I’m A Celeb airdate announced

I’m a Celeb will start on January 13 – that’s a little earlier than usual.

No confirmation of celebs yet but Samuel Johnson was on radio last week and mentioned he was seriously thinking about doing it to raise money for his awesome charity, Love Your Sister.



  1. Rumoured

    Rhonda Burchmore and Married At First Sight’s Nasser Sultan.

    Tara from The Bachelor

    Honey Badger

    Couple from the Love Island

    Wish they could throw in Lisa Wilkinson

    • Can’t see HB doing it now. He should have done it instead of Badgerlor – much more his speed. And, as we know from Barry Hall and the Hi-5 girl, some people do end up in relationships from it.

    • There is only one out of those seven that I know and would like to see – Rhonda B. If they load it up with ex’s from 10’s other competition shows, it won’t be worth watching.

      Just noticed you added Lisa Wilkinson. Might be good, but not a snowball’s chance.

  2. I think the early date might work out for 10. Without the BBL, they have nothing during January, so they might as well get a jump on the other channels, around the time that people are starting to look to go back to normal viewing. They will lose a few ratings weeks, though.

  3. I hope Julia Morris gets a lot of the try-hard comedy out of her system on Blind Date and just relaxes on IAC so that there is less shimmying, kangaroo-hopping, posturing and salivating on Dr Chris. I might enjoy a relaxed Julia humour.

    • Not exactly a new idea to claim a fear of something that is ok. Everyone worked that out after the first season, and Freddie had the benefit of seeing the UK version before that.

    • If the smoking thing is true its clever – although if i was the producers – i’d be shitty to see Celebs taking advantage of time away from camp and i’m surprised no-one saw him taking fresh water.

  4. Ha ha. The next contestants might claim to be junkies who need a hit three times a day, or a fast food addict. I would claim to be a gambling addict so they would fly me to a Casino (where I could get light refreshments). 😜

    • I love how you’ve put the inverted commas on “chefs”, Juz . Austraia’s best home cooks, that other Ma$terlie. I’ll say it’s not a chef, just a pretend reality tv chef. Does Hayden Quinn have a personality? Not sure, myself.

      I don’t call someone who’s smashed out an opportunistic nonna inspired cookbook an author, either.

    • I have been trying to think of a farting chef. It could be anyone. Ooo, I know….I’ll go the Paleoguy. I have already forgotten his name, so he might need some more exposure. Anyhow, all that roughage would have him fluffing. Paleo farts probably don’t stink though. They would be clean fossil fuel.

  5. Poh will be a mentor on MasterChef and MC will have started filming the new series.

    Chef could be Miguel from the Living Room. He will be quite funny and half the time you dont know what he is saying.

  6. Ok, I’m stumped by the clue – reality star winner, actor & TV presenter. I thought maybe Sophie Monk but she’s on ch 9 if Love Island is coming back. Or Osher but I don’t think he’s done any acting.

    • I’m thinking someone who’s show won a logie or other award or who has won Idol or Dancing with the stars or something.
      one i just thought of was Erica Heynatz – she won It Takes Two, then came back as a co-host for that show and was in Home and Away a few years ago…
      Or a Bachie star who had a bit part in something or other, either before or after Bachie appearance…

      • Oh yeah, I didn’t think of Erica Heynatz. It was the Hothouse, where a bunch of couples built a house on Bribie Island.
        I would love it if Glenn Robbins went in as Russell Coight. That would be hilarious.

    • “Actor” could be someone from Neighbours or Home And Away ~ in reality someone who can’t act to save their own life.

      Won’t be Geoffrey Rush, either.

  7. Latest clue is a controversial TV presenter or something so could be anyone from Sky news. Please don’t be Andrew Bolt please don’t be Andrew Bolt please don’t be Andrew Bolt. Was bad enough having Steve Price the other year.

  8. I can’t stand KG. From way before her holding ‘a decapitated Trump’s head’. She’s so desperate for fame. She would make me switch off.

      • That old hag who wouldn’t move out of her daughter’s home (a couple of eps ago) was a doozy. A repeat but a classic.

  9. Rhonda Burchmore has been suggested on this site as a possible. I watched yesterday a One On One on 24. She said she was doing a musical reality show this year. Other projects on the go, too. I think she’s too talented for I’m A celeb.

    The One on One Interview was extraordinary and well worth chasing up. Rhonda Burchmore is one hell of a human being and she told the most sordid “me too” story about Mickey Rooney and working a West End show with him.. What a disgusting little maggot he was. Time to dig his star on Hollywood Boulevard up.

  10. I heard a rumour that Brooke from Bold And The Beautiful will be on this show.

    I hope it’s true.

    Chuck Ridge in there , too.

  11. Note the difference between Kathy Griffin in jungle gear and KKL. I hadn’t realized I had posted KG in leopard spots.

  12. Just saw the ad with two blonde women, and had to come here to find out who they are. Hope the others are actually recognisable celebrities.

  13. Well those of you that guessed Yvie & Angie from Gogglebox give yourselves a gold star. You were right.
    New Idea & TV Week have given their guesses. Completely different.
    Controversial politicians.
    TV Week – Pauline Hanson & Mark Latham
    New Idea – Sam Dastyari & Jacquie Lambie. Hope New Idea is right
    Gossip Guru
    TV Week – Perez Hilton
    New Idea – Richard Reid
    Famous foodie
    TV Week – Curtis Stone
    New idea – Justine Schofield
    Will be interesting to see if either of them are right.

    • Perhaps one name on this list didn’t make me want to throw up or make me feel embarrassment. Good on you, Justine.

      • If the pols are Hanson and Latham, not only will I not watch, I will avoid the whole channel’s line-up for the duration, in case I catch a glimpse of either.
        Ignorance, racism, and lunacy are not entertaining.

        Lambie is no better.

    • In my view a whole part of the fun of this show is Z grade “celebrities” and seeing how they cope and what kind of personality they have. To me, it’s fairly unimportant what they did and how famous they are/were! I do enjoy someone trying talk up just how famous they are and the answer is clearly “not very famous at all”.
      I do not for a second think Curtis Stone, as I am sure he would want more both more cash and more cachet than is on offer.
      Don’t think i could stomach Hanson. That would be too gross, although I wouldn’t mind her being humiliated I guess.

      • Brussel, neither do I care if I know them already or not. I seldom do, but I still enjoy the fly-on-the wall…..or tsetse on the palm leaf expeience.

    • Is there a chance the producers could actually take all those ‘celebrities’ into the jungle … and just leave them there? Sure, Africa has enough problems already, but they’d be doing Australia a favour.

      • We can dream, Windsong. But, you’re correct, Africa has enough problems and we probably should deal with our home-grown idiots ourselves.

        And I wouldn’t like to see the Gogglebox women abandoned. They foster dogs.

  14. I am happy to see any ‘celebrity’ go in. I look forward to the surprise.
    Not just the surprise of ‘Why would you do that’, but also the surprise of what they do with the opportunity.
    Who knew that Steve Price would turn out to be such a nice fellow, plus he genuinely changed when confronted with his behaviour. I admire people who can do that.
    And who knew that Joel Cressey (and whateverhernamewas) would turn out to be such a malicious, self-absorbed doofus. I had high expectations and I’ve never been able to watch him since.
    And then some are just sad – Bernard Tomic is a bit of a basket case, and unexpectedly seriously not very bright.
    Bring it on. I can’t wait.

    • I am the same as you Bobi – I definitely changed my mind on those two as well. Now I can barely find Joel funny and I have a grudging appreciation of Steve Price. Who knew the power of TV?
      Some people were exactly as advertised – I’m looking at YOU Anthony Mundine – and that’s not a good thing.

  15. Yes, Bobi and Brussel, same. I found Anthony (the singer one) mean to Laurina. She wasn’t malicious and didn’t deserve it. And I didn’t like Chrissie Swan but then I already didn’t get the Chrissie love. Also, how do you get to win a show based on challenges, by passing on so many of them? On the other hand, it turned out that some, such as Marcia, Marcia, Marcia were good sports. I admired the ones who were thoughtful, gutsy or funny. Not necessarily all three or in that order.
    I have fun watching the people who are quirky or strange, but then don’t we all. They MUST be genuine. I smelled to much “putting it on” from that British girl last year. I would rather see them relax and be natural, even if that isn’t so nice.
    My top two all time were Freddie Flintoff and Dado. I really enjoyed Julie Goodwyn too, with her knitting and general resourcefulness. I think if they were marooned, she would have knitted a raft.

    And on resourcefulness; I would like to see them being allowed to keep anything they can steal or sneak into the camp. Producers can turn that into something interesting, like perhaps a challenge. Win and you keep it.

    • Oh excellent reminder Daisy – Julie Goodwin deserves SO MANY props for her “who do you have to root around here for salt” comment! She was awesome.

      Some unexpected good eggs too – like that DJ – Havana? Brown – and another girl (name eludes me) who despite stunning looks was a good sport.

  16. How easy would it be to get a cast of folks who at least were once celebrities?

    Geoffrey Rush, Craig McLachlan, John Jarratt, Archbishop Pell, Rolf Harris. A listers. That would create a storm boy.

    • Karl has nothing to do…..but if you are going to get an A lister I want Dr Phil. He’s a mandated reporter.

      Could you imagine him around the campfire….no matter how flat you make a pancake……..

      • “This is a safe place to talk about hard things”

        “Y’all can be right~or you can be happy”( passes tissue smuggled into camp)

        “Do I look like I came in here in a load of turnips?”

        “You need to get your head outta your ass”

        How could I forget Karl. Sugar Daddy Senator etc.

      • Karl is still with ch 9 just not doing Today Show. He’s still doing 60 mins & This time next year. But his brother Pete left the network.

  17. I am wondering if Jelena Dokic is going in, based purely on her being in a few news feature stories on the past week

  18. Ok another clue was dropped last night. a news reader that has been fired a few times. I can’t think of anyone. Bert Newton’s been fired from every network but he’s not a newsreader & his health is pretty fragile lately.

    • Jessica Rowe? She’s been fired a couple of times, but I do find it hard to imagine that she’s volunteered for this given her depression issues. And she would disappear on the amount of food that people are fed.
      Although she is a strong supporter of a number of charities. She may be driven by altruism.
      Having said that, we are very Sydney-centric here so maybe some other capital city has someone. So a random.

      • Yeah I did think of Jessica Rowe but don’t know if she may be a bit squeamish for some of the challenges. judging from her reaction when interviewing contestants when they were voted off the show. But you never know. She may surprise us.

  19. Reading through the discussion of potential players on IAC, my reaction most often is “Who? Who’s that?”. For instance Luke Jacobz, I’m no wiser, even after Googling a picture of him.

    Guess I need to pay more attention to my tv, rather than having it on mostly as background noise.

    • I love Gogglebox. One of my favs. So I have high expectations of Angie nd Evie.
      And given their interactions with their foster dogs, they won’t have any problem with food challenges (it’s a bit gross to watch).
      I just wonder how they would go as individuals given that most of their charm is in the bouncing off each other. It might be a bit like inviting the wrong half of a married couple to a dinner party.

      • Actually they said they are very fussy about food & hope not to have to do the gross food challenge. Probably shouldn’t have said that, if the public know that will be sure to nominate them.

        • Apparently Yvie has has lapband surgery and is except from food rules.
          I think needs to eat smaller regular meals. . Not sure if that extends to gross food challenges
          Angie is coeliac and doesn’t eat meat. I assume concessions would have to be made for that.

          • My Dad is coeliac. Can’t think of anything worse than accidentally being “glutenated” on national TV and throwing up for days

  20. Jacqie Lambie has been confirmed now too.
    So that’s 4 out of 12 we already know.
    Behind Big Brother are convinced Sam Johnson is in the jungle but (and I know they can stretch the clues a little) I can’t work out which clue he would apply too.

  21. I saw people on fb complaining about the IAC producers telling beforehand who is going in. I normally hate spoilers, but in this case, myeh, I don’t mind.

    • Half the fun watching the first ep is seeing if you got the guesses right.
      With half the cast now spoiled, i hope they go straight into the first challenge or whatever and cut the fluff!

  22. Jacqui Lambie ~ or should that be “Jack”? ~ fail. Unless we’re playing I’m A Bigot, Get Me out Of Here. Got a big enough mouth to be an asset in a Tucker Trial. One for the yobs.

    Richard Reid~ used to like him before Celebrity Apprentice, then the real asshole was revealed . There’s enough jackals in that jungle without him.

    Dermot Brereton~ fine line between legend and bully in his case. I liked him better when he retired and stopped belting people on the field. But same as Bobi, no boofs. They’re everywhere. Shouldn’t be allowed into this country.

    Ch 10 would want the spoilers out before they’re trumped by good people, like us. Don’t give a rat’s myself. It is what it is~ a load of elephant dung.

  23. Every time I have seen Jacqui Lambie interviewed I have been impressed with her intelligence and groundedness. Surprising considering how she is generally portrayed by the media. She could be one who wins over some viewers, like Steve Price. I often wonder what the voters in these electorates see, to vote them in, and presume that they must be better in real life than shown otherwise. The exception is Minister C Pyne – still cannot fathom how anyone could vote for him.

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