Survivor: Merge time

It’s merge time on David V Goliath – hooray! Will Christian reunite with Nick and form a trio with Mike, while keeping Gabby as his No. 1 girl and his bromance with wrestler John and “I used to weight a million pounds” Dan. Will someone finally give their jacket to Angelina of the Unflattering Silver Pants? I know the cast does not always get to choose their own clothing but surely lycra gym gear in silver is not the best option for the humid Fiji climate.



  1. Well, I could see how that happened. I personally don’t like Angelina and do like Elizabeth, but I don’t get how doing that at tribal gives you stability-credibility. Elizabeth must have offended more than just Carl, as I note that Dan was quick to jump on board as well.
    I really, really liked the challenge. It was good to not have a strength or pure puzzle challenge. I found Jeff’s comment that you couldn’t practice it at home really interesting and it was good to see that they were trying to think of options for challenges that didn’t necessarily favour one particular body type or skill set. When we saw the clinging to pole one at the end of Aus Survivor we all knew that Sharn would take it out – so one where there is no clear idea of a winner is great!

    • Agree Brussell as soon as the cling pole challenge came up i knew that the Sharn would take it. I’ve never seen a dude win that against a female – even in the US versions.

  2. I would have thought it would have been better to quietly tell Goliath’s what Angelina said about 10 minutes before trial so she didn’t get a chance to lie about how it went down. She won’t last long with her bossy, grating personality.
    Gabby won’t be a reliable team member with all those tears. I hope she is drinking plenty of water or she will be dehydrated from water loss. I think she is Christian’s goat. Just a useless number. But I do love her glasses.

  3. Elizabeth’s and Gabby’s plan could have worked, but they both went in all guns blazing (and tears) and blew their chance. Elizabeth needed to use hints beforehand or softly-spoken rational explanations at TC. I also don’t understand why she didn’t tell the whole story, instead of just “Angelina told me”. If she had calmly mentioned that Angelina had said that they had changed the vote, then changed back to her, then the Goliaths would have known for sure that the story was true.

    Annoying, because this is the second TC in a row that I thought the highly irritating Angelina was going, and still they let her off. Hopefully now she has lost all her credibility, and can’t boss the rest around. I really like the new cross-tribe alliance, and was very worried when the Gols seemed to be agreeing with Angelina to change the vote. And they were absolutely right, she did go away in high dudgeon, knowing that they weren’t going to toe her line as she wanted.

    It got a little easier to work out who is who in this episode, and therefore who is starting to grate. I don’t really like Carl, he seems to focus on disliking others and not much on building friendships. I didn’t like Alison in the first episode, but she has toned herself down, and she is a wait-and-see. Sometimes Dan seems a little arrogant, and others he seems OK – I worry for him because he is so obviously attracted to Kara but she isn’t really into him, but is pretending to be so. He is going to get hurt by her. I don’t think Gabby will last much longer, unless she becomes the goat – some smarts there, but too emotional to carry through.
    Haven’t seen much of Davie, but he isn’t much yet – really only interesting because he has two idols.

    My favourites are pretty much all the new alliance – Christian, Nick, Mike, Alec.

    • Yes, I was saying, “shut up Gabby”. She was blowing it and making it about Elizabeth just trying to save herself. I would hurry up and ditch her as an alliance because she panics and goes rogue.

      • Gabby should not have been cast. The tearfulness is either incredibly bad play or an indication that she is not suited to this game. If she’d managed to focus on splitting the Goliaths instead of emoting about her own situation she might have had some chance of saving Elizabeth.

        • Gabby belongs to the Crossdresser alliance, which has a majority, although the Goliaths don’t know 3 Goliaths are actually Crossdressers. Becoming tearful over being on the bottom when she actually knows she is not on the bottom, is, ummm, a bit of a problem.

    • Elizabeth said in an interview she had a confessional just before tribal council so didn’t have a chance to say anything before going to tribal council.

      • Alec is definitely way smarter than we might expect! As someone here rightly pointed out after SeaBass Last season our expectations for surfer dude were pretty low!

      • After hours of meticulous research and several cold showers, I say quite a lot of hot guys have made it the finals. In no special order, and looking at their first appearance, Boston Rob, Aras, JT, Fabio, Ozzy, Ethan, Colby, Yul, Woo, Jeremy, Malcolm, Tom, and the guy who won the collars season.

        • Uuugh, Boston Rob. No. Not even the young version. I think Malcom was/is, and young Ozzie, but only the jungle version. Not when he was primped and pruned back in the studio.
          But yes, I forgot Ozzie made it to the last two (wasn’t it?) in his first series. It’s a funny thing; personal taste.

  4. I would be trying to not win challenges until later on, just because you get marked as a threat. I would save them for the final 4 or 5 players, then give it my best. Not that I would ever win a challenge…unless it was the dishes challenge that the guy in Aus Survivor mentioned. I would easily win dishes. 😊 No feminism here. 😗😗😗

    • I wondered if John pulled himself from this challenge, because he seemed to be fine with swinging the pendulum, and then just gently stepped back off the platform. He had no reason to think he needed immunity, so he may have wanted to look inconspicuous in this one.

        • I agree Fijane. I think he realises that there is literally no point putting a target on your back at the first merge. He is definitely playing a smart game and making himself the smallest possible target, no mean feat in one so physically able and socially aware!

          • Clearly, it’s not a good idea to win immunities early on not until near the end. It’s just a good idea to be a great Survivor any more, which is a shame. The great eagles get shot down, while the slippery snakes and goats make it through. And challenges must be thrown. The great days of Fireman Sam are long gone. You can’t even be too nice.

  5. What the hell happened? Everyone voted for Elizabeth. What happened to her alliance? I don’t blame Elizabeth for going off. She found out they were targeting her so stuff them. Don’t just go quietly.
    Dan is such an arrogant arse. I was glad when he lost momentum when he was saying under his breath how great he was.

    • Elizabeth was voted out by the Goliaths (including 3 Crossdressers) and the Crossdressers, who don’t want to give away right now that they actually control the game. Carl, the only player who is not in either (or both!) alliance, presumably dislikes Elizabeth after the Great Bamboo Splitting Split of 2018.

      I’d think Angelina of the Unflattering Pants goes next week, so the Crossdressers still won’t have to show their hand.

    • I presumed that the Davids, knowing that Elizabeth was the sacrificial lamb, just heaved a sigh of relief (that it wasn’t them) and just went with the majority. She didn’t seem to be that important to them, that they would battle to save her.

      And, Alan, yes please, Angelina of the UPs to go next. Seems like the smart and obvious move for all concerned.

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