Survivor: It’s a double episode!

Always nice to get to the end of an episode and realise it’s a double and there is another 40 minutes of a Survivor to go!



  1. Hooray for at least one challenge tonight that’s endurance based rather than a convoluted obstacle course with running, swimming, jumping and a puzzle

    • I had the exact opposite reation – thank goodness for a challenge with variety of fun activities, and not 6 hours of watching a person stand on a platform. Each to their own 🙂

  2. Wow. Alec lost a challenge he needed to win and Christian gave into temptation.

    Now we actually have 3 alliances, or possibly 4.

    Goliaths Strong: Alison, Kara, Mike
    Nerds R Us: Christian, Gabby
    Davids Hanging by there Fingernails: Angelina, Davie, Nick

    The problem for Christian is that he at now at the bottom of the Goliaths Strong/Nerds R Us alliances with Gabby, his faithful ally and everlasting friend apparently gunning for him and Alison, Kara, Mike who have mostly voted together and co-operated with each other going who knows which way.

    Davie and Nick are not out of it, especially if the Five break up next week or an idol gets played at the right time. It’s impossible to know what’s in Gabby’s mind because I don’t know much about the way a total vacuum works.

    If Christian is blindsided then Gabby is at the bottom of a group of 4 and hated by the Fingernails. And the Gabby group will not have an idol. If the Christian blindside fails then most likely Gabby goes home and Christian has to try and rejoin the Fingernails.

    Anyone ready to take a bet on Gabby’s ability not to blab a blindside?

    • It’s starting to look like Christian should not have given in to his ego and let Alex win. They would have made a great alliance and final 2 if they could have secretly worked together.
      Thank goodness whining, bossy Carl is gone, although he bowed out graciously.
      I love the expressions on Angelina’s face. She looks like a cruise ship; carrying likeboats either side.
      I hope bawling Gabby goes next. I can’t bear self absorbed cry babies.

      • I was shocked by the way Gabby presented her plan to blindside Christian.

        No tears. No distress. No weeping and wailing. Gabby looked calm, determined, analytical and relaxed when she talked about knifing her closest friend on the beach. I will rewatch the video before I make up my mind, but I’m afraid that I’m not now sure if the tears and carrying on are anything more than tactics.

        • Not just her closest friend, but the guy who had carried her, comforted her, placated her and talked others down who were taking shots at her. I’m sure she will manage to sob again somewhere in the next ep but you have to note, she only ever cries for herself.

          It reminds me of taking a friend to India and she cried, probably every day. But while all around us, children, people lived on the streets, digging in bins for food, she cried for her own discomfort, suffering in 4 star hotels.

        • I have suspected for a while that the innocent, delicate, crying Gabby was at least partly an act. She is very calm and logical when plotting. We are seeing a dual personality, but I am not sure how much of that is apparent on the beach.

          • I’m with Fijane. The tears were for show. No sign of tears when she was voted out. No sigh of tears when she was knifing Christian.

  3. I am hoping the Davie, Nick and Angelina alliance wins out. Who’d have thought I’d be barracking for Angelina!! It was dumb to get Carl out tonight. That could have waited another week. Should have gone for Kara as she is more strategic than flip floppy Alison. Christian has screwed himself yet guaranteed he will be invited back for a future season. I did love the way they edited the scenes of him and Alec being crucified.

    • I’m sorry, I can’t redesign the pants just yet. The rice ruse was such an obvious tactic to curry favour, even making sure that she explained the whole incident at TC for the benefit of the jury. She is still my absolute preference to leave my screen, although I know she will stay while she looks like a goat.

      • She was a terrible negotiator. She pretty much offered up their whole camp. And as Dalton pointed out in his recap the Producers don’t want them to starve to death so would replace it anyway.

  4. Christian boring everyone to death regaling them all with facts while hanging on for dear life. How funny.
    Carl getting drunk & blabbing everything he shouldn’t have was hysterical. He probably cringed watching that back.
    Oh those bloody nachos. Brought back horrifying memories of that guy whose name I forget making a pig of himself in the Aussie version.

    • Benji!! I was hoping there would be an idol clue under these nachos. That would add another dimension to the decision to sit out a challenge, knowing there could be an advantage to doing so

    • It was clever of Kara and Mike to encourage the two guys to binge on the beer, Not only did they blab their plans, but also the beer haze blinded them to the fact that Kara and Mike were just absorbing info, instead of becoming their best buddies.

      And finally Mike made a move, instead of pulling back from the brink yet again.

  5. Oh, that terrible moment at the end of an episode when the “on Survivor next week” is missing and they go straight back to the beach…the terrible moment when you realise that they have sprung a double episode on you…and your recording is going to cut out in about ten minutes!

    Thank goodness for catch up.

    • My guide just had the ffouble as one long ep so I had it all but I ended up watching it straight (not bent) by the end of it.

      • Our system isn’t that sophisticated – our tv is not smart, either! So, changes to the EPG on the tv make no difference to the recording, because the recording is set manually (by us). The PVR will set for every weekly episode, but only if the episodes are at the same time and length. I always add extra padding time (especially if the show follows a competition show like MKR etc) but not usually a whole extra episode worth.

        • Our tv only extended the recording because the show appeared as a double and ran as a double. When it appears twice, no, it won’t keep recording. It’s not THAT smart. 😂 And we still pad a few minutes either end of the show.

  6. Apparently Alec is banned from the reunion show. He & Kara are an item & he posted an instagram photo of the two of them before the show started. Which breaks some rule. They get paid $10 000 for going to the reunion show. I didn’t realise that. I wonder if our guys get paid for the reunion on the Aussie version.

    • i had no idea about the $10k for the reunion. I guess for seasons where its a huge gap between filming and airing castaway lose interest in attending and want to move on?

  7. Really really loving this season…and i dont usually back up well after just watching 3 months of the Aus series…I really do prefer this US timed one..
    Just a question…are we getting fast tracked with the US or are they ahead of us…I really want to watch the Ponderosa videos but too scared in case i get a spoiler?

    • Yes we are getting fast tracked. It airs in the US during the day our time. Which is Wednesday night over there.

    • Sioux usually they don’t put Ponderosa up straight away but if you wait until Fri morning to look for them you should be safe. Nine airs Survivor Thurs nights on free to air about six hours after it shows in the US but you can watch it on 9Now pretty much “live”.

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