1. Damn. I wanted Lyrsa gone from the start, until last week. I wanted this other chic gone tonigjt. I’d be so bad at this game, why didn’t the boys keep Lyrsa?

  2. I can’t say that I was on the edge of my seat over it, but I would have prefered Natalia gone out of that group.

  3. I guess Mike wanted to show the other Goliaths he is still loyal even after voting out supposed allies previously, and Nick thinks Mike can get him “in” with the other tribe. I do like their pairing. Natalia (is that her name? I just call her Girl in the Unflattering Pants) is so going to turn on them later!

  4. Elizabeth lost me this week over the bed squabble. Christian is adorable. Not really an episode where much seemed to happen. I assume Nick switched sides to keep his alliance going.

    • Elizabeth didn’t lose me at all. It says a lot to me that someone can be livid in the to-screen pieces and yet present their case in a relatively rational way to the group. She had a good point that they had been talking about splitting the bamboo for many days and nobody had bothered to do it. And waiting until you have a whole day is classic perfectionist procrastination.

      Re Nick: I think the two boys discussed it quite thoroughly, but in the end had to go together because drawing rocks could easily have been disastrous for both of them. I think sticking with Angelina was the lesser of two evils, and necessary in order to pretend that Christian was still working with the Goliaths. Remember that his alliance with Nick is still meant to be secret, and they are probably hoping that it will still be that way after merge.

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