• She’s my favourite too, surprisingly enough. My first impression of her would be that she’d be socially awkward with that home schooling / kitchenhand background but she’s built some strong relationships early which will really pay off later.

      That scene between Natalie and Jeremy where he tried to give her some friendly advice about self awareness, and she cuts him off in 30 seconds made me laugh. It was lucky for her that their tribe won immunity otherwise I reckon she’d be a goner. Her argument that she’s the oldest / weakest there (and thus not a threat) would strengthen the reasoning to get rid of her first, I would have thought.

      And Bi arguing that they need to keep the David tribe strong for challenges only highlighted that she did quite poorly on that ladder portion. Duh.

      • They should have picked someone with longer arms to do the ladder. I was worried when technical writer nerd girl was freaking out – I like her alliance

        • That really didn’t make sense picking Bi to do the ladder portion of the challenge. She’s clearly fit and strong but they should have picked someone taller so they could perhaps shave off time putting in that last rung.

          • I was thinking about Bi doing the challenge – I think she has a TONNE of self-confidence and I wouldn’t be surprised if she pushed herself forward to the challenge on the grounds of her self-estimated peak fitness and determination. Her speech, while good really, about competing against bigger opponents made me think she might have a strong self-belief that she is the fittest one out there and should just do all challenges, irrespective of type or particular strengths.
            As Juz says, a taller person would have been better for this one, but I am now wondering whether she pushed herself forward.

            Time will tell whether I am being mean!

          • Agree. And she probably IS one of the fittest people on the island, especially on that tribe. But no sense talking up your strength too much only to make yourself an early target.

      • Yes, I think when Goliath lose an immunity challenge she will be gone. No self awareness at all. People like her seem to forget that the way they behave in their ‘normal life’ is not the way to behave on Survivor. It just doesn’t work there.

      • I died laughing at that conversation too Peski! Totally proving the point that Jeremy was trying to make.
        But really, is it worth eliminating her already? I noticed they sat her out of a a challenge, so they think she will be useless, but she seems like an easy one to knock over later as she is completely lacking in self-awareness and will alienate everyone.

        • Yep, I think she’ll be one of those players that will be in constant rotation for sitting out challenges. And if David vs Goliath runs the same way that Champions vs Contenders did, the Goliath tribe will have a pretty clear majority come merge.

          It’s worth eliminating her early if it means that they keep a stronger player over her to win challenges.

          It’s only worth keeping her after the merge because she’d be easy to beat for individual immunity.

          • It’s worth considering her for an early boot based on;
            Doesn’t help
            Bad a challenges
            Bad for camp moral.
            Personally I think you look at those in the first few rounds.

            It would be interesting to do a proper graph of data showing how many winners or final 2, have come from weak tribes where the strong were voted off early. Maybe Christian already did one.

          • You are probably right Daisy – someone who writes algorithms for solving slide puzzles probs has the complete strategy downloaded into his head.
            I would want to eliminate her ASAP as she is a total pain in the arse – which is exactly why I shouldn’t play survivor! I may have a theoretical understanding of strategy but it would go out the window when faced with a truly annoying person!

          • Haha, I’m an armchair player / critic too. All my strategy and objectiveness would disappear in a flash if I actually had to play.

  1. Christian is growing on me too. Imperious Business Lady is not. And Officer Dan is starting to remind me of Vince the Incredibly Strange from the Collar v Collar v Collar series.

    • He’s such a puppy, with his tail wagging and tongue hanging out for Kara. I would think she’d get tired of that fast since it’d be hard to get away from him in such a confined environment but she looks like she’s going to string him along for some time yet.

      • Officer Dan (while sweet and easy on the eye) deserves to have Kara throw him to the wolves. Wasn’t she the one said in her bio that she didn’t want to have a showmance?

        • I just checked. it WAS Kara who dissed the showmance! this is her answering the “which Survivor contestant are you most like” question.

          Parvati Shallow because she’s brilliant, she’s flirtatious, and she won! Her alliances were well thought out and she made power plays at the right time. I would have a positive attitude and make connections like Figgy except I’d avoid getting into a showmance at all cost.

  2. Yay, I watched tonight. I love the way that guy…Christian is it? …played. Keeping it mental and all about strategy like a game of chess, as opposed to how Matt in Aus Survivor played, which was imperiously and emotionally. The skinny, gawky girl on David team sure turned on the helpless maiden in distress charm to Christian, but I don’t think it swayed his decision.

    It’s going to be a good season.

    • Agreed. I think he worked out the strategy in his head even though it looked like he was pandering to her neurotic play… (which was cringe-worthy in so many ways)

  3. Really like cowboy girl too!
    Looks like a good season, and yes Natalie is a goner as soon as goliath make it too tribal.
    How emotional are these US contestants to Aussie ones? Full on from day 1

    • Think the weather might have something to do with it… I’d be emotional too having to endure a cyclone on top of being separated from family and friends and all the comforts of home.

      But yes, generally Americans are so much more hyperbolic about everything.

      • I’d be a wreck after one night trying to sleep with 10 strangers on a bamboo bed even if the weather was glorious. I need silence to sleep

      • A lot of that is stage direction. The one that always gets me is when a fairly ordinary reward is announced and you’d swear they’d all been given a million a year for life.

  4. I meant to say that Cowboy Hat girl is my early fave too.Technical Writer girl is good (I used to be a tech writer so I’m on her team automatically, and know she must have strong social skills as tech writers are the bridge between the nerdlinger coders and actual human beings, so she will be used to seeing different points of view).
    I am not certain about Christian. In theory I like him, but he may become annoying if he can’t reign in what I suspect may be an incipient superiority complex. Still, so far so good.

    • True about the genius complex, but it’s hard to be smart and not know it. He needs to play it down. He needs to not be advertising it to the others or he’ll be a target. Shades of Cochrane.

    • Well, it does seem that he really unleashes in his to-camera pieces but is a lot more subdued in a group setting. Pat was barking orders at him while they were building their shelter on the first episode, and it looked like he only complained in his confessional. I’m enjoying his narration and think he’ll go pretty far.

      Bad move on his part though to tell everyone that he did his masters / pHD (?) on puzzle algorithms. He’ll be safe for the tribe portion of the game and be one of the early boots after merge.

      • Interesting – I think you are right about him unleashing on confessionals, not in general play. But totally agree about skiting that he wrote puzzle solving algorithms. . . TARGET.

  5. I’m still having trouble distinguishing anybody apart from the obvious ones. I was glad that the blonde girl went home, not because I know anything about her (I don’t) but I didn’t want the other girl to go.

    Also, getting good vibes about cowgirl (Elizabeth?) – liked her last week too. But all of them are so over emotional about everything – hard to take after watching the Aus version. I did like the guy trying to analyse Natalie, but I could have told him she wouldn’t listen.

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