Bachelorette: Week 5

On Wednesday: Home towns are around the corner and Ali needs to make some tough decisions. At this stage, who does she have chemistry with, and are there any solid connections?
On Thursday: Sharing special moments with two Bachelors on their home soil has Ali on cloud nine, however, on the final two home-town visits, not all goes to plan.



    • I like to imagine that Ali’s first question, on any date, is “Marry me!” and it’s not so much a question as it is a demand at gun-point if necessary.

  1. Wait … Ali was genuinely surprised by the level of animosity between Charlie and Bill?

    Has she been watching the same show as the rest of us?

  2. Good lord, that Deliveroo promotion was obnoxious. The show might’ve gotten paid for that, but the viewers didn’t.

    And oooh, she picked Bill as the winner? Someone better get between Charlie and the bottles of bourbon, I don’t see this ending well at all.

  3. Tate got to go to Ali’s happy place…without a staircase.

    Watch out for Tate. He falls in and out of love.

    And why are there bal,oons over the ocean? Don’t they know how bad balloons are to marine life?? That’s my little environmentalist rant.

  4. Ali, “Can you promise me you won’t ever walk away?”. Good Lawd Ali, how can he promise that?
    Tate wants, “Ali to be happy” and she gives him a “wrong answer”. She is immature for a 30+ yr old.

    • That conversation reflected far worse on her than it did on him.

      “Do you want to be engaged in four months?”
      “Well I don’t know, maybe…”
      “OMG what is wrong with you we’re so incompatible and now I don’t like you go away now!”

      Really, Ali?

  5. Charlie, “Did you open up?” 😑😑😑😑😑
    Tate, “I didn’t”. 😕😕😕😕 Who are these people?

    Bunch of girls.

    • Charlie hasn’t opened up about his 8yo love child to Ali yet, has he? He’s opened up bottles of bourbon is about it.

      Taite did open up somewhat about his self doubt neurosis. He exhibited plenty of self doubt behind his designer beard at the rose ceremony.

  6. What a surprise. Nervous guy who opened up to Ali like she was someone’s great auntie. Maybe it was the old lady goes to the Casino dress, that reminded him of his Auntie Beryl.

    • I’m not normally this kind of guy … but that dress and the really severe hairstyle? Good lord. That was a crime.

  7. Ali is just … infuriating as a person. I’m sure she means well, but damn it. Whatever unlucky sap she ends up choosing? It won’t last. Blind cave rats living under rocks on Mars can see that happening.

    She did the same thing to Taite, tonight, that she did to Robert a few episodes back. Did anyone else notice that? The *second* the guy had the nerve to point out, “A relationship isn’t just about you, I have a stake in this as well”, she suddenly pulls back, she doesn’t like him anymore and now she has to rethink the relationship. Ali seems to think a relationship will be dictated by her, on her terms and time-frame, and she’ll get exactly what she wants, when she wants, because a partner will immediately cave to her demands … and that’s not a healthy relationship, that’s keeping a slave. Sure, a couple should be in similar places (mentally, emotionally, in terms of life goals and such) but Ali wants someone in lock-step with her, and the attosecond a guy has his own ideas about what he wants … she ditches him and moves on.

    No Ali, it’s not Taite’s fault — nor is it a flaw in him as a person — that he doesn’t want to be engaged by the end of the month. That’s called taking your time, to make a mature, adult decision that benefits you both. Maybe, Ali, rushing into relationships so quickly is what has gotten you into so much trouble in the past? It takes me longer to decide what to have for lunch, than it does for Ali to decide who she wants to marry.

    I don’t know if she’s very immature (which is a criticism I’ve heard many, many people make about her) or just too self-absorbed for her own good … but she just doesn’t seem to know how to deal with other people. She just seems to completely lack this appreciation that other people have feelings too.

    And I can’t imagine anyone successfully explaining this to her. Ali, the only common thread in all your relationships is … you. Think about it.

    Watch as this ends in disaster. Sigh.

    • Ali can’t see that her own faults. It’s always somebody who stuff up.

      I just don’t like how she always say she pick the wrong guys, the bad boys. Grant may be one but I don’t think Tim Robards is. Hardly anything said about her ex fiancee, so I don’t know he is a bad boy.

      • You know what I really would’ve liked to see? Instead of freaking out because Ali wants him to propose to her by sunset, it would’ve been great if Taite had turned around and just asked Ali, “Why? Why do you need this to happen so quickly? You’ve fallen so hard, and so quickly, in the past, yet it’s always ended in tragedy. So do *you* want to be engaged by the end of the year, and if so, why?”

        Those are respectful, fair questions, and if he’s dating her then he has a right to ask these things as well.

        The shame of it is, Ali being Ali, she’d probably ditch him on the spot for not just telling her what she wants to hear. I think Ali is in love with the idea of being in love, but she’s absolutely terrible at the reality of being in love. She wants to be engaged, not because she’ll be in a meaningful relationship, but because of the status of just being engaged.

        I know I don’t have a lot of life experience, but that’s not the right reason to do something. I just wish someone would tell her all this, but I don’t think she’s going to learn this lesson, ever.

  8. Poo girl can’t help it that she’s attracted to tall, dark, commitment-phobic sleazes. But this stuff with Taite is excruciating. The look on his face when she told him he melted her heart, while in the doona on the outside lounge the ep before – sheer frozen terror! I know that look. Saw it again on their date last night. It will be a real treat for her to watch this footage now…

    Oh, god. that was tensionless. Who will go? Taite, who’s she’s got the hots for and been on two dates with, or the shy guy who she’s never been on a single date with before???

    I wish they’d sort out her poor fried hair.

  9. IMO, Ali just wants tv fame. All the boobs, hair and the cv in tv shows says so. What next for Ali? IAC? Dancing with the Stars? Another Bachelor Island? Or will compering Blind Date be her bottom of the tv barrel?

    • I think if she end up with Taite, Taile need to lock his friend up and make sure there is no stsirs around! 😉

    • It’s his brother, isn’t it? Sandwich on the stairs.

      Skye knows all about love, then. Scary. She doesn’t dig reality tv? Freak.

      How many gice has Ali told now ~ “I don’t want to leave”?

    • Bill want out! Parents and siblings conveniently missing in action! To make it worse, get the ex to meet Ali.

  10. Feeding the ducks is a bit environmentally dubious these days. Hate to nitpick such an awesome show but….

      • Too much bread can swell up in the stomachs of say Black Swans and native water birds and make them crook , besides making the ducks dependent for life and a bit vulnerable, because not everyone is necessarily kind to them. I’d see requests not to feed them bread around the Adelaide Parklands, for example. Ducks will come from hundreds of yards for a free feed.

        Turkey granules are abetter way to go. Bran and pollard. Chook pellets.

  11. Well, well. Charlie just didn’t have the nerve to tell her about his son, so he made an argument so he could leave. I’ve met his type before!

  12. Maybe it was just the intensity of the situation, but I think Amanda was right. She definitely looked like she was eye-sexing Taite’s hot friend Phil there in the kitchen. I like to imagine that immediately after dinner, she quickly called up one of the producers. “Is it too late to get this guy in as an intruder? It is? Damn.”

    I keep hoping that the show won’t stick to the script and give us in-laws who just refuse to get onboard, and while I had hope for Todd and Taite’s older sisters, alas, everyone ends up friends by the end of the night.

    Looking forward to Bill and Charlie’s dates. I mean, Ali dating both, not them dating each other. Imagine the hate-sex that Bill and Charlie would end up having. They’d have to reholster the carpet after they were done.

  13. Woah! the way that angry loon was nodding his head aggressively and repeating her name over and over and that hectoring tone! the gaslighting! the control issues! It was like a demo from a manual on techniques of verbal abusers. I loved Ali’s cold flat “Go. Be well. Take care.” etc!

  14. His reliance on bourbons notwithstanding … I’m starting to see why Charlie was so wary of Bill. Bill is a bit of a sleaze, isn’t he? Particularly on their picnic date, it was like a game for Bill, like he was just throwing out whatever one-liner would work on Ali (unfortunately, one-liners and Ali are like moths and flames).

    I also think it’s kind of hilarious that Bill’s family really wanted nothing to do with this whole mess and were out-of-the-town when Bill tried to bring Ali home (wouldn’t he have known about their travel plans beforehand?).

  15. The green eyed monster is eating Exclusive Charlie alive.

    Charlie was hitting the reds and whites tonight. Drank the mansion dry of bourbon?

  16. Bill’s date was *hilarious*.

    For a start, Bill has hot friends. I gotta say, though. The fact that he brought Ali home to meet an ex-girlfriend screams to me that Bill isn’t really taking this seriously. He’s either just in this for a laugh, or he wants to win (and doesn’t really care about the relationship stuff). And gosh, with how protective Amy was, it sounded like they weren’t even exes, like, they were current, or else Amy still has some lingering feelings.

    Having said that, Amy was awesome and I loved her. She really tore strips off Ali, and I was like, damn, you go girl. Can Amy be the next Bachelorette?

    And what was Ali wondering about, I mean, really. Amy and Bill dated twelve months ago. In Ali-time, that’s like 15 relationships and two failed engagements ago.

  17. In a week that’s seen two serious shark attacks (one of them fatal), Charlie’s date is taking Ali paddle-boarding. Yipe!

    Is that normally how Charlie deals with his exes?

    • I thought about the sharks, too….. but really , Exclusive Charlie is the biggest predator in the water there.

      How about the paddle board brand? ~ “Tyrant”

  18. As much grief as we do tend to give Ali, I’m tending to agree with her in terms of Charlie.

    He hates competing with other men while dating somebody? Good thing he volunteered to be a contestant on a competition-themed dating show, then, wasn’t it? That was exhausting to watch. That is one high-maintenance fella.

    Oh gosh, I bet they’ve already invited him back to Bachelor in Paradise, haven’t they?

    • Charlie is dangerous. He confirmed he is dating Dasha. No Bachelor in Paradise for him.

      He is such a controlling freak. I can visualise him telling his wife what to wear, what to cook etc etc. Or else ……….. you know what follows.

      Dasha better run.

  19. What is it with people who go on the Bach/ette, then get annoyed because they want it to be exclusive. I only saw the end when Charlie blew out like a colon with diverticulitis. 😂 I won’t add a pic of that.

  20. What a fiasco! Perhaps she’ll do a Nick and not choose anyone – there certainly isn’t much to choose from. Wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Bill went on as a dare – or should I say David – what a dickhead he is.

    • Yeah, we can see what happens from here, I think. Bill gets ousted next week, and the final two is Todd and Taite. Todd’s too young (and his timeline doesn’t match up with Ali’s, but then, who’s does?), while Taite’s obviously hesitant at the idea of being married by the end of the week.

      I think she’ll pick someone, but I can see them both dumping her.

      She’s been on, what, two dates with Todd?

  21. We never know the behind the scenes progress but t seems like Ali has been following her pattern/track record of short lived burn-out romances.

  22. Also, back to bill. I’m not a piot smoker (not ever was, much preferred crack cocaine) but I hung out with those types. They always called the bong” bill”. Enough ssid

  23. I read in the Courier Mail this morning that Alex and Richie have both been spotted in Fiji, where they’re due to start filming the next season of “Bachelor in Paradise”.

    Imagine them meeting up again. That won’t be awkward at all. So that’s the second go for Alex, and third time’s the charm for Richie? At the very least, their quest for low-level fame continues.

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