would like Lyrsa to leave her jacket behind, or maybe give it to Angelina. I think Natalie took it on herself to try to secure the jacket to cement Angelina’s vote. And it was rubbish at the end, where she said I didn’t leave the jacket because I didn’t know whether Angelina was part of the blindside. All the votes were read, and Natalie could see that Ang voted for Lyrsa. She was just having a hissy fit like Natalia last week, just in a quieter, more vindinctive way.

    I particularly liked Nick and Alec in this episode, but I fear for Alec. It is important that his tribe stay away from TC until merge. I thought Angelina was a bit dumb. They should all have realised that because the Goliath Strong was broken last week, then it is probably dead anyway. Now, they all need to create new bonds (like Christian is with the boys) that will carry past merge.

    Still a bit lost on who the fellow was who got the idol at the challenge?

    Interesting promo for next week. Looks like people are starting to get on each other’s nerves.

  4. Of course Natalie must have known that Angelina wasn’t part of the blindside. But then again, she just didn’t read people, did she? Maybe she thought her one save vote was Lyrsa 😂

    • Actually she was. She tweeted that she was in on the blind side but voted for Lyrsa so that Natalie would give her her jacket but Natalie realised she was in on it. That’s why she ignored her when she asked for her jacket. It was one of the most pitiful scenes ever.

      • That’s a surprise. The edit didn’t show any sign that Angelina knew anything, and implied that she was fully with Natalie (not necessarily because she liked her, but to preserve the Goliaths). Changes how I feel about Natalie not giving the jacket – fair enough, I think.

    • Me too. Yes, more interesting than just “out there”. I think that’s partly why it’s taking longer to get to know them. That and unbalanced air-time.
      Geek girl is a strong character who tries to portray herself as weak. She uses her victim to manipulate others, and I don’t know how much she realizes she is deliberately doing it. She’s not as pathetic as she thinks she is.

  5. That “can I have your jacket?” will make the list of most memorable tribal councils. Loved it all. How good was Christian at that challenge, taking over from John. And Nick did well also, even though they lost. They had better remix the tribes soon or the Jackets R Us tribe will be heading back to tribal

    • Christian has shown a few times that he is not just a brain. Not necessarily brawny, but able to hold his own, and with good fine motor skills too. The viewers can see he is a threat – how long before the other players do?

    • I feel for the contestants. If we could barely stand her from vignettes on screen, how HARD must she have been to live with 24/7 when you are hungry, wet and cold. When Mike, who seems fairly easy going and pretty clued in, said he couldn’t take it any longer. . . wow. . .

      • Yes and Mike is a massive Survivor fan so he knows that sometimes you just have to suck it up to get further in the game. If she had been a bit less odious she could have made a good ally, as I can’t see Natalie ever flipping on the Goliaths.

      • The first scene at the campfire after the mix said a lot about Natalie. I was actually impressed that those who knew her sat back and waited for the newbies to discover it on their own. Wise to not look like they are trying to badmouth someone.

  6. Yes, thank God that awful natalie is gone. And judging by her interview with Dalton hasn’t learnt a thing by her behaviour. Everyone else bullied HER & she accused Jeremy of deliberately pushing her in that first challenge. No self awareness at all.

  7. The US ones usually try to keep in the awful ones for final tribal offal. It shows how bad Natalie was that they would even risk forfeiting $1 000 000 just to be rid of her.

  8. Too bad Natalie didn’t go to Ponderosa. That would have been fun to watch; Natalie ruining Pondersosa Paradise.

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