Family Food Fight: Week 3

How are you finding FFF so far? Certainly much better than the histrionics and “what’s a colander?” non-cooks of MKR.

Tonight (Sunday): Each family must fight to survive elimination. A power pick sees families face a controversial ingredient, but it’s Anna’s not-so-humble apple pie that really pushes them to their limits and causes one family member to walk.



  1. I’m still watching it, but I don’t worry if I miss a few minutes here and there.

    I read somewhere that someone storms off in the next episode. Histrionic walk-offs are losing their impact because every show seems to find it de rigeuer to have at least one in a series. Does no one know how to resolve a conflict, minor or not? Maybe while checking if people can cook, these shows need to check if they are dealing with adults.

    It’s still better than recent MKR.

    • People who won The $chlock this year were tantrum throwing walk offs. These networks will reward bad behavior.

      Beware the wounded reality tv deludee.

    • I note Anna holds her spoon like George Calombaris, ie like a pre schooler.

      Throw in Matt Moron’s appalling grammar.

      It’s left to Tom Parker Bowles to bring the culture.

  2. Ew yuk, bloody tripe. The Italians looked the best. If I didn’t know what was in it I may not have known it was tripe with that nice sauce & it was cooked properly. The other one that looked like a hat wasn’t cooked & was rubbery. It looked revolting. Like Tom said it wasn’t saying ‘eat me’.
    Tonight someone’s going to get into trouble. Can’t wait for that.

  3. Damn, how rude are some of the contestants? The yellow team especially, with their snotty comments to camera, are pissing me off. The family should be happy with what they get? I bet they’re happy those rude cows are not in their home but once.

  4. I can’t watch this show anymore. Just can’t stand the green team. So rude.How many rice dishes have they cooked.

    Hope the Maori mum and daughter win.

  5. Matt is starting to annoy me in this show. I think it’s too scripted for him. He’s better when he can honestly critique in bake off. Not this schmaltzy family bs.

  6. Wow, Conchetta really lost it last night. But why did that water take so long to boil? Why didn’t they boil the kettle first then pout it into the saucepan. That’s what I do.
    That kid was hilarious that didn’t like the nugget. Well at least she liked the steak.

    • I’m glad they told her off for swearing. “I didn’t f—-ing swear – f—- f—- f—-“ she responds. Couldn’t even keep it together in front of young kids. Isn’t the whole point of family cooking that you should not have to cook separate dishes for adults and kids?? The Alatinis are impressive with their laidback attitude and great cooking

    • The water took so long to boil because she kept taking the lid off the pot and staring into the unboiling water. And she had a teeny little flame under that big pot of water, stupid guttermouth that she is. It doesn’t help her behaviour for her mum to keep telling her “It’s okay, that is who you are.” No, it’s not okay, mum, she should be able to control her mouth when she’s in someone elses house with children present.

      I liked that one of the WA brothers got down to the little kid’s level and asked her what she’d like when she said “I dont yike it” and cried over the chicken nuggets. Probably they shouldn’t have made a separate dish for the kids, but the little one is 3, so I’ll forgive that; Three is hard. Steak and Coco Pops, yuk, but it kept her quiet.

      • I am guessing it was a long day filming and Miss 3 had missed her nap. I felt sorry for Italian Mum. She is on the show at daughter’s urging, while still grieving, and now has to deal with that carry on. I just want to watch them make beautiful pasta

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