Survivor: Will another David go next?

Alas, Elizabeth, you were one of the early faves but you just did not have the numbers.
Now, will the brochacho alliance keep Christian safe for another night?
Surely Carl and Davie are on the chopping block? Although Davie has an idol, right, and Carl has some kind of idol nullifier. Let’s hope the Strikeforce can keep Gabby safe.
You can watch Elizabeth’s Ponderosa emotional here.



  1. Wow. Nick and Davie are geniuses. They both voted John, so I assume they planned the blindside together. The Davids are still down by 1 vote but they have the vote steal advantage and the idol nullifier for next episode.

    Gabby (for blowing up the Crossdresser alliance at the last tribal) is not a genius. Mike’s destroyed his relationship with the Davids, for a gain of precisely nothing.

    Unlike Mike, Alec can survive in the David-dominated game that looks like coming. To compare a hopeless player to a very good player, compare Angelina’s leaking Elizabeth’s name last week with Alec’s leak this week.

    • Yes, the leaking of the names was a complete contrast. As we said last week, everything the girls are doing is loud and aggressive, whereas Alec gently dropped the right word in the right place, using the right words. Smart.

      I am still disappointed that Elizabeth didn’t ever say (at least as was shown, and conversation after seems to confirm) how UP pulled her over and blatantly told her. UP is now trying to pretend that Elizabeth begged her for information. No one seems to believe her, but Elizabeth had plenty of chances at that TC to state it outright and remove the doubt. I hope Elizabeth enlightens the jury people as they come.

      • Same, Fijane. I was thinking, “Come on, Elizabeth, don’t let her get away with that”, but then silly Gabby was bawling, “You can’t blame Elizabeth for trhing”, which lent credibility to Angelina’s lies.
        Gabby is Christian’s goat, but she’s one of those screaming goats and might cost him the game.

  2. That was a great episode. Of course I would have been happier to see Angelina NOT be given the idol save, just to see her reaction, but it was still good it was a Goliath.
    Yes, Alan, that was clever play from a few of the Davids. Christian seemed genuinely shocked about his save so I’m not sure how the conversation must have gone behind the John vote. They must have known what they were doing.
    And yes, Mike shot himself in the foot. He showd himself to be an unreliable alliance. I think he sealed his fate.

    • Christian made the mistake of trusting the Brochachos and Mike. He also missed the clue when Mike said he felt Gabby was still thinking as a David, not a member of the alliance. That was really strange. Christian should have been scrambling from that moment but it doesn’t seem to have registered with him. I doubt it was random that a Brochacho went home after Nick and Davie’s brilliant blindside.

      • Good one, Nick and Davie. And the editing gave us no clue! Guess that would have spoiled the fun. I hope Alison jumps ship to be with them. Davie May now have a target in his back whereas Nick could be more under the radar. I can see a Nick and Alec final two

  3. So Dan seemed to hate Angelina & said he wanted her gone, then saves her with his idol.
    That challenge was the same one we had in the Aussie version.
    Poor John, goes home with only 3 votes.

  4. I really have no idea how that all happened! Obviously I am not as smart as the castaways.

    Did Nick, Davie and Carl know that Dan would play one of his two idols for Angelina? Or were they just hedging their bets and splitting the votes? And why choose the person they did? Why didn’t they pick someone annoying, or who had already shown themselves to be a pain?

    This tribal did my head in. And once again Angelina of the UP gets off scot free – aaaaaaaaaah.

    • They knew Dan had an idol. There are aliens in the Alpha Centauri system who knew Dan had an idol because Dan blabbed to Kara who immediately blabbed to anyone who would listen.

      They could not go for Angelina or Dan because of the idol. They could not go for Mike, who set a match to the petrol that Gabby threw all over the Crossdresser alliance for fear Dan would play the idol on Mike and outfox them. They had to go for someone not obvious, which left Kara or John. They probably felt John was a challenge threat and perhaps felt the Brochachos had to be wiped out.

      In his exit interview with Rob Cesternino John admitted he’d made a bad mistake by never socialising with any David except Christian who he betrayed anyway.

      Dan dislikes Angelina (who wouldn’t?) but he’s caught up in the Goliaths Strong thing. I have a ghastly feeling that Angelina of the UPs is now a goat who could get carried deep into the game. It could be worse. We could still have the two Natalies.

      If the Davids stick together at the next TC and use their advantages to win I’d think Mike or Dan are next on the chopping block.

      • Love this analysis. Much as I dislike dan I think he had no choice but to play the idol for Angelina. He would have had no credibility with the alliance if he didn’t and in some ways it gets the target off his back as everyone knew about the one idol.
        I felt gutted for John who was doing so much right but caught in crossfire…
        Amazing game play by Davie. He looks like a great guy saving Christian but has actually guaranteed that David’s are no longer in danger of being picked off one by one (like happened last year). As long as they play the nullify correctly and I am pretty sure after that episode they can be trusted to do that! Wow. Just wow.
        Nick is in an amazing position too.
        Christian will have to outlast Davie though otherwise if they are for the end game all Davie ha to say is ‘you’re I just here because I saved you’.
        Wow. Awesome episode.
        I fear you may be right Alan about UP’s goat status. Practically everyone dislikes her and these players seem so switched on that they could identify that.
        Mike is dead in the water now though right? Or is it Alec as the trailer makes us think!!
        Can’t wait. Such a great seaskn

        • You can count on Alan for a good analysis. 😂
          And yes, my immediate thoughts went to what happens down the track when Christian wants to knife Davie.

        • Thanks, Alan and Brussell, I am a little clearer now. I think part of my problem is that I can no longer remember who is meant to be Goliaths and who are Davids. Most seasons I have trouble distinguishing the girls, but this time it is the guys who are blurring a little.

          I knew that everyone knew about one of Dan’s idols, but it seems a big risk to assume he would play it for Angelina. I suppose if he didn’t they had nothing to lose (except maybe some loyalty) because Ang leaving would be just as good (and better for the viewer). My brain seems unable to think as far ahead as Alan has laid out, I would be terrible on the beach.

          It just confirms for me why I like the Aus version better. I really dislike the way the US one gives a whole episode with any hint in the edit of what is going to happen. They just don’t show enough of the relevant scramble for my liking.

          • I can’t wait for the expression on people’s faces when they get hit with the idol nullifier. Mean, I know, but it will be fun.

    • I figured that he was trying to not win. You’re a dead man if you do. That’s the disappointing part of the show.

      • He did it again last night, stepped off in the middle of the challenge, carefully being not the first to go, but not hanging on to the last 3-4. Pity it was all for nothing.

      • And yet if John had not dogged the challenge and actually won it, He would still be on the beach and Kara would be at Ponderosa.

        • True. I suppose that it is a miscalculation where you tell yourself that you are still under the radar.

          OTOH, winning immunity at this point would have definitely put the target on. Seems like if you are strong physically, you are stuffed if you do, and stuffed if you don’t.

  5. Wow, i really enjoyed that purely for a goliath leaving…unfortunately the eye candy has gone too!
    Well played boys…immediately disliked Nick from the get go…i actually think he was on the chopping block to leave first before that poor fellow (insert name here) was bumped up on the boat ride home…but he has settled down a bit and lets see what damage he can do going forward
    Dan is just ghastly…what an aarogant knob!

  6. Yes! Loved this, something actually happened. Tribal was exciting. Christian was bedazzled that he was being saved. I just loved that someone actually ‘played’. Even better that it was the Davids.

    • Being on the bottom, or in trouble, forces better strategy than having a safe majority does. Mind you, even in a safe majority, they have to plan ahead, but just picking off the minor group isn’t rocket science.
      I think that might have been one of the best episodes I can recall.
      And yes, it was just a shame that nice guy John was the fall guy. I wonder if the Goliaths regretted using the idol to save annoying, untrustworthy Angelina, since it cost them nice guy John.
      I usually prefer newbies but I won’t mind John getting another chance.

      • I suspect we will see John, Christian, Davie and Nick again. Alec hasn’t quite made a claim yet but he is getting there.

        Christian could star with Corcoran and Stephen in Survivor: Revenge of the Nerds.

        It’s a bit disappointing that none of the women in this season have made much of a mark. Perhaps Alison will come into the spotlight more.

        • They could have a season where they put all of the most annoying, least self-aware together and let them annoy each other.
          Off the top of my head; Natalie and Detective Phillip. But then I might want to add some who had self awareness but were still annoying (to me); cops are us, and Parvati.

        • Haha. Survivor: Revenge of the nerds. Classic, love it. that would be fantastic although not sure how good it would be pre merge and to be honest in a game that should favour those with physical strength and good social skills, the nerds often do pretty well.

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